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Freckled Fox’s Huswolf Can Totally Fix Her Kids You Guys

Richard, replacement huswolf of untouchable internet saint Emily, has posted another emotional belching. On our second episode of As The Stomach Churns, Dickie shares a scene in which his two year old stepchild tells him “Daddy, I miss Daddy-Martin.”

She told me she would like a hug. This made me smile. When I smiled, she smiled some too. I made a happier face at her, and she gave me her big classic Lydia smile…Then I looked back to see Lydia crying again. When our eyes met, she gave a big smile again. This time as I looked back to the others, my attention stayed on her, and I watched out of the corner of my eye as her face fell again, and tears started to flow as if she hadn’t smiled at all. When my eyes returned to hers with my full attention, it brought another smile, but then her face again fell as I looked away. She seemed in limbo, stuck between happy and sad…Having had a few hours now to think about this, things are ok. Little Lydia returned to her happy place, and is now sound asleep.

It’s ok, Huswolf Dickie has sort of got this because he has done the whole “move in with a cancer stricken family and play daddy” thing before.

‘Dad’ wasn’t doing well, and I moved in eventually to help more consistently. For a year I lived and breathed family life in many aspects, and learned a lot. Cancer is hard. But it also means a lot of opportunities for growing.  And the kids all handled things in different ways. It was a very special time for me…

Icky savior-complex vibes, anyone? He concludes with a weird list of goals including eating more chocolate chips, and says “while today wasn’t perfect, and *I* couldn’t stem Lydia’s tears completely, tomorrow, I want to make sure she smiles more”. Yeah, Lids, get over your dead Daddy-Martin already! Daddywolf needs “more smiling faces”!

  1. iovershare

    My best friend died unexpectedly just over a year ago. The first month was bad and then they sort of alfell into a rut hum and the kids were "ok", some meltdowns but they were coasting by with the help of a good support system. My friends h thought kids were ok, didn't really worry about therapy and now, at the year marker of her death, the household is a shitshow. I think they are in for a surprise when the kids really grasp that their dad isn't coming back.

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    • iovershare

      Rythym, not rut him!

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    • great but does it spark joy

      Yeah, every grief book I read after my father's sudden passing (I am a grown adult), specifically mentioned that every "rule for grief" goes out the window with children - especially very young children. It takes a lot of time for it to "sink in" for kids that it doesn't with adults or even teenagers, and their reactions to grief and way of processing are totally different. You can't ever use your own adult grief as a marker for how children will feel or act.

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    • Snarls Snarkley

      I'm sorry for their (and your) loss.

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    • Elegant Baby Turtle

      Shit, dude, my dad died when I was 22, I didn't receive any therapy for it, my mom bungled the shit out of it, and I was solidly depressed about it for four years. I can't imagine being a little kid and trying to navigate parental death - I barely survived it as an adult.

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  2. Top Hat Fancy

    This guy is giving me skeevy p**ophile feelings. Ugh I need a shower...

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  3. Currently Craving Commi$$ion

    Describing his first go-round in this situation as "It was a very special time for me..." is all I need to know about this asshat.

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    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

      It sounds like he preys on peoples' grief and stress, which is gross.

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  4. A fruit pie salesman with a whoopie cushion living in Wichita Falls

    DADDY-MARTIN? Is this for f**king real? Martin is their dad. End of story! Wolfboy did not magically become their father because he started boning their mom a few months ago. If Wolfboy and the Fox actually make it in the long run, and the kids eventually start seeing him as a father and *choose* to call him dad, then okay. But there is no way in hell these kids have made that choice. She clearly was like, "Here's your new daddy" and brb I'm vomiting everywhere. So gross. If anyone deserves a first name qualifier, it should be the new guy, NOT their actual father.

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    • Kids Inderporated

      That's just it. When you marry into a family, eventually the children may call you by “Mum” or “Dad”, however you don’t demand it … it’s something that after a time, the children may choose to call you, if they feel comfortable. You shouldn't ever expect it, and far out, you don’t place that expectation on children immediately after their father passed away, tragically.

      This bloke has walked into their existing family home and just sat in DADDY-MARTIN'S chair and gone, "Now I'm Daddy. Kneel before me!". It's like something out of a Game of Thrones storyline – and just as insensitive – all hail Daddy Wolfrey!

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  5. Backyard Chicken

    That poor baby! Daddy-Martin???How about telling your kids, your Daddy will always be your Daddy. You can call your step dad whatever you feel comfortable with. Encourage them when they feel sad to tell stories about their dad. He just got her to fake smile and wanted the uncomfortable (for him) moment to go away. I don't understand this rush to forget about her first Husband. I guess it's easier to push away grief then deal with it. Good luck with that. I can tell you from personal experience, it doesn't always end well.

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  6. Al Dente

    Gah, I've just read the blog post. Unbelievable. Tomorrow he's going to make Lydia smile more. What's wrong with her being upset about just losing her daddy? She is perfectly entitled to show her emotions and cry about missing her father. What about talking to her about what she's feeling rather than forcing her to feign a smile? I've been a parent for two years and I feel like I'm failing at something relating to my kitten most days but this dude seems to think he knows all the things about being a parent after 2 minutes,

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  7. Porney LaRue

    Whenever these bloggers have a surprise quickie wedding and they have children, I always chime in with the whole, "How you gonna give some virtual stranger have access to your kids?!" rant... Because people with certain predilections definitely seek out vulnerable situations to insert themselves into. This post really worries me for these kids, because it is clear that Richard has no problem exploiting these kids, and his narcissistic bride is obviously OK with that...

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  8. Sleepdeprived

    I'm sorry but I cannot imagine any kosher scenario that a man as young as that would willingly jump head first into a family that just lost their dad and has 5 young children. It just doesn't happen. The only people that would do it are opportunists, at best he's after money and at worst he wants access to the kids. People amaze me with their level of blind trust especially when it comes to their kids.

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    • stomping ninja

      Not much I can add here as all comments are good but yes, who would do that? And what kind of mother would have some guy/virtual stranger just jump in and be Daddy? And in any world think that's ok? Grieving makes you do crazy things but damn, those poor innocent kids. Does she not have anybody who can sit her down and say what are you doing to these kids? What a whirlwind this must be. I can hardly watch this trainwreck anymore. The endless sponsored posts and schlepping her kids out "selling" chocolates are cringe worthy to say the least.

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  9. Purple WolfProse

    Ok so y'all got the grossness of the situation covered. I'm gonna cover how painful that was to read, flow-wise. A broken record of smilling/looking away/looking back/smiling/looking away/looking back/smiling/looking away. Try reading your shit to yourself more than once before posting it and consider CUTTING THE CRUFT.

    If you wanna be a blogger (or guest post for the blogger you're boning) you gotta be good at writing.

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  10. thighgap

    Man, people can make awful decisions after a bereavement. Only thing I can compare this marriage to is my friend's suicide after her partner died in an accident. Grief can enable some dreadful things.
    The earnestness of this creep is astonishing. Really hope he gives FF and the kids some space to get some proper counseling and support.

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    • Snarls Snarkley

      I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. Life is a real f**king b***h sometimes (a lot of times).

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    Wow. A lot of jealous people here who wish they had a man with magical eyes like man-bun here.

    Clearly this whole thing is gross and wrong but the whole "when our eyes met" and "when my eyes returned to hers" and "out of the corner of my eye" was just a special form of creepy for me.

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  12. Snarls Snarkley

    I don't read her thread - please tell me her last name was at one point Fox, and that she's not calling herself a fox because she thinks she is super hot.

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    • deranged and extra stupid organism

      Alas, I think it's the latter, so she's been on my shit list from the get-go. Because, really, doesn't that kind of explain the rest of her head-up-her-own-ass behavior?

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  13. candy striped hand that rocks the hospice

    With all these Nopes, makes me think FF or Wolf Daddy's "dear friends" are reading GOMI comments. UGH

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      If only Wolf Daddy could come to all of our homes and look into our eyes meaningfully and then look away, then turn back and catch our gaze again and help us become better, more understanding, less snarky people.

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      • Purple21

        I love how you're the one who didn't get 2 Nopes! Maybe Wolf Daddy thinks you're the only one who understands him.

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      • Candystriperfromhell

        This. This comment gave me such a chuckle.

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