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imogene + willie Founders Being Accused Of Fraud

imogene + willie, the selvedge denim darlings of the Nashville instagram hipster set, seems to be having some problems with their finances. Investors accuse the Eddmensons of using company money to “support a lavish lifestyle of personal indulgence” rather than “developing a wholesale business”.

In court papers, Celia Hughes, Imogene + Willie’s former chief financial officer, said the company’s accounting books contained many “red flags.”…She cited a $10,000 motorcycle, spa trips and home renovations such as a new bath, doors, furnishings and window treatments as examples of the Eddmensons’ mismanagement of company funds.

Matt Eddmenson’s personal instagram does feature a lot of motorcycles, so who knows. Anyway, apparently the latest financial statements show “61 percent of Imogene + Willie’s roughly $224,000 in bills are 90 days past due” and Robert Lamey and Paige Heid, the largest creditors of the company, are trying to force the company into chapter 11 bankruptcy  ”using an involuntary petition”.

So maybe pretty soon Jordana and Bleubird will have to find a new brand of status jeans run by a new hipster couple they can glom onto and instagram tag.

  1. oh, you



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  2. What in the ever-loving feck

    Even if they're not guilty of "mismanaging" their finances, I have no sympathy for people who try to sell me a plain white tee for $78.

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    • great but does it spark joy

      Well, honestly, how else are they supposed to pay for that $10,000 motorcycle?

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    • snarkaceratops

      $78?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Was it made out of the softest silk and cotton woven together by faeries, stitched by hand, and guaranteed to never, ever discolor, show stains or sweat, and live forever?!

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  3. Severus Snark

    I feel like this deserves so many Jim Halpert looks I can't decide on which one.

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  4. Apeeling Attire

    Well, when this is what your team meeting notes look like, total financial meltdown doesn't seem so farfetched....


    (note the summary of may p/l + balance -- it's just an up arrow, because arrows are hipster, and charts are hard.)

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    • i love chili dogs

      Much chalkboard, so twee.

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    • goopy

      No numbers. No charts. Much success.

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      • Apeeling Attire

        But radical creativity! and acceptance! and love!

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    • Jay Bee

      I might get hypothermia from all these douche chills.

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    • great but does it spark joy

      Oh, look, they're selling "love".

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    • Severus Snark

      Oh, well that changes everything.

      They vowed to provide the world with the empty feel-good phrases and misuse of the word radical it needs from them, and I think they've gone above and beyond the call of group navel-gazing to do so. Besides, I'm sure their investors will be happy to be paid in "raw/real" or "community" and "infinite".

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    • Toothpaste

      Love, community, acceptance. All things you can get by buying aspirational shit. What good little well trained consumers! They are a bit less radical than they think they are.

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  5. Shortcake

    Just looked at their website & they have a "vintage" (worn out) red bandana for $38. Huh. Ok then.

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    • Storm

      Putting a (wholesale) 49 cent bandana in a rock tumbler is haaaard!

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  6. Elegant Baby Turtle

    If it weren't for Bleubird's company being half run with one of the Watson twins, I'd almost expect her to be like "eau, you're not supposed to do that?"

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