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Gluten-Free Girl Can Make Flour

Faces of health.

Faces of health.

Shauna Ahern, I keep sort of forgetting about her, created a kickstarter a while back asking for $79,000 to make “the first grain-free flour blend on the market”. Well for those of you interested, she made her goal.

Thanks to the generous support of everyone here, we not only met our goal for this Kickstarter but also exceeded it by 17%! The Gluten-Free Girl Flour Blends will be on the market soon.

The gluten free panhandlers raised $92,612 which, according to my calculations, should finance about 11 bags of flour on a store shelf sometime next year. Of course even 5 bags would make the venture at least as successful as her eating tour.

  1. The Missus

    eh...PP got the claim a little wrong. The Aherns' claim is that they are making the only GUM-free gluten-free flour blend on the market. I think. I don't know if they made any claims at all about the grain-free version they are offering sometime in the distant future.

    Shauna also claims it's the most nutritious blend on the market. She may have changed the wording on that later to 'one of the most nutritious'. Whatever. Most of what comes out of her mouth is questionable.

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  2. flour power

    Looking for your flour?

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