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Freckled Fox’s Huswolf Can Totally Fix Her Kids You Guys

Richard, replacement huswolf of untouchable internet saint Emily, has posted another emotional belching. On our second episode of As The Stomach Churns, Dickie shares a scene in which his two year old stepchild tells him “Daddy, I miss Daddy-Martin.”

She told me she would like a hug. This made me smile. When I smiled, she smiled some too. I made a happier face at her, and she gave me her big classic Lydia smile…Then I looked back to see Lydia crying again. When our eyes met, she gave a big smile again. This time as I looked back to the others, my attention stayed on her, and I watched out of the corner of my eye as her face fell again, and tears started to flow as if she hadn’t smiled at all. When my eyes returned to hers with my full attention, it brought another smile, but then her face again fell as I looked away. She seemed in limbo, stuck between happy and sad…Having had a few hours now to think about this, things are ok. Little Lydia returned to her happy place, and is now sound asleep.

It’s ok, Huswolf Dickie has sort of got this because he has done the whole “move in with a cancer stricken family and play daddy” thing before.

‘Dad’ wasn’t doing well, and I moved in eventually to help more consistently. For a year I lived and breathed family life in many aspects, and learned a lot. Cancer is hard. But it also means a lot of opportunities for growing.  And the kids all handled things in different ways. It was a very special time for me…

Icky savior-complex vibes, anyone? He concludes with a weird list of goals including eating more chocolate chips, and says “while today wasn’t perfect, and *I* couldn’t stem Lydia’s tears completely, tomorrow, I want to make sure she smiles more”. Yeah, Lids, get over your dead Daddy-Martin already! Daddywolf needs “more smiling faces”!

  1. Raging horoscopes

    I just CAN'T with this wolfbun. When I read this, I wanted to scream!!!

    "While I tickled the closest 2, through the laughter I heard a sad little voice peep "Daddy?", and I realized Lydia was crying. I assumed that when I asked "Lydia, what's wrong??" that she'd respond with the typical "I'm hungry." Instead, she said, eyes intently focused on mine, "Daddy, I miss Daddy-Martin."

    Obvi they call him Daddy (insert heebee jeebees and pure disgust here) and Daddy-Martin...GTFO man!! This writing sounds way too much like Emily's with probably a few wolfbun-isms thrown in. It sounds so different from all his complaining, sorry ass couch jumping, so lonely comments on his fb page.

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  2. manbuns r us

    Someone posted a wedding picture for your manbun viewing pleasure on the FF thread.

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