Katie Is Sorry Your Son Is Dying So She Needs To Go Online Shopping

Katie Bower, of the crack house journeys for Jesus Bowers, is asking all of us to pray.

Guys. I know today is supposed to be about scoring amazing deals and shopping till you drop but my heart is so heavy for @savannat8 and her sweet family. If you don’t know her story, don’t go there now without a box of tissues. I have followed her little guys story from the day he was diagnosed and this week, I have cried so many times for her and I don’t even know them. I just simply can’t imagine. It has brought new perspective for me in quiet moments and I pray for them throughout the day.

She continues her touching plea:

I hope you join me and the hoards of mamas praying for this sweet family. Let’s pray for a miracle. Thanks y’all. And now to distract myself with discounted shopping  #mamasunite #prayers

That’s so moving and I…wait, what the hell? Did she really just tell a story about a baby dying and end it with “now to distract myself with discounted shopping”? She didn’t do that. OMG she did do that. No wait, first she made it about how much SHE was crying and how much SHE was praying. Then she hashtagged ‘mamasunite’, dabbed her eyes and blew her nose, and went do some online shopping to ‘distract’ herself.

Ok. Cool story, Katie.


  1. chiquitabonita

    She is the Donald Trump of bloggers. You can always count on her being zomg so Christian and yet so greedy and tacky. I am surprised she didnt try to post a liketoknowit link to that post.

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    • That was the first thing I thought! "What, no tagged companies or affiliate links?" I honestly expected that of her.

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    • Donald Trump of Bloggers

      Hence the best and most accurate username for this twat waffle.

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      • kitzykat

        She'd probably take that as a compliment...

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  2. KH

    She couldn't even muster a paragraph break?!

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  3. Cindy Mackenzie

    She is such an idiot. I actually do think she means well here, she just has zero sense of tact.

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    • D

      I agree. I know I'm about to get "noped" to death, but this doesn't bother me at all. No affiliate linking, one sentence at the end. Meh. It could be because my BF, who's been trying to have a baby for 5 years just found out her pregnancy ended at her appointment Wednesday, then had to have a D&C friday (black friday, indeed), and all we've been talking about are distractions. Mainly in the form of Gilmore Girls and terrible in-laws, but distractions nonetheless.

      I get the need for mindless shit when your world, or someone close to you's world is falling apart. This would all be different if she'd tried to profit from the post.

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      • toaster combo

        I think everyone has to find distractions from depressing or distressing things in their lives. The difference is that they don't write about those distractions two sentences from describing a tragedy.

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        • D

          They don't write about it publicly. At least non famewh*res don't. But I've found the dark humor/distraction talk is always there among those experiencing the tragedy or close to it.

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      • kittyhow

        The difference (well, one difference) is that you're talking about your best friend's tragedy...someone you love and you're trying to help through a dark time. Katie is talking about someone she doesn't even know.

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        • D

          I get that. And in general I do think writing about someone else's tragedy when you don't know them is ill-advised. But, I guess after dead grandma instagram (last front page post) this just didn't seem too terrible to me. But I see where most of you guys are coming from:)

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      • Cindy Mackenzie

        Well, my point wasn't that it doesn't bother me. Good intentions do not erase ill effects. She should know better than to say something like this, but she doesn't, because she's a dope and she seems to have no desire to improve herself.

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    • trashbreakfast

      I kind of agree. But she's lacking self awareness which I don't think is tied to intelligence. There's gotta be some brain cell that says, hmm, maybe including the pending death of a child right next to mindless shopping is NOT okay.

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  4. My Tie Sux

    Yet another insensitive prick. Way to go.

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  5. NotMyJam2

    I am just surprised she didn't include a like it to know link to her jacket iin the post too (you knnow an oldnavy jacket from 7 years ago but here this link is a $500 'similar' one).

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    • NotMyJam2

      sorry for the type-os. I wish I could blame wine.

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  6. dr whom

    She belongs on the front page here daily.
    She is also living proof that life is SO not fair-she's making bank and a half on the idiotic posts that she half-asses most days, while that poor family and their child/children suffer. Maybe she should organize a GoFundMe or whatever for those people and kick it off with that $$$$ she would be spending "distracting" herself?
    UGH. So much side eye for her brand of redneck asshole.

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  7. Britt


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  8. i love chili dogs

    Oh, my god. A dying toddler. No words except I hope hid transition is peaceful.

    f**k this lady for trying to make his story her own.

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    • Snarknado

      In case some people don't know, that sweet boy is a triplet. And he's dying. Katie is horrible to post about it in the same breath as posting about going shopping. Have some f**king respect.

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      • suethenapkin

        And he is dying of the brain tumor he was diagnosed with at the beginning of this year, which they thought was gone until last week. It is pure horror, that poor, poor family. It is the worst thing you could imagine.

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  9. Billsburg

    It if wasn't such a scary and depressing thought, it might be interesting to guess how low these moronic bloggers are going to go to get more viewers. And boy, the internet is just becoming one big old nasty swamp filled with all sorts of horrible creatures.

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    • The Crystallized Tears of Mrs. Butterworth


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  10. Severus Snark

    I hope the family doesn't come across that.

    If my child were in that situation and some b***h tweeted about shopping because our posts gave her a sad, I'd want to burn the world to the ground starting with her.

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  11. crispenclean

    A few of her commenters did give her serious side-eye:

    shewritesright...Did you just say you're going to distract yourself with discounted shopping?

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  12. plum rediculous

    I realize that it takes some degree of self absoredness to do what these bloggers do but FFS they really have no filter or tact.

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  13. Little Broom On The Prairie

    I'm sure it made that hurting family feel so comforted to be reminded that, while their world is falling apart, others have the emotional luxury of discount shopping to "distract" themselves from having to think of the horror they're facing.

    My heart hurts for this precious little boy and his family. :(

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    • Ja'Crispy

      Exactly! Ok, so YOU need distracting from someone else's nightmare? How hard this must be on you. Not to mention the picture she posted of her and her two healthy kids. Can't a blogger have a feeling or thought without having to put it on social media??

      No. The answer is no.

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