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Healthy Happier Bear Is Uplifting Someone

Ashley, of the Healthy Happier Bear blog, wants to share a powerful message with you.

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  1. Lurky McSnarkerson

    Tell me more about these womem

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  2. lilyaldrin

    Smart women spellcheck their sharts. Hahaha

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  3. hashtagdeep


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  4. Blissful Ignorance

    Is it done on purpose as a feminist thing about not wanting the word 'men' to appear in the word 'women' or is it an accidental typo? Either one is embarrassing.

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    • Hamburglar-goes-to-a-luau

      this shirt was probably printed and sewn in a sweatshop staffed by oppressed womem. *facepalm*

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  5. Hamburglar-goes-to-a-luau


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  6. Frequent Liar Miles


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  7. This gets funnier when you realize just how many steps this shirt took to get from idea to social media, even if's a crappy Cafe Press one.

    1. Create copy
    2. Align copy
    3. Press the little button that says "Are you sure this is exactly how you want it?"
    4. Get the product in.
    5. Check the product for manufacturer error.
    6. Put the product on.
    7. Ostensibly look in a mirror.
    8. Take a photo.
    9. Edit the photo for social media consumption.
    10. Post the photo.
    11. BONUS: Admit in the comments of the photo you've been wearing it for six months, and neither you, nor anyone at your gym, noticed the typo in all that time.

    Thank you, person from gym whose name grammatically makes no sense. It's been a dark week, and I really, really needed a laugh.

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  8. i love chili dogs

    Uh, is this the girl who admitted -- in the actual 21st century -- to having an epiphany wherein she realized that not all feminists burn their bras while in the throes of feverish man-hating?

    If so: typical. If not, she should take more care to ensure that fat lonely manhaters like me don't get an inaccurate impression.

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  9. lizardey

    Uplift. Not a verb.

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  10. aspencer27

    I don't know her, so I just checked out her about page on her blog... Um, she thought she was overweight in college?!?!?! Also, she calls herself HEATHY, happier, bear in bold text... Spellcheck is not her strong suit...

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    • Apologetically Feministy

      You deserve 1000 THIS!

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      • Apologetically Feministy

        A 1000... ops, hehe

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  11. Chalupa Warrior Part Deux

    Typo aside, the statement just reads wrong all the way around. The word uplift in there is just weird.

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    • I am womem, hear me rorr

      Y'alls haters. She probably has St. Virus' Dance/terrible childhood memories or a case of the Jimmy Legs and it's not her fault. Nothing is her fault.

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    • House of Disordered Priorities

      Uplift is the name of the gym, or something like that.

      Gym owner in comments: I'll get you a new one asap! Yeah, we had 10 or so of those misprints kicking around - oopsies!


      never enough nopetopuses...

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  12. Saint Dorothy Mantooth


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