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“Handbasket” Is Glad You Know What You’d Do

Notes from the Handbasket” has spent over a year justifying why she won’t leave the husband who totally did nothing wrong in having horrible images of children on his computer. Now that he has been convicted for possession of child pornography, she would like to remind you all that your judgment is ridiculous:

Upon hearing about a man convicted on child pornography charges, many women declare that if it were their husband, they know exactly what they would do. They would turn him in themselves, they would hold him at gunpoint, they would hate him forever, they would kick him out of the house, they would damage or remove his testicles, they would abandon him without thinking twice, they would never let him see the children again. He would be so gone…Those of us who have husbands in trouble for child pornography, well, we were caught off guard. We didn’t have time to concoct elaborate plans. And if we had elaborate plans for such an unthinkable day, the unthinkable day trashed our plans. Seeing our husbands in trouble, seeing our husbands facing the worst trouble imaginable–facing unimaginable trouble!–we reacted as if these men truly were our husbands. These were the men we promised to love and cherish. How could we abandon them? These are the men we do love and cherish.

She goes on to ask “What if your brother were going to prison? Would you abandon him? What about your father?” and “What if it were your son?” in an effort to impress upon people that it’s not just her husband that does such things.

Since this is the woman who is over on prisontalk claiming “[l]ooking at CP, searching for it, enjoying it does not mean the guy is a p**ophile” and saying that the “idea that we stop regulating porn makes sense to me”, I think it’s reasonable to assume that any judgment she is dealing with is more likely simply people trying to make her see her faulty logic.

You would think she’d know that a mother saying things like “I have yet to see anything that tells me that making CP illegal has any effect on the broader world of child abuse”, would obviously cause a few folks to say “if it were my husband I would keep him away from MY kids”. Hey lady, that’s not judgment. That’s called protecting your kids from convicted and known predators. Get a grip and stop trying to pass off your family as the victims of some cruel justice system.

God I hate the internet today.

  1. Ellie

    throw her in jail with him. idiots like this make me sick!!!

    Prison talk is one of the worst forums out there, stupid women supporting murderers, drug dealers, rapists, violent offenders. they are as nuts as the guys in prison.

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  2. HousewifeHater

    Handbasket is classic GOMI! We don't get a say you don't get to judge....she/he/it only wants support no matter how stupid, terrible, or lack of insight-filled her choices are.
    I will never visit that site-(maybe prison talk but not her site), but if I did-the only thing that I would do there is post Been There Done That's post to give her something to think about.
    BTDT's story blew me away I must say because no matter how much I tell my kids to stay on the right side of the law, I really don't know if I could ever turn them in for a crime?
    Something in your own family has to be dealt with though, BTDT didn't have the luxury of not knowing the victim.
    I'm sure that BTDT had a lot of pain and suffering even though she made the right choices, and of course any parent who does what they have to do to protect their children even though it is hard.
    -But I have no sympathy for Handbasket or enablers such as herself. I'm saving it for those like BTDT who did get hurt by what happened to her family, but then somehow did the right thing, even if it was hard, even if it hurt, even if it would have been easier to pretend that nothing ever happened.
    Those are the people who get my support, not Handbasket, no matter how much she asks for it, or justifies it.
    I can understand the shock of what happened, and i do feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with a shock like that-but a year is enough time that Handbasket could have got herself into therapy to get her head on straight if she was that traumatized.
    Instead of facing the problem she is on some futile (I hope), quest to rationalize her husband's crimes. I hope that the warden reads her blog and her posts before they let that guy out because the two of them sound like a future episode of Law & Order SVU.

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    • Wait...What???

      She is THE GOMI. I cannot imagine ANYTHING coming close to this.

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      • Sara

        Agrred. Even if there were no kerfs and project babies and any others, it would still be worth maintaining the GOMI site just to get this one woman off the internet.

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  3. zhnjg

    QUICK, SOMEONE TELL THE VATICAN: kiddie corn "arousal" isn't a crime!

    Wait, I think they already thought that.

    And we all know how that story is gonna end.

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  4. Brandy

    I read her site. I cannot even imagine how damaged she is from all this. The lies she has told herself over and over to get this callous is crazy! What normal person believes any of the crap she is spouting. That's like saying the child sex worker isn't abused by the customer, but by the person that forced them into the industry. Oh wait, that's EXACTLY what she's saying.

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  5. noirheroine

    The woman needs to institutionalized. In fact, neither parent should be allowed near the kids.

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  6. meems

    You know, I was wondering why in the hell she would put this out there in a blog, even if there's no way to identify her or her family, and now I'm wondering if she's not looking for enough attention to capitalize on this through a book deal. It's the only thing I can come up with.
    Why else, in the midst of such horror and upheaval, would you start a site where you're defending your husband to a bunch of strangers who never knew about his disgusting acts in the first place?

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  7. Snarkastic

    I wouldn't touch her blog with a ten-foot pole coated in antibacterial salve. But after just reading this post I feel the need to shower thoroughly, brush my teeth, and scrub my cuticles. Also wash my brain. Is there a way to wash my brain?

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    • eeee

      Yeah, but getting it all back in through your little tiny earholes after you're done is kinda tricky.

      (Sorry, need some kind of levity to offset the WTELF.)

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  8. KooKooCachoo

    Wasn't there some doubt to the veracity of this blog? I thought that it was actually being written by a p**ophile trying to justify his actions.
    I reported this blog long ago and ma sad to see that it has not been taken down by the host. Can everybody just take a minute to report that site as offensive? Handbasket needs to GOMI because what he/she is saying is just plain wrong.
    I remember hearing Dennis Miller say in a long ago stand up performance something along the lines of if you ever feel the need to hurt a kid or murder a kid or rape a kid, you should just off yourself before you do it and it should be an immediate pass to heaven.

    Seriously...kiddie corn? No. there is no justification for it ever and if you are found with it, you should go to jail. End of story.

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  9. Melissa

    Children need protection from pukes like that!
    She's a puke too! Someone needs to take away her kids!

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  10. OhFFS

    Yeah right. Stupid bint is doing everything possible to "Normalize" her douchebag husbands p**ophilia, because it has to really be a kick in the ass to realize what he really is. Denial much? You can bet your sweet ass I'd not only Scorn, Shun & throw away the key (and other unmentionable acts I'd commit) if ANYBODY I knew did what he did. What a slap in the face to her children. Because I'm willing to bet that even if Daddy Dearest didn't molest his children, he was fantasizing about it. Their children WILL hate them both. If she had any kind of decency, she'd leave his ass to rot, take her children, move far away and change their names. As well as putting them in therapy.

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  11. judgeywudgey

    Its hard to read this blog and not be angry. I want to shake this woman.

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  12. ~A

    B*tch please if it was anyone I know (including brother/father/mother etc) I'd be outside with a banner saying shoot the bastard...

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  13. Teri

    This woman is seriously fu*ked up!

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