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Josi Denise Thinks Your Reaction Is Sexist

Josi Denise, apparently a former mommy blogger, posted some screed the other day basically telling everyone their mommy blog “sucks”.  She informed her former peers “nobody is reading your sh*t” and that they are “wasting” their money chasing blog fame. And it went on. And on.

She ranted at women for pretending to be happy…

Love my hubby, love my life, love my kiddos, love jesus, love cupcakes, love it all! No. You are not that happy in your every day life. Nobody buys it. And if they do, you’re just making them feel bad about themselves.

…and told mommy bloggers their reasons for blogging are “confused”…

I’m guessing you’re a bored housewife or working mom who has heard that blogging can earn you some extra cash. You like getting free products and feeling like you are a special snowflake. No. Just no.

…and called mommy bloggers sellouts with no soul who aren’t honest about product reviews…

You have no spine. If you are so scared about telling it like it is, and you rely that much on putting up a sunshine and daisy front for potential sponsorships, then what is the point? Go work for a company instead of yourself.

…and finally telling all of them to STAHP.

What hole are you trying to fill by calling yourself a blogger? Just quit. Quit now before you get burnt out and feel guilty. Quit before you realize you wasted years of your life writing bullshit about your kids’ childhood and your relationships instead of being actually involved.

Obviously this all went over like a bag of cheap conference swag with her former blog pals. The reactions ranged from blaming her outburst on hormones to blaming it on the jealousy of a blogger who only started in 2013 and thus has no idea wtf she is talking about. Josi turned this blowback into some kind of sexism issue instead of a ‘told a bunch of people stuff they don’t want to hear’ issue.

None of these things would have been said about a man, his personal life, his emotional stability, or his ability to parent. Not a single one…If women perpetuate this type of sexism amongst themselves, how do they not deserve it everywhere else it may inconvenience them?

So…yeah. Momma Bloggah Drama continues even though that genre has been pretty dead since about 2012. Shrug emoji here.

  1. oh, you


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  2. oh, you


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    • justwhelmed

      That GIF is mesmerizing.

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  3. oh, you

    And that FB post where she calls out the women, their blogs, and THEIR CHILDREN?


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    • D

      This is quite possibly the worst movie ever, but I continue to love it and watch it when it's on tv or amazon prime, etc. Meryl Streep is SO over the top, it's fantastic! I have no commentary on mommy blogger drama.

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      • I actually own She Devil on amazon video. Meryl Streep's transformation into a man hating intellectual at the end is fantastic.

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    • Yeah, it's so baffling why that didn't end in a big hug circle.

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  4. Trashosaurus

    SO BRAVE /s

    Her blog IS a friggen mommy blog, despite her desperate insistence that it isnt anymore.

    Somebody is just pissy that they have to hustle more with competition increasing. That's all.

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  5. Emma

    Jeeze, she has a LOT of feels about Mommy blogs. I got tired just scrolling down to the end of it.

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  6. I visited Morocco at Epcot


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  7. the french fry queen

    Ugh she is purposely trying to be controversial for clicks. No thanks. All set.

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  8. Nostradamus of Your Shame

    I kind of like her original blog post. I mommy blogged for a long time, starting in the olden days of 2007. I've definitely had all the feelings she discusses, but when I realized that's how I felt. . . I just stopped blogging. I didn't write a b***hy mommy blog post about how much I hated other mommy bloggers and if I had, I certainly wouldn't have defended myself by whining about the critiques were sexist. In yet another mommy blog post. This is not a disillusioned mommy blogger; this is a cynical b***h who started in 2013 and wants all the clicks.

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    • D

      I finally read it all and I agree. While I think what she wrote is essentially true, she's been around the mommy blog circuit for approximately a second. It sucks because her message is essentially legit, but it's coming from the wrong source.

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  9. napdynamite

    I don't know this blogger at all, so I may be missing context...but her post sort of captures a lot of what GOMIERS think/have said about mommy bloggers, right? I would have thought this post would get applause from this camp.

    But as I said, don't know her at all, and thought the message might be ok, coming from her it might not be.

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    • Cindy Mackenzie

      Her posts are TL;DR for me, but as I see it, she was quite vitriolic and is shocked--SHOCKED--when those she critiqued responded in kind. Judging by the fb exchange, it seems like a lot of women had reached out to offer her help in the past and are feeling particular stung. (Which I think is fair.)

      But it looks like she's getting exactly the attention she wanted, so good job?

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    • Little Broom On The Prairie

      I'd be on board--if she hadn't been doing exactly what she's accusing everyone else of doing. It just comes across like, "Well, damn. I'm not as successful as them, so, "Hey, b***hes, listen up.....yada, yada....ya bunch of fakes!" Also, she has a history of trying to GO VIRAL, so there's that. Just seems hypocritical.

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      • arbuz

        I don't know this blogger at all but as I understood it, she claims she actually had been quite successful as a mommy blogger and thus was in a better place to criticize than someone who hadn't been doing it. The logic being that she had done it well and quit by choice, rather than just being unsuccessful and coming from a place of jealousy.
        I have to say I agree with the premise but since I've never heard of this person I can't say if there was any truth to her claims of success.

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    • Dowager Countess of NOPE

      I don't know her either but this part I totally agree with:

      .....Quit before you realize you wasted years of your life writing bullshit about your kids’ childhood and your relationships instead of being actually involved.

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  10. Ladycoder Tantrums

    Didn't Dooce start this "blogging is over" crap a year or two again. Do any of these bloggers have an original thought in their collective head?

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  11. Spent a decade finding myself

    I really am that happy probably 95% of the time. Some people really do just love their kids, their husband, their life, and cupcakes. Of course, I don't have a blog, mainly because I don't think anyone gives a shit that I'm happy!happy!happy! All the goddamn time!

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  12. YoLymeDa

    Never heard of her.

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  13. epic thigh gap

    well... if you click over o her IG feed, it is very mommy blogger- nice I am confused- she isn't a Mommy booger ? She looks like one. Just because you don't have a cartoon version of yourself and coupon info does not mean you aren't a mommy blogger. Josie

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