Happy Holidays From GOMI

from alice and loliver

happy holidays from loliver and alice, who intends to beat this picture into the ground

Season’s Greetings, sad basement hams! This year I’ve sort of locked myself into a Fortress of Solitude while I navigate my first dry holiday season. I feel sort of meh and bored and just couldn’t get it up to post lately, so I thought ‘how about a GOMIBLOG roundup post of all the crap I’ve been too blah to deal with?’ So here you go, some random stuff I didn’t feel like posting the past couple of weeks! I know, I really make it sound exciting.

Pioneer Woman, that orange haired lady who sells Wal-Mart plates, is publishing a magazine next year.

The Pioneer Woman magazine will feature a strong emphasis on food, showcasing Drummond’s accessible style for cooking, meal planning and casual entertaining. Additional stories will cover fashion, lifestyle, family and culture/fun, along withpersonal anecdotes and photographs of her life on the ranch.

So I guess if you want to pay for her blog in paper form, your wish just came true.

Young House Love bought another house to ruin. This time it’s a vacation home.

Obviously, the ability to share another reno project with you guys is a nice perk, but when we couldn’t shake the idea of getting a second property even after stepping back from daily blogging two years ago, it helped confirm that our motives weren’t just hinged on creating “more content.” Also, there are probably easier ways to find content than buying a 96 year old house that’s 2.5 hours away and needs this much work. Ha!

I want to slap that ‘Ha!’ Anyway, they are also still doing that podcast I guess. So. There’s also that if you really miss Shurry Beff and Human Selfie Stick.

How long has it been since you got riled up about Freckled Fox? Well that’s too long. Get in there.

And finally here’s a thread where we can Scrooge it up while we try to figure out why Christmas has all the brilliance of grey flannel this year. Join me, won’t you?

Hope you all have a wonderful season whether you observe anything or not, and if you’re facing travel I hope you stay safe and have easy journies.

  1. Mazel Tov Cocktail

    I think that's my favorite IG pic yet, and I love Loliver's swaddling cloth. He looks like baby Jesus!

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    • New Colorways!

      Christmas Mama Jaw out in full brilliant force.

      We love you Alice!

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  2. JaCrispy

    I've really been bah humbuging it this holiday season and GOMI has been my sarcastic ray of light. And this picture gives me life. Merry everything to you PP and to all my fellow hams! May the blogging world give us lots to laugh at over the next few days and may my comment not be marked as spam!

    #soblessed #mytribe

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    • JaCrispy

      I've never gotten so many nopes on a post! Kinda feel famous.

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  3. Hasenpfeffer Incorporated

    Happy Holidays PP! Thanks for all of the snarky entertainment this year.

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  4. phone

    That photo is perfectly styled, and you are perfectly Alice. You've brought a lot of people truth, joy, and/or solace in either case.

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    • *~this city~*

      ditto! love the hair and the glasses are perfect! SLAY GIRL

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  5. Oprah

    Well that's all very nice. Thank you for the entertainment you bring to us all. And best wishes to you.

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  6. See My Loafers Former Gophers

    That photo gives me life *laugh* Merry Christmas PP! And all my other hamcats, may these holidays not suck - big squishy internet hugs all round xx

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  7. Black Forest Ham

    PP I'm really proud of you. I don't know how easy or hard a dry Christmas is for you but it shows alot of self control and work on your part. I quite sincerely mean : Good for you!

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  8. Cindy Mackenzie

    I don't get what's going on in the photo. Is it an homage to something? Cute sweaters, though.

    Christmas sucks and I should probably go join that thread.

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  9. x-designer

    Oh this photo.. I thought for a brief second.. did someone talk to my mom and find an old 80's photo? I love it! LOVE. Merry Christmas PP and let's all ask Santa for a better 2017 because 2016 was nothing but coal.

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  10. LOL, jeez. Merry Nopemas everyone.

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    • Near Naked Nether Region

      I need to know why all the nopes??? DId all the dumbass bloggers come out to play?

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  11. allegedly

    Same to you! Thanks for all the entertainment!

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  12. Bacon in Beans at Restaurants

    You look like the cover of the "Anne Murray's Sister Patricia Sings Old-Time Gospel Hymns" album.

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  13. Friedliche Weihnachten - and thank you for GOMI, Alice!

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