Hey Natalie Jean Is Moving Back To Idaho


Hey Natalie Jean, has a loft in Brooklyn, is apparently leaving Brooklyn.

The Holbrooks are moving back to Moscow, Idaho.

In a totally believable statement she claims she is “giddy with excitement” right after opining that “Brooklyn I am not done with you!…Tub? Are you going to sit there and let this happen?” Natalie goes on to say she is “soooo getting chickens this time” and “a goat!!!!!!!”

Since about 95% of her online persona/identity is wrapped up in her omgbrooklynloft and being a Brooklyn hipster creative I look forward to seeing what persona she takes on after her move.

  1. Sponsoredcontent

    I don't think his career trajectory is THAT weird, other than the bazillion post-grad degrees before ever getting a job. People leave law firm life (and, I'm assuming, accounting firm life) at every rung along the way. Four years is solidly midlevel, it probably would have been great for him to stick it out to 5-7 for more experience and credibility but if corporate life isn't for you there's no point asking whether you'll make partner or whatever the equivalent is at E&Y. (Full disclosure, I'm coming up on year 8 and asking myself why I didn't GTFO already.) Moreover, many law profs start teaching (not tenure track) right after their JD with no work experience at all (I know tax law is a bit more complicated hence the LLM). Many schools have formal or informal visiting assistant professorship programs that give the new academic time to publish before competing for tenure track positions, so maybe he's doing something like that (I'm assuming he's not really published much, if at all). Point being, there's no one way to break into academia.

    That said, all the snarking in the world for the "professor's wife". She's going to have some trouble around the real professors' wives (some of whom may, gasp, be professors themselves!) if that's the identity she's going with.

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    • harpy

      Oh wow, the other professors' wives are going to think she's such an idiot.

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      • AlbieQuirky

        If he's teaching in the law school, the law school faculty is about half women. Imagine what they'll think of Hey Fat Rat.

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  2. TurkeyVulture

    Moscow?! She's not even going to move to Boise, which at least has microbreweries and hip brick buildings?

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    • a ham sandwich, is what

      Oh god no, please don't send her my way!

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      • Busted Coccyx Club


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        • TurkeyVulture

          Aww, are you guys in Boise? I was just there about a week ago. Wish I'd thought to look some hams up.

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      • sad flat pancake boobs


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  3. Judgey-Judgerson

    Wasn't it last summer she told the internets that he had a breakdown? So this move/career change may have been in the works for nearly a year.

    Which also kind of explains why he agreed to live in a f**king loft -- let her have a Mumspringa for a year before carting her across the country and knocking some sense into her.

    I'm excited Huck will finally have a f**king ROOM!!!

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    • Hamless MacBeth, Painted Whore, aged 65 years



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      I'm stealing that to name girls night out...Mumspringa!


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      • I really really want to believe I invented that word. Let me believe it.

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        • WE’RE ALL LAURA

          I will give you credit, while I'm stealing it.

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        • Your Tampa is Showing

          Thanks for linking back to that post so I could be reminded of Jenna's out on the town outfit. Much f**kable.

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  4. corgiparty

    This is exciting news because I live 8 miles from Moscow, ID. :|

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