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Lynette Still Hasn’t Been Verified

Lynette Young, known to dozens, is still whining that she can’t get verfied on twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 10.12.04 AM

She’s evidently been applying every 30 days since August. Maybe she should name drop Biz Stone again and add another story about how famous she is. That might push her through the arbitrary decision process towards that totally meaningless social media status symbol.

  1. MissMorland

    Honey, at this point you could become POTUS and they'd keep you unverified, just because you keep nagging them.

    And I still have no idea who this girl is, beyond someone who badly wants a verified Twitter account.

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    • hole in the wall

      How DARE you not know who she is?! She is a longstanding public figure in digital media with a hand crafted twitter account!!!

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      • Raging BitchSlap

        She's Cecily's best friend.

        Not very bright if it took four attempts before realizing she's a nobody. Next time post cat pictures.

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        • i love chili dogs

          > Cecily's best friend

          Well, enough said.

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  2. hole in the wall

    I love that she brags about all of her followers but most of them are spam. In the past two months, the most likes she's gotten is a whopping 12 on a tweet about her leaving social media. She mostly gets 0 or 1. SO FAMOUS!

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    • Chasing the Passport

      I have a roughly three thousand more followers than she does (I'm a columnist) and I consider a "bad" (for my following) tweet to be something that doesn't have roughly 150 Favorites and at least a few dozen RTs. It's no wonder she's not verified. She has no engagement! She 10/10 bought her followers.

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      • Chasing the Passport

        I love when I out myself as a writer and then have a glaring typo in the first sentence. Blerghhhh.

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  3. D

    Loser. I mean, I really can't think of anything else to describe this lady as. She can pretend this is all about her "work" but damn, Gina! Just do good work and stop worrying about being verified. All the accolades and verifications will follow. She's desperately trying to get into a club that doesn't want her!

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  4. Gives me the Shrivels

    She's as much of a failure as her friend CecilyK and that makes me LOL

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  5. BeginningsChang


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  6. oh, you


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  7. GobsmackedCelt

    She needs to just accept reality and move on. Cat pic twitters are far more interesting than her twitter is.

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  8. Twodognight


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    • Purple21

      If she was verified, you wouldn't say that.

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      • MissMorland

        No, then we'd say, "Who? (✔︎)"

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      • Thebossapplesauce

        Lmao. Nope. Plenty of people who are verified on Twitter and Facebook that I have never heard of.

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  9. domino sugar

    Are all her followers fake? I have only 400 followers and I get more likes/replies than she appears to,

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  10. chicken gibblets for the sole


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  11. Delusions of Intricate Grandeur


    You're welcome

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  12. Snarkie Post


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  13. Not Another White Wall


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