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Living Absolutely Thinks Weed Should Be Normalized Just Like Abortion

Jenna Cole, normalizing day drinking, wants you to “make use of your privilege” by helping her legalize marijuana. In her latest post she takes on the justice system for penalizing non-white non-upper-middle-class-SAHMs merely for enjoying the cheeb.

…27.6 percent of drug offenders were locked up for crimes related to marijuana…Many, I would argue most, were participating in an act no worse than anything I’ve done – possessing marijuana. Except I’m white, and I had $60 in cash to pay for 5 minutes with a weed doctor in exchange for a “medical marijuana card” and I can afford to choose an employment position that doesn’t do drug testing.

She then took her reasoning to facebook, where she claimed that “normalizing” marijuana use would be a main decider for legalization. When readers argued that it probably had more to do with states wanting that sweet sweet taxable money from legal regulation, she took the discussion in a weird direction.

Let’s compare this to…. abortion. If more women spoke openly about their abortions, do you think that would accelerate public opinion toward unrestricted access to safe and legal abortions. This is a move that some feminist groups are working at right now, to change public opinion on a political issue via normalization. Do you also think this is not effective?

Well, DO YOU? Ok, I sort of see where she’s trying to go with this, but the analogy doesn’t really work here. Access to safe medical terminations for all women is not really the same thing as Jenna wanting to be “one step closer to getting high on vacation”. But keep on looking for ways to remind us you’re a stoner now, Jenjen.

  1. SnarkyCat

    I'm all for legalization and the benifits of hemp alone could change the world, but comparing it to abortion??? Wut???

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    • Midwest Liberal Commoner

      I'm confused. Isn't medical marijuana already legal in CA? And recreational is definitely legal in OR. So is SHE a medical marijuana patient? If so, then she should not be mixing it with alcohol. (Just not smart, even if she is just home alone)
      I am very much pro legalization as well, but like all drugs, use responsibly.

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      • SnarkyCat

        I meant on a federal level

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  2. Covered in Dog Hair

    Meh, I have no problem with this. I don't follow her that closely, and I realize this woman is often of out of her mind, but I think anyone talking about abortion destigmatization deserves claps. Even if they are doing it in a kind of confused way.

    She's talking about normalizing two very normal and common things that are often stigmatized, though obviously not to the same extent as each other. Whether it comes from a place of self-centeredness or not, I can't really hate on it.

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    • Covered in Dog Hair

      I love all the nopers. Whatever. After watching days of hatred and open racism at the RNC, I can't hate on someone talking about destigmatization of abortion, confused though she may be. Have fun noping that!

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      • Moobz

        I get where you're coming from. Jenna is such a poor thinker and writer that she just doesn't come off well when she tries to speak to topics like this. While I think her analogy misses the mark on many levels and is just generally poorly thought out, I can see why someone who didn't follow her all that closely would give her the benefit of the doubt on something like this.

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      • Covered in Dog Hair

        Thanks. I think from what I've read about her that she's mostly an idiot. Just feel like in the grand scheme of stupid things about her (or anyone), this is pretty tame and I have a soft spot for talk of abortion destigmatization. But she's not a target of my ire as much as other GOMI targets, for whom I have way less tolerance I imagine.

        I feel so bullied by all this noping though. :( Crying now. :,(

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        • spidereggs

          the more you complain about your comments getting noped, the more compelled I feel to nope your comments.

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        • Canola Fields

          I think the main issue is that she's not actually pushing to destigmatize abortion... she's using that issue as proof that she's doing something real and positive to destigmatize pot by smoking it and blogging about it. Instead of, I don't know, writing to lawmakers or attending protests or doing anything actually useful.

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          • Just Jane

            Maybe this is because I live in California, but is there a stigma around pot smoking? I have not encountered that.

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            • Three dudes named Toby and a dog with a Phish bandana

              I haven't encountered it here in Washington, either. It's just not a big deal. NO1CURR, seriously.

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              • Purple21

                Jenna specializes in being passionate about the causes that are already won or that nobody cares about!

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    • Daphne du Moneybags

      I get where you're coming from in that I also (like Alice) soooooort of see where she got there, but only if I try to put myself in the position of a total idiot who can only grasp the surface-level idea of normalization.

      I totally agree with you that destigmatizing abortion is a good (great!) thing, but one reason that it's a campaign is that abortion is already legal. The constitutional right is under attack (shoutout to SCOTUS for Whole Women's Health), but it's recognized as a constitutional right and is legal (if not accessible) countrywide. Changing hearts and minds is thus important because it's arguably the last battleground left.

      Drug policy, however? Total shitshow. And Jenna trying to act like open discussion of weed by loser white ladies will help is ignoring (1) that's not how legal reform works, (2) her statistic/assumption about marijuana possession is wrong; possession alone is responsible for practically zero incarcerations (, (3) she's assuming her privilege will help nonwhite and/or poor people when that's way more about overpolicing and other systemic and totally unrelated to weed issues, and when people question her about it she tries to respond with incisive questions that make her look like even more of an idiot.

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      • Covered in Dog Hair

        She's misguided at best, on a good day. I just don't see the reason to have a pile on for these comments. Lord knows this chick has said/done about 750,000 more offensive things.

        I also wonder if she's had an abortion herself and this is one way she deals with it. Just guessing.

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        • flouncing dick of yore

          "I also wonder if she's had an abortion herself and this is one way she deals with it."

          Eh? It's possible for a woman to have an opinion, any opinion, without being a "victim" of some sort.

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          • Covered in Dog Hair

            I don't consider women who have abortions victims. And I'm perfectly aware that women can have opinions on abortion without having one. I had one and one way I've dealt w/ the stigma associated with the experience is to try to engage people about it without necessarily announcing it to the world all the time. It was merely a guess.

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            • Covered in Dog Hair


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              • Covered in Dog Hair

                Did that come
                Through? I was preemptively noping my comment. I can't see it on my phone though. God this comment is so thoroughly nopeable.

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            • flouncing dick of yore

              I've had two, and while I'm glad that talking about it (and yourself...which I'd guess it's why it's important to you) makes you feels better, please don't want 1) assume who has and has not had an abortion and 2) pressure women to have to talk about it in order to destigmatize it.

              This may be shocking to you, but a lot of people don't want to have to reveal personal details in order to be taken seriously on a subject.

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              • Covered in Dog Hair

                Right, because that's exactly what I said. All women who have abortions love to talk about it and if they don't, they should feel compelled to do so. That's exactly what my words meant and were.

                Listen up ladies who have aborted! All of you who talk about it openly definitely had one! And if you did have one and aren't speaking up, you best start now! Those are my feelings and thoughts!!!

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        • Another Day

          I wondered the same thing: if she's trying to drop hints that she's had an abortion. Normally I wouldn't think that, but it's been Jenna's MO for other things, so yeah.

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    • Get the iodine

      She's the proverbial blind squirrel, only she doesn't even know what to do with a nut once she finds it. I agree that destigmatization of marijuana use and abortion are worthwhile topics, but I award her no credit.
      I also think she's exactly the person who shouldn't be "normalizing" her weed use since she pretty much admits she's constantly overwhelmed, barely works, and is frequently mixing booze and weed. Destigmatization comes when functional and respectable people can talk about their use.

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    • omgbob

      God this chick is a complete imbecile! Originally, I didn’t have any issues with her, but she is over the top annoying on snapchat. She is so entitled, the consummate victim, and a complete narcissist who thinks she’s smarter than everyone else and has all the answers. If anyone disagrees with her she cries cyberbullying and calls them haters. Get over yourself. You don’t need to smoke pot. There is nothing wrong with you (other than being lazy) and you don’t have cancer. There are more productive ways of “living absolutely” without consuming alcohol and narcotics. Illicit drugs and booze are not the answers to dealing with your life’s problems. Instead, try yoga, meditating, or therapy.

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      • Purple21

        Um, excuse me, she did try yoga, and the teacher told her she was one of the best in the class (or something). But it was a drag to find the right class because she couldn't find any daytime classes where she could meet fellow ambitious A-type personality career types like her. They were just full of older retired people.

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  3. Señorita Margarita

    One of the main reasons marijuana is having trouble getting legalized is because there is currently no reliable way to test for intoxication and/or a way to set a legal limit of consumption. Even our own democratic senator Diane Feinstein opposes legalization for this reason.
    And I kinda agree. I was rear ended last year by a car of three teenage boys. When they got out of the car to inspect the damage, the fumes were following them down the street. I have no doubt that the driver hit me because of his shit reaction time -- I actually saw him speeding towards me in my rear view and was like, wut? He tried to veer at the last second but missed.
    I'm all for normalization of marijuana (and abortions fwiw!) but until we can set some limits like we do for alcohol, I really don't want stonerd people on the roads! Or anywhere else where hand eye coordination and quick judgement are needed.

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    • Covered in Dog Hair

      It's very cute that you think criminalizing marijuana is going to either stop people from consuming it, or prohibit the rare number of accidents caused by such consumption.

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      • Daphne du Moneybags

        "In Washington, one of the first states to approve recreational marijuana use, a study released this week found that 17 percent of drivers involved in fatal crashes two years after marijuana was legalized had THC, the component that creates the high, in their system."

        There are factors that complicate the statistic (many had both alcohol and THC in their system, for example, so it's hard to assign causality), but it's a live issue for jurisdictions moving towards legalization (and I say that as someone who supports legalization).

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        • Covered in Dog Hair

          That's a single study in one state and I cannot find a single other source that supports the results of that.

          Here's another study showing the opposite.

          I'm not a fan of people driving stoned. I also tend to take any Congress member's rationalizations for drug criminalization with a huge grain of salt.

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        • i love chili dogs

          Fine, but note that Washington considers a driver with ANY detectable amount of THC in the blood to be "under the influence" and thus statistically reportable, though recreational use of marijuana is legal. Marijuana remains present in blood for much longer than other intoxicant substances, including alcohol. Surely nobody is actually trying to argue that a guy who smoked a joint last week is still driving under the influence if he is pulled over today? That's almost as absurd as likening RECREATIONAL DRUG USE to essential health care for women!

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        • cristal conners

          Did they do a study before legalization about how many fatalities were caused by people under the influence of THC? Some how I think the numbers would be quite similar.

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      • Cold Comfort

        So, I'm kind of a brand new liberal (the fact that Texas Christian Conservatives in power have ZERO mercy for my child with severe disabilities and even refuse to allocate any sort of acceptable safety net in case I die was the final straw. Donald Trump is the icing). So, uh, please be nice. But have you seen Michael Moores's "Where to Invade Next"? Because I keep thinking about -I think it's Switzerland (?)- in that movie, where they've stopped prosecuting drug cases and prioritize treatment instead. Kind of blew my mind. It also blew my mind how many black men are now non-voters because of drugs. I've been wrong for so many years. It's embarrassing.

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        • dr whom

          Don't be embarrassed any longer- ( Oprah quote, I think-)

          "When you know better, you do better!"

          and it looks like that's what you are doing!

          Sorry about TX. I lived in Plano for many years-but left in 2010. I KNOW.

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        • Debbie Downer

          You're my kindred spirit. I grew up in (and still live in) Texas. I'm also a Christian, so conservatism has been all around me all my life, though I didn't really see it until I was 17-18 yo (my parents are pretty moderate - thank God!). I work with people with disabilities, and your reason is exactly why I became a liberal (I'm now a liberal for many other reasons). My brother-in-law (who I worked with before he was my brother-in-law - he actually introduced me to his brother, now my husband!) also has severe disabilities (cerebral palsy, in wheelchair, non-verbal, completely dependent on others for everything), and we are constantly afraid for him because of conservative politics. Anyway, good to meet ya, and there are others out there like you - even in Texas!

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    • Three dudes named Toby and a dog with a Phish bandana

      Not sure what you mean. You can get a DUI for marijuana intoxication in WA, and it's legal for rec use here.

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  4. Covered in Dog Hair

    Also, pretty sure that is exactly NOT the reason why marijuana is criminalized. See also, "drug war" policies; reasons for.

    I had a feeling this thread would start to go off the deep end. Just waiting for some anti-choice people to show up also.

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    • Covered in Dog Hair

      Oops, this was in response to the above commenter.

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  5. SEVA

    the problem I have with her comparing the normalizing marijuana talk to abortion talk is that she's missing the point. Women talk about their experience with abortion not only to normalize it but to move the conversations away from the way we are currently having them: where the male voice is the loudest and most prominent. Men have no business discussing what goes on in our bodies, just like lazy, white privileged people have no business talking about how smoking a little weed here and there affects their lives (it doesn't).

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  6. Convulsing Diaphragm, Uncontrollable Spasms

    This part has me laughing.

    "I can afford to choose an employment position that doesn’t do drug testing."

    one would actually have to be looking for employment to even worry about drug testing.

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    • sundae

      That's why she chose to be a sub par photographer, pre empting her recreational drug use.

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  7. Florida Stanely

    i mean i've been following her for years and have been dreading the day she would start talking about racism and legalization. documenting, observing, and discussing these two prominent things are a huge part off my daily life. and i was hoping that she would be dumb and white and never talk about them. but no, she has to be dumb and white and develop a white savior complex. you ain't fixin shit jenna, shut the f**k up.

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    • Florida Stanely

      thanks for nopeing. if you really think she doesn't have a white savior complex then why are you even here.

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      • Covered in Dog Hair

        Don't feed the nopers! They will nope you even harder. I've gotten noped over 100 times on this thread. I'm going for a record of nopes.

        When I'm done posting this comment, I'm going to nope it myself.

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      • Ja'Crispy

        You can't take noping personally. I myself have nopped on occasion. I think we should be trying to destigmatize recreational noping.

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        • snarkdds

          Recreational Noping wins the internet for me today

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          • The stupid is strong

            Trying to figure out if I should hit 'this!" or "nope" if I agree about recreational noping...but it was a very long work day and I'm having some wine and thinking about this makes my head hurt! But i love the entire idea of recreational noping!!!

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    • My Favorite Human Person

      @Florida Stanely, I just want you to know that I read your last sentence ("you ain't fixin shit jenna, shut the f**k up", in case the replies get messed up and no one can tell what last sentence I'm referring to) in Stanley's voice and it was the best thing that's happened all day. Stanley (Florida or Scranton, I'm open to either) should read about Jenna aloud more often.

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  8. Purple21

    I think when Jenna said "normalize", she meant to say "trivialize" - just trying to explain why she prefers to stick with the peripheral issues rather than the big picture.

    Her clumsy vocabulary works against her - I believe strongly in destigmatizing abortion in the context of educating people about birth control, safe sex and consent; "normalizing" abortion sounds very different to me because it doesn't acknowledge a context.

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    • Purple21

      I really hope TH reads her post and decides to introduce random drug tests, if she wants to keep earning her "salary" of LNOs , Cabo weekends, endless film supplies and annual overseas jaunts.

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  9. Toothpaste

    Wait a minute. Jenna "chose" an "employment" "position"? That doesn't do drug testing? No I suppose you don't need to pass a drug test to sit on your ass inventing ways to avoid your children.

    The comparison to marijuana is silly. One is the voluntary consumption of a natural substance. The other is an ethically fraught medical procedure that sometimes stops an independently beating heart. Not the same thing Jenna.

    THIS! (134)  NOPE! (104)

    • Daphne du Moneybags

      Wow, that second paragraph is.....something. Jesus.

      THIS! (61)  NOPE! (22)

      • Toothpaste

        It's a medical procedure, check.
        Ethically fraught? Check, especially from an intersectional perspectIve. Had any intersectional thoughts about this?
        Stops a beating heart sometimes? Yup. At 6 weeks, embryos that are still growing have a heartbeat. Usually over 100 bpm for embryos that go on to be viable. That's just science.

        An abortion is like an airstrike on a village in the mountains of Afghanistan - usually there's a good reason for it, but it's still too f**king bad. See what I did there Jenna, I compared 2 things of somewhat similar ethical gravity.

        Shame is wasteful so I agree with normalize to that extent, but honestly? It's not like making an appointment to get your teeth whitened. And it's never going to be.

        THIS! (148)  NOPE! (114)

        • Covered in Dog Hair

          When someone compares a common medical procedure (that's a fact also! It is a medical procedure and it is extremely common) to " an airstrike" I can tell where your allegiances lie. You honestly compare any single woman making a choice about what is best for her life and her body to an act of war?

          Also thanks for the lip service to not promoting shame. Lord knows we need it in a climate where people think it's fine and good to compare abortions to bombs.

          THIS! (83)  NOPE! (137)

        • Covered in Dog Hair

          Also love that coded language there. "USUALLY there is good reason for it." As opposed to the bad reasons, that you don't agree with? Maybe we should give women a test before they have one, to make sure their reasons are good enough for people like you.

          Honestly there are plenty of women who make an appointment, get an abortion, and it's barely a blip in their lives. I'm sure this bothers you, but since you are so keen on facts and all, I figured I'd point that out.

          THIS! (79)  NOPE! (103)

          • Toothpaste

            Uh oh. The "there's no such thing as a bad abortion!" Police.

            Minority women are 5 times more likely to experience a termination. Although white feminists love to use the language of choice, many of these women "choose" abortion because our racist, capitalist society gives them NO other choice at all. For these women their abortion is just another part of the machinery of racism. Rather than a moment of empowerment it's an experience of disempowerment.

            Unlike many white blondes like Chelsea Handler, their calculus is often not "Am I ready for a baby?" Or "will this baby stop me from achieving my dreams?" It's a calculation about homelessness, deportation, hunger, despair. The stigma of abortion is far less than the stigma of being a "promiscuous," multiparous, unmarried, impoverished woman of color.

            Privileged feminists pour tons of resources into maintaining abortion access and they work much harder on garbage stuff like "normalize abortion" than anti-poverty initiatives that would give these women authentic choices. When's the last time you decided not to vote for a candidate because her position on affordable housing didn't go far enough? And told her so? Yet "pro choice" is probably one of your litmus tests. You probably have heard of Emily's List. Ever heard of FIRM? Probably not.

            But what's the big deal right? Having an abortion is like getting your wisdom teeth out. A blip! Women of color should be soooo grateful to all the privileged white feminists for whom the issue is about "wanted" and "unwanted" babies and "living my dream."

            THIS! (117)  NOPE! (87)

            • Umm

              I'm bringing the film and popcorn to this convo, because you've clearly brought the projection.

              THIS! (73)  NOPE! (56)

              • Toothpaste

                Projecting, hardly. "Normalizing" is basically an opportunity for sanctimonious white women like Jenna to dominate another conversation. By "talking about it" they mean tweeting about it, blogging about it, updating their status on Facebook, and the occasional self-conscious monologue in a magazine. Helps them feel #soliberal #soedgy and collect headpats for being #sobrave that beams of light pour from their fingertips.

                THIS! (188)  NOPE! (90)

            • Severus Snark

              Weird concern troll is weird.

              POC and people living in poverty should have the same right to the same choice. Period. No one here is pro-racism or pro-poverty, and it's f**king ridiculous to suggest we should solve sexism and wealth inequality before letting people control their own bodies.

              Bodily autonomy is HUGELY important to solving the cycle of poverty and patriarchy. It will bring the very changes you pretend to support instead, as though they aren't intersectional at all. You're trying to sound justified and well informed and are doing just the opposite

              THIS! (45)  NOPE! (67)

              • Toothpaste

                That's my point. Women who face crippling pressure aren't exercising bodily autonomy when they make their non-choice. They are performing capitalism and racism. Racism and classism have been an issue from the beginning with the reproductive rights movement, if you're familiar with the whole story about how Planned Parenthood was founded. Abortion rights in the United States is not the ethical pie on the sky people wish it was. NPR and The Atlantic have done pieces on this, if anyone would like to educate themselves.

                THIS! (36)  NOPE! (35)

              • oh, you


                Literally no one said it was pie in the sky. Like no one said "there's no such thing as a bad abortion". Like no one compared it to wisdom tooth extraction. Like no one said WOC should be grateful.

                You're literally arguing against your own straw man arguments, and seem to be upset that no one is playing into whatever weird drama you've already ramped yourself up for.

                Maybe take .04 seconds to READ what people have wrote and respond to that versus whatever you hope they'll say so you can whip out what I can only assume is a bigass copypasta file on abortion you have somewhere.

                THIS! (82)  NOPE! (32)

            • Covered in Dog Hair

              LOL! tl;dr. You're very angry and I'm not reading your drivel nor do I care what angry anonymous people on the internet who compare abortions to bombings think or feel about this issue.

              For some women it absolutely is a minor bump in the road and they go on with their lives. Sorry that bothers angry, judgmental people like you who would apparently prefer we suffer over it. Gladly, most women don't.

              You have a lovely weekend!

              THIS! (21)  NOPE! (277)

              • Severus Snark

                Being pro-bodily autonomy doesn't mean I'm angry, but whatever allows you to ignore all dissent and pretend your argument is impenetrable! It must be soundly founded in endless research if you're not even willing to read replies to it.

                God bless you too, Taralynn!

                THIS! (9)  NOPE! (26)

        • i love chili dogs

          "An abortion is like an airstrike on a village in the mountains of Afghanistan"

          THIS IS SO DUMB

          THIS! (92)  NOPE! (20)

  10. i love chili dogs


    THIS! (59)  NOPE! (31)

  11. So Crates Johnson

    Jenna reminds me of this girl I knew in college. She smoked weed for the first time with us and afterward worked hard to let everyone else know that OMG! She smoked the ganja! She was cool! She would make the most inappropriate weed references at the most inappropriate times; it was like she thought smoking weed made her look hip and awesome. It was annoying as f**k and not cool at all. Kind of like Jenna.

    THIS! (28)  NOPE! (0)

    • Purple21

      Hopefully this girl grew up a bit after college - she probably cringes at how she tried to be so "cool" about smoking weed.
      Not like Jenna, the Peter Pan of white privileged women.

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