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Freckled Fox’s Huswolf Can Totally Fix Her Kids You Guys

Richard, replacement huswolf of untouchable internet saint Emily, has posted another emotional belching. On our second episode of As The Stomach Churns, Dickie shares a scene in which his two year old stepchild tells him “Daddy, I miss Daddy-Martin.”

She told me she would like a hug. This made me smile. When I smiled, she smiled some too. I made a happier face at her, and she gave me her big classic Lydia smile…Then I looked back to see Lydia crying again. When our eyes met, she gave a big smile again. This time as I looked back to the others, my attention stayed on her, and I watched out of the corner of my eye as her face fell again, and tears started to flow as if she hadn’t smiled at all. When my eyes returned to hers with my full attention, it brought another smile, but then her face again fell as I looked away. She seemed in limbo, stuck between happy and sad…Having had a few hours now to think about this, things are ok. Little Lydia returned to her happy place, and is now sound asleep.

It’s ok, Huswolf Dickie has sort of got this because he has done the whole “move in with a cancer stricken family and play daddy” thing before.

‘Dad’ wasn’t doing well, and I moved in eventually to help more consistently. For a year I lived and breathed family life in many aspects, and learned a lot. Cancer is hard. But it also means a lot of opportunities for growing.  And the kids all handled things in different ways. It was a very special time for me…

Icky savior-complex vibes, anyone? He concludes with a weird list of goals including eating more chocolate chips, and says “while today wasn’t perfect, and *I* couldn’t stem Lydia’s tears completely, tomorrow, I want to make sure she smiles more”. Yeah, Lids, get over your dead Daddy-Martin already! Daddywolf needs “more smiling faces”!

  1. JuliasTooSmallTutu

    "Cancer is hard. But it also means a lot of opportunities for growing."

    Said by the guy who did not have cancer and ended up f**king the wife of the guy who not only had the cancer, but died from it.

    I. Can't. Even.

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    • newfiegirl

      Yeah, I read that last line and rolled my eyes so hard, they almost got stuck.

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  2. MissMorland

    Uh, that sounds less like Replacement Dad makes kiddo happy, and more like kiddo's learning not to let him see that she's sad. Those kids must be so confused while Mom and Replacement Dad do the Photo-Ready Happy Family thing.

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    • goopy

      I wish I could "this" your comment a thousand times.

      People are so f**king stupid.

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    • Apologetically Feministy

      Yeah, I also got that idea - that the kid was trying hard not to show him that she was sad.

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  3. great but does it spark joy

    You know what's weird? How utterly and totally he is misreading her suppressing her emotions in order to please him rather than show honest feelings that aren't pleasant/positive, and how sincere and heartfelt that misreading is.

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    • MissMorland

      Right? And she's two? Most two-year-olds haven't learned to suppress their emotions enough not to throw a tantrum when given the wrong sippy cup. And this child is learning not to show that she misses her dead father.

      I guess she'll make some therapist very wealthy one day.

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      • Redrah

        Those poor kids. This must be doubly devastating -- to lose their father, and then have to hide their grief.

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      • i love chili dogs

        Wait. the kid is TWO? That's...but...I just...what? No.

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    • Bread Baggage

      This poor child. She's learned at age two that her need to mourn and grieve for her dead father is less important than stepdad's desire to present a shiny happy family to the world.

      He seems like the kind of dude who tells grown women to "Smile, it can't be that bad!"

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    • Downward spiral into holiday obesity

      This is ripping my heart out. Those poor babies.

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  4. TheOtherOne

    Gawd Lydia. It's been what, four months? Get over it baby years, that's like more than enough time to move on.

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    • LaverneandHurling


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      • glutenfreeloader

        This comment completely pushed me over the edge...I could not stop laughing. Not sure if I'm just utterly exhausted or whether it's because I'm just completely horrified by that entire post and the Daddy/Daddy Martin thing, but this comment was pure gold.

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        • Apologetically Feministy

          Also, shouldn't him be "Daddy Richard" and her real father be "Daddy"? That just shows how hard the mother is trying to replace their real father's memories: "How, that sick guy? He was just my first husband, your real father is your current Daddy".

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          • Taylors Gonna Tay

            YES. That is bullshit. He died like 5 minutes ago.

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  5. Kendal

    **kids** not lids in the second to last sentence. So easy to do when the k and l are right next to each other!

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    • NailherSwift

      No, Lids as in short for Lydia.

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      • i love chili dogs

        so easy to do when you don't read at grade level!

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  6. sittymccoucherson

    A two year old missed "daddy-Martin"?

    Adding to the total sleaze this guy is, there's no way he didn't make up this "event".

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    • Shut your whore mouth

      Or does that mean her mother has told the poor kid "This is your new father, call him Daddy. The other man was Daddy-Martin"?

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      • Snarls Snarkley

        It's a little f**king early to be calling another man Daddy, unless it's of the kids' own free will, which is not only unlikely itself, but unlikely all the kids would voluntarily adopt it at the same time. If they're going to push it on them anyway, this guy should be Daddy-Jackass or whatever, and Martin should be Daddy. Unbelievable.

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    • LaverneandHurling

      Yeah, most TWO YEAR OLDS don't even register their parents' first names, do they? Like, if you ask a kid what his mom's name is don't they usually reply "Mommy" at that age? I have no idea, but it seems like making that change would be coached.

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  7. notfunnyhaha

    I want to punch FF and Daddy Dickhead for being such assholes about all this.

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  8. Erin

    I sincerely hope Martin's family isn't reading her blog. I can't even begin to conceive of how unbelievably painful all of this is to them. Why the need to call this man Dad. They have one.

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    • candy striped hand that rocks the hospice

      Someone mentioned in the FF thread that Martin's family is very private and I can't imagine what they've been dealing with let alone these latest blog posts. I hope they don't see them. Those poor babies need so much love, attention and counseling to process all of this. I hope Martin's family can help them do that because it doesn't seem like they're getting that support at home if that blog post was real and is a glimpse of what is NOT happening for those kids. I'm so sad for them.

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  9. derpends


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  10. Elegant Baby Turtle

    This is so gross.

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  11. pearls_clutched

    Hey Richard and Emily, you are both bad people. You need help. Those kids need help. And Emily, I know this will be hard because it won't be all about you, but keep your eyes on Richard. It sounds to me like he inserts himself where he can be around kids in vulnerable situations. **** Forgive me if this is way off the mark but your judgement is so bad that I think it's plausible.

    Btw, I think you both are terrible human beings because you vomit all this shit on the internet. If you love those kids everything will be deleted and Miss I need strangers on the internet to tell me I am beautiful will get her self esteem from something else.

    At this point no other reason to have all this online but to be shocking. This is at the expense of little kids. So disgusting.

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    • notkept

      Yes. This threw up SO MANY red flags for me.

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    • Currently Craving Commi$$ion

      Saw "Richard and Emily" and thought this was going to be about the Gilmore Girls...I forgot this guys name was Richard because in my mind he's Huswolf.

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  12. Peak White Woman

    I'm truly not one to clutch the pearls over every little thing when it comes to kids, I'm of the opinion they're pretty resilient. That being said, this whole situation is making me want to vomit. If the kid is sad and missing HER FATHER WHO JUST f**kING DIED and needs to cry it out, then Jesus Christ let the kid cry! Treat her grief with some respect and don't grin at her like a f**king idiot. And no, she's not smiling at you because you're making her happy, she's smiling because she thinks that's what you want her to do. Ugh.

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    • RubiksPube

      Seriously. This is the equivalent of having a stranger pass you on the street and say "SMILE!"

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  13. sophisticated purging rager

    I don't know what's creepier, that this is Daddy Dick's MO or that Emily really thinks he is her knight in shiny wolf coat. All of the "Richard, you're so wonderful" comments on the blog post literally make my skin crawl.

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    • Strip Mall Baptism

      Right? The people that are crying over the post because it was so beautifully written and they can tell what a gift Richard is. Please people! Pull your head out of your ass!

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      • sassy23

        They have to be not letting some comments through, right? How can all the people commenting think this situation is a good one and a beautiful story?!?! These kids need therapy!

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        • Snarls Snarkley

          Oh, they are definitely moderating the hell out of those comments.

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          • Billsburg

            Which is worse - that all of this is on the internet, he sounds like a creep or that people are soooooo stupid that they think this whole situation is "beautiful"? Barf. I hate people.

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