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Hay Dawgs, Young House Love Have Posted A Postdizzle

Young House Love, still around, has put up a post about what they’ve been up to the past year. Except not really, it was basically just a post telling you to go listen to “The Lively Show”.

The podcast interview is pretty much just an excruciating hour long ear assault of Sherry’s usual manic staccato nonstop blathering. They explain Sherry’s been doing copywriting work and product naming, and John’s been doing contract junk also. They also say they had to walk away basically to get their family life back in order without having to document it all the time. John added that setting blog work hours wouldn’t have worked because their “life was our work” and went on to say they have to keep that overlap to a minimum from now on.

They had to discuss whether omghaters had anything to do with them stopping blogging and from their neverending response the gist seems to be they obsessed way to much over the comments and tried to do every single thing every single person wanted.

They tell us they’ll be doing a book tour, and then they tried to give their fanpoodles some false hope.

I don’t want to make promises about what or how often we’ll post, but our home projects are still rolling along, albeit more slowly these days (there’s more on that in the podcast, btw).

Of course in the podcast they clarify that they’ll “never ever” do YHL “as a job again” but didn’t say they’d never post again. Shurry Beff says looking back she wishes she had been less defensive and not felt the need to over-explain every little thing. She then proceeded to over-explain the conditions under which they would come back to blogging. Seriously it took her 5 minutes of nonstop words to essentially say yet again that they might post if they feel like it but not as a job. (Seriously, the woman didn’t even take a breath, dawgs. Must be all those Zumba classes or something.) She repeats this about ten more times – that she might post again but not as a job. She would be cool putting up a diy post just to share but not as part of a blog job. She wouldn’t mind doing posts once in a while but not for income. She would love to post again but it would just be hey cool casual what upppp but not as a job. WE GET IT, SHURRY BEFF.

Anyway, the podcast doesn’t have any big interesting revealing info. They’ve been doing pretty much what everyone speculated they were doing – contract work and Sherry scratching her skin off wanting to post again – and now they’re back just in time to clit tickle their fanpoodles before their second book release. Which, by the way, is next week, and I’ll be doing a liveblogged review of it next Friday. So we have that to look forward to, which is nice.

  1. Because, reasons

    Thank God you posted this so I didn't have to actually listen to it.

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    • Kristin

      Yep, I came here right after reading the post.

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    • Jenny Say Kwah

      I lasted about 5 minutes. Her voice itself and the rambling on, omfg. "And I was like...and we were like...and like...but it was like..."


      JFC, Sherry.

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  2. 4 downward dogs and a whiff of calming lavender

    Just when I was beginning to forget they still existed...

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  3. Quality Control at the Bitch Factory

    "..clit tickle their fanpoodles..."

    I can't add gifs on my work computer, but ::applause gif::

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  4. Jess Lively is, first and foremost, a "nacho lover" who then does important stuff to help people? Her comedy needs work.

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  5. Local Organic Velveeta

    Eh- I've never been able to work up too much of a lather about these guys- I read them for a while, then didn't because I started to find them slightly annoying and their tutorials kind of twee and simplistic, but it seems like they did the sensible thing- got off the internets when they started to not like what they had become. Good for them I guess?

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  6. pendulous gunt

    OMG clit tickle their fanpoodles


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    • Omnishambles

      That Wife would insist that Sherry is Robot Massager Gaming her fanpoodles.

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    • poof

      My thoughts exactly. She said "cuit tickle"! Ha! I'm easily amused I suppose.

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  7. clitasaurus hex

    I don't get lifestyle bloggers or bloggers who delve into their lives as part of their content generation methods to then say that their life was their blog. Yes! That's how it works! That's the deal you made with the devil, I mean the internet! That's why the rest of us schmucks are working in an office and not renovating our house for pageviews.

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    • Local Organic Velveeta

      So they did that, realized it sucked, then stopped doing it... Seems better than Feminist Breedering their way through a commenter $hitshow...

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      • clitasaurus hex

        Oh completely!

        Also the Feminist Breeder has the most cringe-inducing name and lives in my metro area. Terrifying.

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        • Local Organic Velveeta

          She is completely off her rocker- I would be petrified if I were one of her subscribers...

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    • Derpes Simplex (fka WildTurducken)


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  8. erin

    The title of this post caused me to spit diet coke all over my keyboard! PP you are magical!

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  9. spicytuna

    I just listened to the podcast and they mentioned that they designed hardware for home depot and other "national chains" without the YHL brand. Curious what the stuff looks like, and if I would even be able to "tell" if it was a YHL-designed product.

    They sure wasted a lot of time explaining their decisions after saying how bad it was that they spent so much time explaining their decisions.

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    • 4000 dollar ham napkin

      I saw some shitty, overpriced drawer pulls at our Target with a huge, useless display. So much "meh".

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    • Sue (the napkin)

      I saw it in HD, I think. I actually wondered if Liberty had shafted them. It looks like their stuff (not style, it ain't stylish)

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  10. Don't forget that they posted that "Real Housewives" video where people can watch Sherry twirl and model for minutes on end.

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    • I like warm hugs

      That video was terrible. There's no two ways about it. In theory, it could have been funny, but that would have required true *costume* changes, wigs, and over the top makeup. Or get other bloggers in on the fun ... I would have died to see some other folks (like Nicole Balch, Katie Bower, those kinds of peeps) pretending to be housewives.

      Spinning 4 times in the same room and making odd succulent jokes doesn't cut it. Next time, please include That Wife. She's got the twirls and claps down. That would have made us laugh, and GOMI would have exploded.

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  11. Croosets in Trendy Colors

    Yay, the book club returns!!

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  12. syren514

    Balance balance balance validate recalibration omg why can't they just talk like real people? I know they practiced and bullet-pointed what they were going to say because they talk like a walking press release

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    • KAS

      Agreed. Be candid! Talk like individuals and not a marketed brand couple. I sensed they weren't always on the same page throughout all this and I would have liked to hear more about that.

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  13. Crop Top Feels Unfairly Burdened

    Product naming? That's a job? (I know someone's gotta name stuff. But still ... that's a job?)

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    • FrizzyFryFro

      That's a Mitch Hedberg joke.

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      • Carpathian Kitten Loss

        Gone but not forgotten, Mitch! "If you are flammable and have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit."

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        • Matching Adult Sized Care Bear Undies

          To this day can't open up a bag of Peppridge Farm bread without thinking, "I do not need another step between me and toast!"

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