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Gala Darling Will Charge You Money For A Phone Call

Gala Darling, self-proclaimed “girl boss” but actually just a woo peddler, has found yet another way to make you pay for her woo.


She has created the Gala Hotline. Now you can pay hundreds of dollars for a phone session so full of emotional high-fiving and questionable expertise it makes Miss Cleo seem legit.

…I’ve been asking the right questions and transforming for the past decade, and I love helping other women do the same thing. Hotline sessions are your chance to sit with me for an hour and get clarity…We’ll brainstorm, combine your passion with my knowledge, and focus on bringing your joy back.

Wondering how much all this ‘transforming’ will cost you? Gala says “Hotline sessions are $300, payable by Paypal” with “10% of each session is donated to the ACLU”. Well then, sign me up!

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  2. muffintopper

    Holy shit I can pay just 90 dollars an hour to go speak to a therapist, an actual human that is licensed and graduate degreed and knows what they're doing with advice. Who da fuh would pay this woman 300?

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    • LaverneandHurling

      I had a similar thought! I think even if I had no insurance, the last therapist I saw was less than $300/hour. Granted, that would still add up over time but point is: I'm not going to Venmo some rando $300 for her to tell me to follow my bliss vs paying a licensed professional to help me work through my stuff for reals.

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      • BassGuitar

        You hit on a good point. Can anyone just hang up a shingle and say they are a coach or therapist?

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        • MissMorland

          I don't know about therapists, but I'm pretty sure anyone able to spout some inspirational woo can be a life coach.

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        • LaverneandHurling

          Definitely not a therapist but a coach...probably? Not positive. My friend's mom is a life coach, but is somehow certified for...something? Not therapy, but I think she's also more focused on career coaching or how to change careers, so maybe that's why?

          I guess my point was more that if I'm going to pay for help (rather than just b***h about life and expect high-fives, which I can get for free from my friends), there better be some evidence that this person is remotely qualified and also $300 is A LOT for that.

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      • Pink Coat Dilemma

        I am a Therapist with ten years post graduate experience, and I charge $120 per hour in my private practice . When clients use insurance, I typically only get reimbursed between $60-$80 total (including their $20-$25 copay). The fact that this basic b***h is charging $300 for a bunch of woo makes my blood boil. And life coaches can suck it.

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  3. evil dark squirrel

    Is she f**ked in the head?

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    • LaverneandHurling

      Or is she a genius? Only time and her bank account will tell!

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  4. OhNooooo

    Somewhere in Redwood City, Jenna Cole is kicking herself for not setting up a hotline that teaches people with $300 to shit into the toilet how to live absolutely. Oy!

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