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Laci Will Instagram Her Son Getting His Drank On

Laci Urcioli, self-anointed mother of the year, apparently spent her Saturday night instagramming her young son enjoying a glass of wine.


Afterwards, she posted a video of him apparently slurring and glassy eyed while a delighted follower lol’d about her son being “wasted”.

  1. MrsSneakers

    I hate everyone.

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  2. random commenter

    What in the world.....

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    • New Colorways!

      Stop the world. I want to get off.

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  3. Letitsnow

    In my field of work, I happen to read a lot of criminal background reports and it's so sad the number of people who did drugs and got drunk with their parents from an early age. My grandmother gave my dad alcohol from when he was little and I believe it helped contribute to his alcoholism which then was related to him his death in his early 60s. This is no joke and it's so depressing and d disturbing.

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    • Nitschketrap Queen

      It's really sad bc so many stories in AA begin with "it all started when I was 8 years old and was given my first drink by a family member". It's not cute. This lady needs to be reported.

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      • Pineapple McCrazy Eyes

        I can't believe people are nope-ing this.

        I just finished reading Sarah Hepola's "Blackout" which touches on this point. Very good book, BTW, especially for anyone who has struggled with their drinking.

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    • Sucks to your Assmar

      I know exactly what you're talking about. I have a pretty unhealthy relationship/view of what's normal with alcohol because of my family environment. This is just so sad. And that video one of the comments is somebody laughing at how wasted he is.

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      • I stole the TV

        I also have issues with drinking and come from a family of alcoholics...and as soon as I could walk to the fridge, I did the beer-opening and -fetching for my dad, who always "let me" take the first sip. This is not funny to me at all.

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    • The Ruffley One

      ...I don't know. I'm not saying this is good or I support it or I'm not completely abhorred (I find this really disturbing). But, both of my parents were raised in foreign countries where, as children, you drank red wine with your meal starting at a fairly young age...maybe 8 or so. My parents are both EXTREMELY conservative drinkers, neither of them have done drugs, and my siblings and I turned out the same way (though the wine with a meal as a child was rare because we spent most of our childhoods in the States). Also, between the two of them, they were 14 siblings total and only 1 may drink a bit too much. But....there are way too many other contributing factors to her situation as well.

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  4. random commenter

    I'm not such a pearl-clutcher that I would have a problem with a sip of beer or wine. But that kid is visibly drunk! How is that ok? Mother of the year, indeed. She's an asshole.

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    • Princess Buttercup

      Yeah, my parents always let me have a sip of their beers if I asked for one and I would think it tasted awful and go about my business. But this is going too far.

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      • Florida Stanely

        exactly, my grandmother would let me have a sip of her chardonnay at our family reunions. but this is taking it way too far. do i love wine now? yes. did my grandmother have something to do with that? absolutely. but she didn't get my f**king wasted!!! >:(

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    • c

      ia. my parents always let me try whatever they were drinking - but they always asked if I wanted to (and let me pick up the glass and drink it myself) and always watched me like a hawk to make sure it was a sip. that pic looks uncomfortably like she is shoving it down her kids throat

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    • Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

      I'm a European gal, raised by crazy ass Europeans... I tasted my first Ouzo at 7, had sips of wine at the dinner table in my teens... I'm not an alcoholic. I think normalizing booze and the fact that it was not verboten in my house probably contributed to me not really drinking very much until well after college.
      But the "look at me!!! look at us!!!" aspect of her post is what's so f**king upsetting, and that the kid is clearly feeling the effects. THIS IS BANANAS.

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      • SH

        Rather than introducing the kid to alcohol for the appreciation of its taste she's introducing him to it for the appreciation of how drunk it can get him.

        Not the lesson any parent should be teaching their kid at any age really!

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        • Another day another struggle

          And she just wants to post and brag that she let him drink. Good lesson.

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          • Hamless MacBeth, Painted Whore, aged 65 years

            Exactly, because it's all about her. No mother in her right mind would (a) allow her kid to drink to the point of drunkenness, and then subsequently (b) post a photo and video of the kid on the interwebs. Idk this blogger, but the only reason to do this is for attention. My mind is blown at how selfish and needy this woman must be that she would not only think it's okay, but then brag about it.

            Also, kids have smaller bodies. Smaller bodies = smaller organs = reduced ability to eliminate alcohol as compared to an adult. Knowing how crap you feel with a hangover, why the bloody hell would you do that to your kid? Disgusting.

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      • LaverneandHurling

        I think you hit the nail on the head with your comments. Sips here and there to normalize? OK. Making the kid drink until he's drunk/ill? NOT COOL.

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      • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

        Fellow Yurp-dwelling GOMIer here In my country it's legal for kids to drink alcohol at five years old, as long as it's on private property. Being able to drink on licensed premises (in certain situations) is legal from 14+. You can't buy your own booze at a licensed establishment or off-license until you turn 18.

        We aren't all falling down drunk all the time, kids aren't committing DUIs on their trikes, and this puke sock on IG needs a f**king good shaking, and a talk about how alcohol impairment comes about, in part, because the body is poisoned. Someone needs to scream in her useless face about how tiny her child's internal organs are compared to hers (except for her nanobrain), and how damaging an apparently trivial amount of booze can be. A few sips of wine diluted with juice? Fine, a weak shandy? Go for it, but getting your kid drunk and then LOLing about it? Go and lick a live rail, you f**ked up, attention seeking turdmuffin.

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      • The Ruffley One

        Completely 1000% agree with everything you said!

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    • Blissful Ignorance


      I was allowed to take a tiny sip to taste certain drinks and I don't think that was actually a bad thing, I didn't take in enough alcohol to register and the point was to taste, not get tipsy. But even then, my parents weren't PROUD of it, it wasn't FUNNY.

      Also, what tiny kid has developed a taste for red wine? When I was little and taking tiny sips I hated beer, red wine, dry white wine, the only thing I thought adults weren't nuts for drinking were fruit wines and Irish cream!

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    • cece22

      I was going to say this exactly! I am rarely a pearl clutcher but what the f**k?!

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    • creatively creating creations

      Does he really seem drunk, though? To me, he just looks like he's goofing off...I don't get "glassy eyed" or "slurring" from that video at all.

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      • ouch

        I think it's insane that she showed a pic of him sipping wine, not cool, but I agree he doesn't seem glassy eyed or slurring. His eyes are half open but maybe that's part of whatever he's impersonating. It's hard to tell if he's drunk from such a short clip. And I worked professionally for years on preventing under-age drinking. I just wouldn't yet pile on about the video. The picture though - let's not normalize this!

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      • ouch

        I agree, he does not seem glassy eyed or slurring in the video. His eyes are half open but maybe that's the impersonation he's doing. It's hard to tell if he's drunk in such a short clip.

        But by saying that I am not saying the photo of him drinking wine is okay! Not at all. I used to work on underage drinking prevention. Let's not normalize this! Then again, they're in Vegas and maybe what you get surrounded with there sways the thinking of what's normal.

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    • The Ruffley One

      I think the drunk/wasted part is the most disturbing. That and Instagramming it. Wth is wrong with this person

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  5. His name is Phenix.? Why would she even post the pictures?

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    • lol potato

      Laci Vegas? Is this a Rock of Love cast member I'm forgetting about?

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    • Judgey-Judgerson

      She was drunk when she named him and spelled it wrong.

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  6. Phenix????? Seriously? Phenix?

    mother f**king idiot of the year awatd

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    • Kittyhow

      C'mon, what's the use of that pesky o anyway...can't hear it or nothing.

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  7. Suzy Bishop-Shakusky

    We already know this twunt is an asshole.
    But what kind of person thinks a child being drunk is funny!???
    He was pinching his nose because he didn't like the taste! Yet she let him drink enough to get visibly drunk and posted it to social media!!

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  8. you people

    You've got to be f**king kidding me with that. If saddling the kid with "Phenix" wasn't abusive enough, than this sure as shit is.

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    • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

      But..but... how will everyone know how unique and ~kre8iv~ she is if she doesn't mangle her kid's name?

      Have you heard about that woman who's just given birth to her daughter's kid? They've called the kid 'Kelcey' after smushing their names ('Kelley' [argh] and 'Tracey') together. She's going to spend her life repeating two phrases:

      1. "No, not 'Kelkey', Kelsee"

      2."No, no I'm not that Kelkey, shit I mean that Kelsee"

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  9. Jennabeezer Scrooge

    I'm legit surprised this wasn't Jenna/T1.

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    • dragonelly

      I don't think TW will do that because it means less wine for her.

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      • Ratio of ass crack to ass

        Who wants to share their wine with anybody, much less their child?

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  10. culottsers

    Hold on just a sec... This isn't even happening in her home!! Based on the background of the picture and video, it looks like they're in a restaurant or some other public setting. WHAT?!

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  11. KipDynamite

    Idk anything about her, but she lists herself as a mommy on her profile. She has one job and she's failing that hard at it.

    This is so distrubing.

    I grew up in a different culture, where kids were allowed to sip alcohol here and there. None of us grew up to be alcoholics (in fact, I have to force myself to drink in social situations). But, this is... a whole glass of wine?!

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    • Ghost Backup Dancers

      +1. I am 31 and still can't drink a glass of wine without getting very messed up. I can't imagine doing this to your kid...poor little guy.

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  12. Fuck Toad


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    • Matching Adult Sized Care Bear Undies




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      • Matching Adult Sized Care Bear Undies

        AND THE GUARDIAN WILL CALL ME A VICTIM. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

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  13. Busty St. Clair

    I, I just don't understand this. He's either actually drunk or very good at pretending to be that way. Either way, I don't believe she deserves that Mother of the Year Award.

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    • RollsRoyceRevenge

      Depends on what use of the word "mother" you intend.

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