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Kelle Hampton’s Bathtub Baby Pic Freaks Out Instagrammers

Kelle Hampton, puts her kids on the internet, recently put her naked kid on the internet. The picture of her toddler eating ice cream in the bathtub was posted by Kelle on her instagram account starting Mommy Wars 5: Stop Feeding The p**os.

When people started suggesting it might not be the best idea to post a full frontal unclothed bath pic of her daughter to her very popular internet picture bank, they were slapped down with the usual responses of “don’t like it, unfollow” and “if you can’t say something nice…”. Others were called sick or filthy minded for asking how Kelle would feel if a p**ophile downloaded the image, while others simply asked about Nella’s right to not have her naked body all over the internet and were told, in a nutshell, that Nella’s body is the property of her mother to with as she sees best and fit.

The debate seems to be raging strong still, and it appears Kelle Hampton doesn’t see anything wrong with what she posted since the image remains online and public. Clearly internet mommies don’t think anything bad can ever happen with their internet pictures and if you say otherwise you’re just sick or jealous. Maybe these women should watch more Law & Order: SVU.

  1. Internetinator

    Hey people, I'm sorry to post this here because it's irrelevant to this post... I would post it in the technical section in the forums but, it's about a technical issue that is about just that. Ha.

    Whenever I click to reply to a post, or to post a new comment in a thread, nothing happens, and in that little bar thing at the bottom of the browser (I'm using Chrome, but this is happening in IE as well) it says javascript:void.

    BUT, I checked, and javascript is enabled for all websites. I restarted my computer too.

    So in conclusion.... ooooooooo eeee! What's up with that?


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    • foursix

      It's happening in Safari, too.

      How will the internet survive without my immediate valuable contribution to the gomi forums?!

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    • planet claire

      I've been registered since June and have never been able to post. (sad face)

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    • boombalatty

      I can see forum thread titles and see that other people seem to be posting, and I think I can even post, but I can't see the posts. I can go into a thread and see the block on the left side with peoples' avatars, titles, etc. but the post area is blank. This is as of yesterday afternoon some time. :(

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      • xxstephaniexx

        Same here. Granted, I'm in the stone-age IE8 because we can't upgrade at my office for fear of the work programs freaking out, but yes, this has been happening since yesterday. And I really want to read the snark about FIAIClare's "Giveaway with a purchase"! =)

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        • Lady Snarksalot

          This was happening to me this morning when I was using Explorer. I tried it in Chrome instead and it's perfect.

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  2. planet claire

    Amazingly enough, that one published. In the forums though, nada.

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  3. katbutt

    For those saying CP, intentional or unintentional, is a victimless crime - the NYT just published a piece about how victims are haunted forever by what has happened to them.

    There is nothing cute about Kelle's behavior. She should be ashamed she is allowing her child to be victimized. There's no doubt that a bunch of sickos have already saved and distributed this image, even though it's now been deleted from IG.

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    • seriously5

      And lets not forget about her little follower friends that have done the same with their kids....Heidiwish! #momsthatpimptheirkidsunite

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      • Coach Clodhoppers

        I was beyond disgusted when Claire Bidwell Smith posted a picture of her daughter's bare ass the next morning "in solidarity with @etst." Yes, please do expose your young child in support of KELLE HAMPTON. I was so disappointed. Liked her book, liked her IG feed, and she turned out to be a complete idiot. I unfollowed right away.

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      • stay away from Naples!

        Heidi Darwish---Kelle's clone. Google her and she is also easy to find. Scary since she also advertises her kids all over the place. Momastery is another zero. Glennon Melton. Also lives in Naples as do Kelle and Heidi. What is it about that place?

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  4. Nicki

    Story in this week's NYT mag about how victims of child corn can sue the people who post their pix. Does this mean the daughter can sue her mom?

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    • nom nom nom

      I just ran over here to post this as well. I haven't even read it yet but I suspect it should be required reading for mommy bloggers.

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    • KH sux

      Let's hope so. I'm hoping the daughters start their own blog when they get older posting pics of KH in jail due to CP charges,

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    • seriously5

      I love the title...."The price of a stolen childhood"

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  5. NTinn

    So I have to comment on this, and I can't help but chuckling as I do. I am a Kelle Hampton reader. Not a "rabid fan girl" or a "glitter unicorn shitter", I like the pictures. I also like how her blog is pretty positive for the most parts, and the down days, I just kind of skip over.

    With that being said, I'm not a mommy yet, but an expectant-to-adopt-almost-mommy and there are times that I have had the gut wrenching feeling from her blog that I would never amount to anything because I don't have the time or talent to do half the things that her kids get. You can hate all you want, but if I were 5, 15, or even 55 I'd LOVE to go to her Christmas party. So I googled to see if there were any one else who felt as inferior, that's how I discovered this site. Again, I kept reading because y'all's hating is addictive.

    It wasn't until this controversy over this picture that I realized how absurd some of you guys are. Take a step back and reread some of the weirdness that some of you have put, and I just have to point this out because it's like eating at the part of my brain that won't let me continue to function until I say it outloud, er type it.

    This isn't necessarily about this picture, but the fact that most of you hate on her for oversharing. And most of you prove your own points about how much information is overshared. You guys know her address. You follow her dad and HER friends on Instagram, Facebook, and blogs. They aren't your friends, because you guys don't know these people, but yet you KNOW them. You know their names, their legal woes, and most of families woes. You know HER family dysfunctions, and her husband's ex-wife's issues.

    I've read that blog for years, yes I guess I could have found her address, but I didn't because I guess I'm just a weirdo. I only knew her husband's name because she put it on there. I never knew her friends had blogs. I never knew her best friend's husband has a lawyer who isn't giving him the best representation. I learned that HERE. She didn't overshare that, y'all put it on blast.

    Explain to me how that's not weird. It's weird she overshared it, but to me it's weirder that you guys googled that deep.

    I'm a catty hefer too, by nature, but damn. Y'all take it to a whole new level.

    I'm an admitted narcissist; I have all the same things that everyone else does that no one else should really care about. I have Instagram, Facebook and a blog ( [please feel free to come hate on me too!]. I don't expect everything to be totally private but I do try not to use people's real names and things like that. So I do see the point of the anger over the overshare. But really? That's a lot of googling people.

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    • dram

      I personally just think you're a loser for liking her blog and pictures. How many pictures can you look at of her kids close up or of Hampton's feet? Why don't "YA'll" go back to drinking the Kelle Kool Aide. It's suckers like you that she wants to make money off of and she's succeeding.

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      • NTinn

        True... true. I am a loser.

        I'm a loser for not googling random strangers. I'm going to go head back to my loser life away from google. Y'all keep it classy.

        stay away from Naples! -

        at 01/24/13 at 17:00

        Heidi Darwish—Kelle’s clone. Google her and she is also easy to find. Scary since she also advertises her kids all over the place. Momastery is another zero. Glennon Melton. Also lives in Naples as do Kelle and Heidi. What is it about that place?


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    • Coach Clodhoppers

      Nothing I know about her, except her address, came from Google. And the address came from Googling about her book deal. Everything I know about Kelle Hampton is from HER blog, HER Instagram, HER writing.

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    • Candle Abre

      If you think this is crazy, you should see how wildly obsessive the women in the Mamapundit forum are. They spend 80% of their lives on the Wayback Machine frantically following leads down dead ends, looking for even more gossip on Katie and Chris Granju's divorce. And that was like 10 years ago now.

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    • twunt

      "Hefer" is actually spelled "heifer," please get it right when you refer to yourself as a cow. Thanks! So sorry not sorry!

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    • okayinmoderation

      Ha ha. So basically the post of your post is, "You're all losers, but please come give traffic to my blog!"

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  6. twisted pearls

    This reminded me of something a long time ago. Some dad had a blog which resulted in maybe the earliest blog to book deal I remember. His newborn daughter had one of those catastrophic blowouts and he took a picture of her completely naked and covered in shit as soon as he stripped off her diaper. I lost track of him. Hope he didn't put that picture in the book.

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  7. emmie

    Hi guys, wow this is all fascinating! I've been reading Kelle for a year or so and have been looking more critically at her lately. I give her props for being proud of being a mum (which I think society could do with) & trying to see the big picture in the grind of daily life, in my case, as a part time worker with a 1 & 3 year old. I do 99% care for due to my husbands work commitments. So I have had some positive feelings about her blog in the past however here are my random thoughts now:
    *I think brett is doing all the actual parenting while she does all the appearance of parenting. That's totally fine but I wish she'd occasionally acknowledge his contribution instead of allowing all the snide brett doesn't work stuff.. No way she's doing it all. She's having fun and somebody is doing the grunt work. I'm amazed all the mommies who read her blog who look after small children think she's some kind of superwoman doing it all? I fully respect Brett's role (if that's what it is). nobody plies small children with ice-cream and takes them out all hours past bedtime to return to try to get over tired hyped up kids into bed by themselves. I imagine they get handed over at the door? tear stained and sticky fingered.
    * she appears to be writing or at least reacting to GOMI in her blog. mistake.
    *the nude stuff was just terrible. Arrogant.
    * Heidi must be EXHAUSTED. It's very draining being the bff of a narcissist (if she is) although people like that tend to go through friends like water. Feel less sorry for Heidi after seeing her glorious $120 anthropologie curtains.
    *I think if she's gone to the snow as an attention seeking victim i'm being persecuted on instagram kind of tantrum I think she's going to lose alot of readers.
    *poppa really did a number on those kids. You'd think somebody with his history would ease off the lecturing soapbox.
    * her writing is awful. I didn't read the book but I pity the editor, if anybody actually did their job and edited her.

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    • Lindsay

      Honest question here, as I'm a recent new mother, but what do you mean by "proud to be a mother" with regard to society needing more of that?

      I love my son and I'm sure I'll be proud of his accomplishments as he gets older (right now, his biggest accomplishment is keeping all of the poop in his diaper), but I'm not proud to be a mother (not even after a 5 year battle with infertility). Billions of people have reproduced, being a mother is a common thing.

      I think society needs LESS of people who are proud to be mommies -- people like Kelle who expect the entire world to congratulate them for shitting out some "littles" and who completely lose their identity in the process. I think being proud to be a mommy encourages narcissistic navel gazing, exploitation of those precious 'littles', and is detrimental to a marriage.

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      • Lady Snarksalot

        We are having this EXACT discussion on the KH thread at the moment. Come join!

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        • Cankles

          I replied over there as Cankles -- overdosed on Franzia and forgot password. Yum!

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      • Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

        And this, dear Lindsay, is why you 'get' a place like GOMI. It's not about hating anyone.
        Self-absorbed, precious-snowflakes have existed since the beginning of time but now with the internet? A whole new world has opened up and these people would be like this anyway - I'm sure you remember 'that mom' or 'that family' growing up except the only audience was some small-town-anywhere-anyplace. Now when these people don't get the adoration or accolades they feel they deserve, they take to blogging and facebooking. Humble-bragging and documenting every single second of their lives filtered through instagram or camera settings. The thing is, not everyone thinks these people are more special for doing the same damn things a gazillion other people all over the world have been doing since forever. But, if someone says, "Hey... ha' know, I have kids too and I bake cakes and have holidays and do laundry... so can you point out what exactly makes YOU better/special/more worthy than any other person? Did you ever think there are women and men and families who deal with more 'life' in 2 hours than you or I do in a week?", you're labeled a hater and loser and valid criticism or discussion is only because haters-be-hatin'.
        TL;DR = Yeah, people are asshats and have been since the beginning of time. The internet just gives them a forever spotlight.

        Also- I can't post in the forums, wah! I'm registered but don't remember my password and apparently, I don't remember what email I used to recover it either. Help.

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      • emmie

        Hi thre Lindsay, I'm a mum too, I just mean I was tending to get down about the sheer hard work involved and the mormon mommy blogs for example helped me to reframe a little bit and see this time as fleeting. Although I do see them for what they are. Does that make sense? Re: society I guess I just mean mums work is undervalued (eg. in Australia where I am from) and I don't mean the fake glorification a la kelle, I mean the real, unpaid work of being a mum and as you say, recognition that 'mummies' don't lose their identities. Society certainly needs less narcissists I agree :) We have lots of rubbish articles here about yummy mummies & obsession over how fast some bizarro celebrity loses 'baby weight'. THe public discourse reduces women to that... Any of that make sense?!

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    • ADS2010

      Emmie, giving you applause for your bullet points. Brav-O.

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  8. meg

    This comment off a blog post about Hampton really answers so much about why Kelle Hampton has major issues. The question what point will she implode and the glitter bubble burst?

    [content redacted by request]

    I am so glad I found you! I love your wit & writing. I truly thought I was the only one out there saying: “For the love of God, WHY & HOW are you people buying into this crap?” I have to go now! I shall go into hiding under the cover of night, as I fear the Loonies have already picked up my scent…some random white van will be pulling into my driveway any minute now.

    God love her and her wonky little eye….

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    • nmfs9811

      The fact that Very Anonymous knows and distributes that garbage to the masses is disgusting. It's one thing to form an opinion based off of the tons of information Kelle chooses to put out there for the world to see and read. It's completely f**ked up when some jerk starts putting family biz out there to muddy up her gig though. Even if her gig is highly criticized by everyone. The breakdown of family relationships, not at the hand of Kelle, is no one's business. I don't need to be a fan to know that. What an ass.

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  9. Jesse

    I'm sure she's giving the kid a bath with perfectly done hair and make-up in a long sleeved sweater. What a joke. No doubt the husband does the grunt work and she told Brett to get out of the shot so she could get a posed picture of herself pretending to bathe the kid. She is so utterly fake. How stupid must her minions be to follow this egomaniac!

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  10. Normal Probability Distribution

    You actually make it seem really easy with your presentation however I to find this matter to be actually something that I feel I'd by no means understand. It seems too complicated and extremely large for me. I am taking a look ahead for your subsequent publish, I will attempt to get the hang of it!

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  11. Hampton already advertising the infant

    I realize this is an older GOMI post but I truly wanted to vomit
    when I came across KH dragging her three week old infant on a plane, to NYC and into this situation full of the most
    self absorbed mommies on the planet, that crosses the line. This woman will let nothing stop her from ho'ing herself
    and her kids out anywhere and everywhere. I'm surprised she didn't just deliver on the plane to save time in order to get her
    mug back on the internet asap. I'm sure exposing an infant of this age to the germs on a plane and all over NYC
    (and she made sure to drag the kid to multiple places according to her own blog) was just great for an infant of this age.

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    Surely quite a few kids ought to be able to demand some back earnings from Mommy's $$$$$ blog. How many mommy bloggers are saving a percentage of their earnings for their kids' futures?

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  13. hmm

    I think that's reactionary, what would the legal cause of action for that be?
    I totally don't think it's okay to put naked photos of your child online (but then I also wouldn't put naked photos of myself online).
    But seriously while people might not like the whole blogbaby deal I do think that it's just going to be something that we have to wait and see about. I feel that it's going to be a non-issue to most of these kids when I look at how much teenagers freely share online about themselves now, it's just going to be a different kind of normal for the most part.

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  14. TurkeyVulture

    I can't wait!

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  15. Willy Onecat

    This is neatly put and exactly right. I wish Kelle would climb off her unicorn cloud and see the truth in statements like this and the hundreds of comments she's deleted.

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  16. Nope

    EXACTLY. The children have no say.

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  17. eeee

    I guess I should too, because "sick people doing things to pictures of kids – no matter what circumstances those pictures were obtained under" makes no sense to me. Sick people doing things to KIDS, yes, total sense. Sick people doing things to pictures that were taken during the course of, or for the purpose of, abuse, yes, completely. But if I take a picture of Jimmy visiting Santa at the mall or Joanie's first ballet recital - I just don't have it in me to worry that someone, somewhere might do something gross with those pictures, or to call that photo "abuse" simply because Weirdo Wally might like it a little too much. Granted, that type of photo is not the topic of this post, which is why I said in the first place that it was probably off-topic, but even if we include bathtub/pool/etc photos, it still doesn't make sense to me to worry about that.

    In any event it seems I'm in the minority and most people do worry about what happens in other people's minds, regardless.

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  18. anon

    From age 3 to 8 my stepfather sexually abused me. He often took photos and videos of the abuse. This was long before the digital cameras and the internet existed.

    Last year a detective from Minneapolis contacted me. They arrested a man that was caught in an internet sting for child corn. Through a long convoluted story they tracked me down because this man had pictures and videos of my abuse. Apparently, my stepfather shared the pictures and videos. The sickos kept them and uploaded to the internet after many years.

    I know that this is completely irrational but I pray every single day for wrinkles on my face. I'm terrified someone is going to recognize me from those photos and videos. I want to look completely than when I was a kid.

    The detective made it clear to me that this guy they caught had thousands of photos. Most were innocent pictures of kids that he picked off the internet.

    Can you imagine detectives tracking down Nella when she's 44 to tell her that her pictures were on a child molester's computer because he liked looking at child corn?

    Please consider what I've written here.

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  19. Unicorn Farts

    I am so very sorry about that Anon, and I appreciate the fact that you came here and made a point that must have been painful for you to do.

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  20. Expat A.Broad

    Peace to you anon. You are an amazing person to have survived and come out the other side.

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  21. Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

    Thank you anon. Your story is exactly what is frightening and as PP stated in an earlier comment, you were victimized all over again. You've also cemented my stance of just respecting my kids' privacy and not posting info, pictures or anything no matter how 'innocent or precious' they may be.

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  22. Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

    @ eee, reread your last line.
    "In any event it seems I’m in the minority and most people do worry about what happens in other people’s minds, regardless"
    With the greatest of respect, the point is it's not what goes on in other people's MINDS we need to worry about, it's what goes on WITH the pictures. Images and distortions can be passed from here to anywhere with a clck of a button. It's just not worth it

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  23. eeee

    To Anon:
    I said above I was going to "peace out of this conversation" and I am, but I don't want you to feel that your comment didn't reach its intended audience. I agree wholeheartedly with the others who have expressed their horror that you suffered through this, and their admiration of your willingness to persevere & ultimately triumph over what your monstrous stepfather did. (Please tell me he's in jail.)

    Where I see a distinction is that the photos and videos you have to suffer with were taken DURING and FOR THE PURPOSES OF abuse. I think anyone who had to repeatedly face photos taken under those circumstances, anyone had to know that they were out there as permanent testaments to the darkest moments of their life, and did NOT relive at least a little bit of the terror of the moments during which they were created, might not have their soul intact. But that's a completely different scenario from what I was referring to.

    The type of thing I was talking about, and the reason why I specifically stated it might be a bit off-topic, was the notion (as I've seen/heard from my mother and others) that posting ANY random, clothed or unclothed, photo of your child online is - to borrow a phrase from another commentor here - handing a p**ophile a picture of your kid on a silver platter for him to wank over. This was pretty much my mother's opinion when I posted a photo of my son, fully clothed (little bow-tie and everything), photo showing from elbows up, online - that "now every pervert in the world will be looking at that picture and thinking nasty thoughts."

    I've stated my opinion of that line of thinking here already so I won't subject you to it again; but FWIW I hope you understand that there is in my mind a clear and raging distance between "random photos of a kid" and "photos/videos of a child being abused or taken for the purposes of sexual exploitation," and the latter is NEVER, CAN never, be acceptable or shrug-off-able.

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  24. Mrs Gee Effing Whiz

    ^^^^^This is all one needs to know about why you should not put questionable pictures of your child online. Period.

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  25. berfbarf

    I think someone above stated that there is a difference between posting full-frontal nudity of your children and random life-event pictures. I would not fault a parent and do not really think twice about posting pictures of my two at their band concerts or a school event. If someone thinks that a picture of my 13-year-old son in his all-wool, yucky yellow-colored, military-style band uniform is wank-worthy, then I can't help him/her there.

    On the other hand, my 11-year-old daughter is developing very early. I took pictures of her at her dance recital last spring. I posted some, but some I absolutely did not because her developing body was put on display, as it were. I'm not going to invite someone somewhere to ogle her.

    There 's a distinct difference about what you're saying and what the prevailing thought in these comments are saying.

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  26. TurkeyVulture

    I get what you've been saying since your first post, eeee, and I agree with the points you're making. I think it's atrocious that parents don't consider the permanence of the internet, and the fact that their toddler will one day be an older child and then an adult, who will be subject to 1) teasing and other forms of humiliation by peers and 2) losing out on potential opportunities in life based on what embarrassing shit might be dredged up from old internet posts.

    I, too, am infuriated by the thought of people taking pictures of children in abusive situations. I get what you're saying about the difference there, too.

    I also completely get your point about how weirdos are everywhere, and potentially involving our children in their fantasies no matter what innocent context they may see kids in.

    You are making total sense to me. I just wanted to say that, since I think nobody else is willing to admit that you have made some good points.

    PEACE, HAMb***hES.

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  27. worried RBD fan

    i think the issue is that it was sent to an email they no longer have access to. can you try emailing the info to thanks for taking the time to respond. i appreciate any help you're able to offer

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  28. worried RBD fan

    thx for the update

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  29. Lady Snarksalot

    The difference is that the teenagers themselves are choosing to freely share details about their own lives, as you said. The children of these bloggers are not. It is being done for them.

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  30. Crazy cane-throwing hag

    If I was in law school right now, I'd be planning to contact these blogbabies after I'd established my career. Easier than chasing ambulances.

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  31. mccurdy

    My mom was a huge blabbermouth when I was a kid. Not in a mean way, but in a way that perfectly illustrated how self-centered she was and how she had no filter. She would talk about me and my siblings ALL THE TIME with no regard for how we felt about the information she shared. So I would go to bakery to pick something up and the guy behind the counter would say "Oh I hear you got an award for XYZ. Good for you!" Or the lady at the dentist's office would say "I saw your mom last week, she told me you're going to the prom. How exciting!" Or the teacher at my school who was also friends with my mom would mention something to me that wasn't school related at all, because she heard about it from my mother. Anyway, I HATED THIS. I felt so exposed and violated, like I had no privacy, and no control over the details of my own (pathetic) adolescent life. Because of this I rarely share anything with my mom all these years later because she still tells people everything with no regard for how I feel about it. It's a legitimate problem in my family to this day. And this all stems from my mom talking to specific individuals in real life -- NOT due to her posting it to the masses on the internet (thank god the internet wasn't invented when I was young. THANK GOD). I can only image how Kelle's kids, and the kids of all bloggers are going to feel. Sure they might have some well-lit photos of themselves as children to admire someday, but what they won't have is a sense of safety and boundaries in their own home. Sad.

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  32. hmm

    I think those cases are generally difficult to win (most settle) but it will be incredibly interesting to see if it does crop up (I have the feeling it only will in those that go on to be performers of some kind or others who want to protect their image for professional reasons).
    I think the line is tricky because pooping yourself is part of the human experience and while it's an over share I'll be interested to see if all this over sharing makes people a little less uptight about shit that everyone does.
    I think there's a difference between being open and an exhibitionist and there's a spectrum out there, openness can be helpful to people out there looking to feel less alone in their experience it has been for me.
    I just want to clearly state in no way do I approve of the picture being discussed here especially given Nella may never pass the Gillick Competency standard so can't possibly give permission now or in the future. But I do think that there's a tendency to be knee jerk and forget that this is a relatively new frontier for human behaviour and people are feeling their way through, there will be terrible mistakes with that but it doesn't mean we should throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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  33. Rachel

    Are we sisters? Because I had/have an over-sharing mom like that too. We get along fine and all, but there are MANY things I wish I'd've kept my mouth shut about...The worst was asking for some advice after the first time I'd had sex, and then finding out a month or so later, she'd been telling my aunts and other family friends all about it. Really, Mom? And it ended up being an even more humiliating experience beyond that anyway. Thank the GODS she didn't have a blog back then! But because of that, I am far more conscious about the pictures of my son I post online or share online. I know I'm going to do plenty of other stuff that will embarrass him as he gets older--I don't need to put it on the internets for the world to see!

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  34. HillbillyPrincess

    Yeah so...because we are poor, my son's private college gave us a whacking great financial aid package. Not a scholarship. My mother goes on her FB page and announces that her grandson was the recipient of a "$30K/ year scholarship! I'm a proud Oma!"

    Hate that shit. I'm not even on FB myself. Why Kelle thinks its all good to showcase her disabled child's genitalia on the www for the delictation of one and all, I have no idea. IMO she needs to be charged under the child cornography statutes. Just because its her kid doesn't make it ok. And her merry witless band of followers? Accomplices.

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  35. fatmaninalittlecooat

    I miss RBD! These mommy bloggers are not cutting it entertainment wise :(

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  36. Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

    They're back up now.

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  37. linda

    Sorry. She posts a picture of her naked sleeping toddler in a very vulnerable position.

    The blog is seriously weird. They are nomadic travellers, ex-religious fundamentalists. They had 5 children. Last June the husband jumped off a bridge with the youngest baby. The baby drowned and the husband's in custody. She continues blogging and travelling, writing things like how hard it is to adjust to single parent hood, because 'david and i parented so seamlessly' (right, only him killing one of your children isn't really very seamless).

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  38. Wait...What???

    WOW. That is really......gross!

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  39. BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am A Robot.

    I saw only one nude photo of a child...but I was more compelled by this woman and the path she's chosen. She is the Australian hippie. She's uprooted the family...made them totally nomadic and is giving them life adventures. The tragic story of her son is very upsetting and it's a grief that takes much of the "hip" out of "hippie" and she seems to be aware of that now. Yet she continues her journey and her children are at the rag-a-muffin age where everything probably seems like a magical adventure even though she carries with her a profound sadness (have you seen Beasts of the Southern Wild?). Can't seem to find it in me to judge. I wish her the best. God rest the soul of her sweet little boy.

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  40. LadySybil

    Holy shit. I am totally sucked in.

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  41. Sister Friend

    Her husband jumped with the baby? WHAT THE WHAT NOW? I read her section on her son, and it says they fell. It wasn't an accident?

    I was already inclined to give her a pass on the snark, mostly because I don't want to judge a woman who had "the most loved baby boy in the whole world' inscribed on his grave. That level of heartbreak deserves some kindness. But now, reading what you said about the husband? I kind of want to give her hippy self a hug and a hundred dollar bill and wish her well.

    Ugh: I just googled, and now I wish I hadn't. I was assuming he was walking on a footbridge without a real railing and slipped and fell, but this is just horrible. This woman has a total pass from me - whatever it takes for her to get out of bed every day and parent their other 4 kids is fine by me.

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  42. linda

    I was being a bit snarky. WHile the naked photo is a worry, her photography is beautiful and her prose is pretty inoffensive. She writes without self-aggrandisement and without commercial intent. I particularly like the posts about parking the van in a rough inner-city area of sydney and the stories of the struggling people they made friends with. She has a great social conscience.

    I wish her well but fear for the family. As a psychologist, I see signs of PTSD, PND, dissociation. The blogger also seems to have slightly delusional religious beliefs, and some big issues stemming from her boarding-school upbringing. Clearly the family was not functioning well prior to the tragedy; the constant travelling was either a cause which exacerbated the dysfunction, or a symptom of the dysfunction. I know ALL our families have issues; it's just kind of distressing to see them on public display like that, and yet glossed over at the same time.

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  43. BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am A Robot.

    I only read her thoughts after the death of her son (and only just some at that) and just felt the need to give her a pass. But as a psychologist I'm sure you have better sense of these things and I'm not doubting you at all. It just sucks when kids die.

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  44. MEP

    Dude, I am having a REAL hard time with all the pictures of her son after he's dead. I don't even know what to think or say about that. I'm interested to hear what a psychologist thinks of that.

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  45. linda

    MEP, Re the pictures of her dead son. The details and the writing are overwhelming,but the phenomenon of taking photos is not unusual.
    I know a nurse who works in a maternity ward and is an amateur photographer, who has assisted families of still born babies to take memorial photographs. The parents dress the child, hold it, say goodbye. It's a solemn ceremony that seems to help the grieving process. I guess until you're in that process you can't imagine what will help. It isn't new either. In the early days of photography (when infant mortality was awfully high) people took photos of the dead child, lying in a crib or being held.
    The part I just dont understand is putting it out there for the world to see on a blog, but each to their own ....

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  46. whydoireadthisshit?

    Yeah, me too.

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  47. I think that's healthy!

    Same here. It's so sad.

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  48. linda

    Glad it's not just me. I couldn't stop reading.
    I must say her husband sounded like an arsehat from the start.

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  49. Respect privacy and lies OH MY

    I always thought he was a little *different*. She seems so much happier now, I really like how she lives her life. I can't imagine having to go through what she's gone through.

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  50. Snarking The Night Away

    I had thought the same - that the father and the baby were traversing a rickety old bridge, a la Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, that the father lost his footing, slipped and both he and the baby accidentally fell into the water.

    Then, I saw the pictures she posted of her and the girls at the bridge and realized there was no possible way that could have happened on accident.

    He will (is?) be charged with his son's murder. I don't know how much Rainbow Family forgiveness one could possess in order to ever be okay with what transpired.

    I'm curious as to the signs that others saw that he was an arsehat, previous to what he did. Where there signs via her blog? Well, besides the fact that I have no idea what these people do to support their large family, how they cram themselves into a passenger bus and how it's even legal for a family to live in a shed.

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  51. Mean reds

    It works! thank god I can now check the site at work. And I haven't complained!

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  52. twisted pearls

    Bet you're working over the Hamking with a whip right now.

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  53. twisted pearls

    Totes joking , btw. I LOVE GOMI.

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  54. nmfs9811

    Thank you, Gods of GOMI!

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  55. Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

    Thanks PP - I click on the email link but for me it says 'client isn't properly installed' or something. Can you link it here? Thanks!!!!

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