April 1

Internet Enters New Era Of Kindness Thanks To Bloggers

The Internets Hug Council announced today that meanies on the intarwebs have been completely eradicated thanks to the work of super so brave bloggers.

“We are so thrilled that the internet is now restricted to nice people saying nice things,” said Careof Tynole. “People telling other people their content is not good is something that should have ended years ago!”

Susan Sponzorad says that for “far too long, people have been made to feel bad by the objective critiques of others” and claims the “new law will make it possible for people to produce endless mediocrity without fear of honest opinions opening their eyes to their lack of talent or skill”.

She then smiled and shouted “Oh glorious day!” before changing her blog’s default font to Comic Sans.

  1. Snark Infested Custard


    I always knew that bloggers would make the world a better place.

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  2. April ain't

    No fool.

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  3. You're not feministing hard enough

    I'd like to teach bloggers to write
    In perfect harmony
    With Pinterest-worthy baby showers
    Thousands of likes every hour
    And bathrooms free of babies. . .

    I'd like to teach the world to sing

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    • #hashtag

      I'd like to buy those bloggers a Coke, and keep them company....

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  4. cheezy fries

    It is a beautiful day on the internet.

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    • ativan annie

      a beautiful day...
      would you be mine, won't you be mine?
      won't you be my blogger?


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      • dogbreath

        Oh Ativan, I would be your blogger, but I don't blog...Oh MY....

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  5. internet justice

    Ahahahahahahaha. Love it!

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  6. Regina Phalange

    What a blessed, blessed day.

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  7. Lovey Howell

    "Careof Tynole" - LOLZ.

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  8. Korren

    HOTI. Yes.

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  9. crinklish

    The Comic Sans joke was the cherry on this delightful sundae.

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  10. Epic Shitjerk


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  11. Skip

    i fall for this every year until I read the comments. I kept thinking where the hell is the link to this idiot blogger? Lol.

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  12. hashtag


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  13. kaseinpoint

    Let me hand out the Good Vibes Only internet membership pin!

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