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Freckled Fox’s Huswolf Can Totally Fix Her Kids You Guys

Richard, replacement huswolf of untouchable internet saint Emily, has posted another emotional belching. On our second episode of As The Stomach Churns, Dickie shares a scene in which his two year old stepchild tells him “Daddy, I miss Daddy-Martin.”

She told me she would like a hug. This made me smile. When I smiled, she smiled some too. I made a happier face at her, and she gave me her big classic Lydia smile…Then I looked back to see Lydia crying again. When our eyes met, she gave a big smile again. This time as I looked back to the others, my attention stayed on her, and I watched out of the corner of my eye as her face fell again, and tears started to flow as if she hadn’t smiled at all. When my eyes returned to hers with my full attention, it brought another smile, but then her face again fell as I looked away. She seemed in limbo, stuck between happy and sad…Having had a few hours now to think about this, things are ok. Little Lydia returned to her happy place, and is now sound asleep.

It’s ok, Huswolf Dickie has sort of got this because he has done the whole “move in with a cancer stricken family and play daddy” thing before.

‘Dad’ wasn’t doing well, and I moved in eventually to help more consistently. For a year I lived and breathed family life in many aspects, and learned a lot. Cancer is hard. But it also means a lot of opportunities for growing.  And the kids all handled things in different ways. It was a very special time for me…

Icky savior-complex vibes, anyone? He concludes with a weird list of goals including eating more chocolate chips, and says “while today wasn’t perfect, and *I* couldn’t stem Lydia’s tears completely, tomorrow, I want to make sure she smiles more”. Yeah, Lids, get over your dead Daddy-Martin already! Daddywolf needs “more smiling faces”!

  1. hole in the wall

    Making your kid call some random dude they've known for a few months Daddy when their real father died, what 6 months ago, is beyond f**ked up. Those poor kids.

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    • Kerf wins individual immunity

      I know, right? Surely if anyone's going to get the Daddy (Insert Name Here) treatment, it should perhaps be the one who isn't actually their father??

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      • ActualRunner

        It feels like she's partially copying how to parent from Farrah Abraham and her daughter's dead daddy-Derek - it's not a thing I've ever heard anywhere else.

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        • CookieButterMonster

          That's EXACTLY what I was thinking. But at least in their case, Sophia never met Derek, so it makes more sense (not that anything Farrah does makes sense). Having these kids call their father "Daddy-Martin", when he was present in their entire lives, is beyond f**ked up.

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  2. knubby_sweater

    Wait, the kids are calling him Daddy?? ALREADY????? I'm going to vomit.

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    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

      Apparently they were told to call him daddy pretty much right away.

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    • hole in the wall

      No WAY that it's without coaching. No f**king way.

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  3. Roadkill on Batshit Lane

    That whole "I've done this before" thing sent off a huge orange flag. So, he basically is a jobless drifter who trades chores and babysitting for room and board?

    Plus, he dumped his girlfriend to get back together with his hot and now wealthy ex before her husbands body was cold. You know he was the one bringing up marriage a couple weeks after the funeral, not her.

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  4. Kids Inderporated

    "Cancer is hard. But it also means a lot of opportunities for growing. And the kids all handled things in different ways.”

    Seriously. What the HELL?!

    I’ve been reading GOMI for a while now and in particular the FF and TAZA threads. And seriously, 2016 is the year these two have become even more insufferable and narcissistic and it’s clear that deep down, they just don’t care for their children’s feelings, emotional wellbeing or privacy.

    What on Earth is wrong with Emily and this new bloke? It’s pretty clear these poor children are confused and are grieving, but by the sounds of it, they aren’t allowed to grieve openly cos they have a NEW daddy. Forget OLD and DEAD daddy, new HIPSTER daddy is better than him. And guess what kids, because your old daddy died, you get the opportunity to grow and become better people. How LUCKY are they. So BLESSED. Your old daddy died, but you have a new one, so suck it up and SMILE, SMILE, SMILE! Sing a song! WHOOP!

    Oh, I could just cry.

    I just cannot even fathom this is real for these poor kids. What the Hell is wrong with their mother? You’d think she’d log out of all the social media and take a long break. Bond with her kids. Support her kids … and vice versa, let her kids help her too.What the f**k is wrong with her that she’s allowing her children’s feelings to be suppressed – she’s turning her kids lives into a day-time soap movie. Martin's dead, but you know what, life has never been better. Just, WHAT THE f**k? Holy Hell, these poor children are in for the most awful ride of their lives. It’s so heart breaking.

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    • clickbait diploma

      This. So. Much. This.

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      • Billsburg

        Yeah, when Karma catches up with her, it ain't gonna be pretty.

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  5. K

    This reads more like a script for a psychological thriller.

    A 2 yr old is aware enough to fake smile for new daddy and at same time call recently deceased daddy 'daddy martin'. Lots of red flags here. Hope the kids are safe.

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  6. Surely Temple on the Rox

    I feel a pregnancy post coming..."OUR sweet little Lydia was sad for Daddy-Martin but in order to help ease her pain we couldn't hold in the good news any longer and told the kids we're pregnant!! Our little fox family of 7 will now be a wolf pack of 8." #faithoverfear #justkeepswimming #luckiest #familiesareforever

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    • FuckingZorro

      "Wolf pack of 8" HAHA.

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  7. fridge auto cat rectal

    Oh to be a fly on the warm fireplace while FF and home care giver concoct this shit storm of blogs. He reminds me of a candy striper from hell.

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    • urban gypsy

      will somebody please take candy striper from hell as a username!

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  8. Pigeon club

    The more they try to prove that everything is fine, the more they show what a mistake they've made.

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  9. Purple21

    So she told him she needed a hug and he was so thrilled that she had turned to him when she's upset, he smiled at her - but didn't hug her?

    Here's how you should have written it, Richard: "She told me she needed a hug. So I hugged her, and I could feel that she was crying against my shoulder. She cried for a long time. These kids really miss their dad and all I can do is give them a hug and let them cry when they need to express their grief."

    This reminds me of when my 10 yo cousin rang his dad and said "I don't want to live with Mum any more, because I don't like her new boyfriend." My uncle was so thrilled, he rang the ex-wife at work and said "Ha ha, I win, he wants to live with me now." And then did nothing more about it. Because point-scoring is so much better than actually addressing a child's issues.

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    • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

      Of all of the comments here, and on the Freckled f**ks forum post, this is the one that burst the dam. It made me flip, I went from unbridled anger to teary sobs. That poor baby girl.

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  10. Albie Quirky

    This remake of Night of the Hunter is terrible.

    Seriously, those poor kids. Maybe family therapy could help, but I doubt either of the adults would be on board with that.

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  11. Ange

    Oh because he would know what a 'classic Lydia smile' looks like after the solid ten minutes he's spent with the family. SMDH stop rushing it you stupid dildos!

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  12. Al Dente

    I only know about her blog from these last few front page posts but they sound like two awful human beings. Even if the wife is over the death of her husband somehow, a bunch of kids have lost their father. The last thing they need are more huge changes and being forced to call some other man Daddy. My goodness. They haven't thought about those poor kids at all, have they? Can't imagine how her first husband's family must be feeling, either.

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  13. Get the Most Outta Ya Womb While Ya Can!

    I wish that I could magically hop through the internet and give that poor little 2 year old a hug and tell her all the things she needs to hear right now. But no, instead we have this guy.

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