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Mr. “Hey Natalie Jean” Did Not Let An Animal Suffer


Hey Natalie Jean, the advertiser friendly rebrand of Nat the Fat Rat, continues to attract new readers with her new persona. Unfortunately new readers tend to read your archives, and evidently an old entry has come to light on Nattypoo’s site that has completely freaked out new fans.

It seems a few years ago her father-in-law sent the happy couple an odd little schnauzer statue. They took this little dog statue on an adventure which they photographed, and lols were had by all. Oh wait, except right in the middle of this cute little anecdote, Ratalie casually recalls a story about a real live dog:

The Holbrooks have this thing with Schnauzers, it’s like their thing. There was once one named Schnapps, there was one named Spritzer. The one named Spritzer came into the family on The Holbs’s eleventh birthday and then I accidently inherited him when we got married and then one day Spritzer jumped off our third story balcony and then The Holbs strangled him to death out of mercy.

Yep. In 2009 awesome positive life lover Ratalie was flippantly sharing tales of her husband strangling a dog to death. And not in a horrified, this-memory-haunts-me way. In an ‘anyway the dog was hurt so the father of my child crushed the windpipe of a helpless animal, teehee here are pics of where I peed on a road trip’ kind of way.

I’m confused as to why this post is still up on her site. You’d think something like this would have been edited out during her rebranding. Or before. Or maybe just never posted at all. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be over here throwing up until forever.

  1. whatevs

    I would never defend Natalie b/c she seems to have no shame here, but all the self-righteous stuff is kinda annoying. I volunteered in animal shelters all through college (7am baby) for fun, and kept my cat through thick and thin, 3 kids, tough times, 14 years. When I had a 3rd, ppd, you bet your ass I loved the cat less than the kids and struggled with keeping him. If that makes me less of a mother then fu and your (likely childless) judgmental, entirely different circumstances and lack of compassion. Pets aren't people. Period.

    Stop parading about how superior you are and maybe just judge what is shitty- that she did it and talks about it with glee. I think there should be some shame at a breakdown and how she talks about it is callous. But that may also be due to her being out of touch and not a good writer.

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    • whatevs

      to clarify: bu shame, I mean that she could not manage to combine her caring for her pet and child. That's not ideal. No question about it. To me I felt disappointed in that. But to imply I was a monster? I don't mean shame at a mental breakdown. I was pissed and typed too fast. Nor would I deny the love you have for your pet, or tell you it is less than. But it's not the same. Not black and white There is an undeniable difference at the heart of it- if there weren't then we would be shooting family members when they were in pain to end it with dignity.

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    • Little Orphan Lilly

      "When I had a 3rd, ppd, you bet your ass I loved the cat less than the kids and struggled with keeping him. If that makes me less of a mother then fu and your (likely childless) judgmental, entirely different circumstances and lack of compassion. Pets aren’t people. Period."

      Yeah, they're not people. They're creatures dependent completely--physically and emotionally--on you, the person who chose to bring them into your life. So too f**king right I'm going to judge you for resenting them when you've decided something better has come along. You're an asshole.

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      • whatevs

        So are babies and children, incidentally. Dependent. No, you're a judgmental dick who sees the world, including experiences you know nothing about, in black and white. Judge for merely feeling resentment? You must be so pure. Do you say that to mothers who resent babies too, if they get PPD? or is it only make you an asshole if you feel it towards pets.

        aside (not to yoU) i'm not defending what her husband did. that is shitty and it's disturbing how she brought it up. i'm talking about Natalie struggling with the dog/kid and people acting all self righteous. they're very different incidents.

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        • bettercallsaul87

          Definitely judging you. f**k you. If you bring an animal into your life, you were making a choice to care for that animal for upwards of 15 years. A part of you probably knew kids, etc were probably going to happen. Please don't ever own animals again if you're just going to resent them. I CANNOT fathom ever, ever not wanting my animals. They are part of me, come hell or high water. There was never a second, even when I was charging $300 to a credit card when my dog stepped on glass and hurt herself, where I felt even a tinge of resentment. I will never, ever understand people like you.

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  2. TetrapodMelonTea

    Is it just my diseased connection or has the entry been deleted? For shame Ratalie!

    I remember enough of the entry to have gleaned: 'I totes pissed on a chair because my not-so-passive aggressive hubby wouldn't stop at an actual toilet, oh and also he strangled a dog we clearly didn't want. LOL' ~ Ratalie

    f**ked up.

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  3. whatevs

    you're projecting a shitload onto one example, but thanks for proving my original point about all the self-righteous and hateful superiority. I will never, ever understand people like you either.

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    • whatevs

      was referring to prev. page response to my comment, never mind.

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      • KitchenAid Mixer

        I understand what you mean. After I had my son, I fell into a really bad place with PPD and PPA. I loved my dog. We adopted her right when I found out I was pg, too. She's a quirky little f**ker who totally stole my heart. But when I was in that really dark place of not knowing which end was up, I kinda hated her. I walked her, fed her, and gave her belly rubs, but I would cry and say angry things to her when she barked and woke the baby. And I fantasized about rehoming her.

        Fast-forward 2 years later, and I finally recognized that was neither normal nor healthy - so I got help. And now we all happily coexist. My son loves her, she merely tolerates him, and I still try to do sneak attack belly rubs on her.

        What I'm trying to say is that until you've dealt with PPD/PPA and how it can f**k you up, please don't think that someone brushed aside their pet simply due to a kid. That's not always the case.

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  4. cesspool of bitterness

    I missed it when she edited the page. What did she edit it to say before she deleted it completely?

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  5. Puffery

    I'm a current vet tech student former rescue volunteer and mom to five rescue animals ... It breaks my heart to see people be callous about animals. The stuff I saw in rescue and now in my classes at the local county shelter make me want to punch people. I worked with a dog a few weeks back who was dumped because she had house training issues. She had never been taken to a vet and her teeth looked like a after picture of a meth addict. Yet the owner had the nerve to say she was a good dog and they hoped she got a good home. I wish I could have sent them a picture of the good home - she was euthanized the day I met her because she had anxiety (perhaps due to being dumped by her family). Pets are not disposable. My pets have a host of issues but I made a commitment to them all even the damn unappreciative turtle (which oops makes 6 rescues).

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    • dogsr00l

      OMG! those turtles are always so rude, aren't they? :)
      I love turtles...i'd love to see your little grumpy dude!

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  6. Puffery

    (County shelters must take in ALL animals so the euthanasia rates are high. I think anxiety is a poor reason to euthanize but I also recognize the predicament county funded shelters find themselves because of asshole pet owners. )

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  7. swanky

    PETA was contacted and followed up.

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  8. polarizing hair

    f**k you, natalie jean. when my pet rat was terminal we tried doing the co2 method, but his body kept hanging on even after his consciousness and soul had left. my roommate finished it by suffocation because I was seriously about to have a breakdown.

    There is nothing "tee hee" about putting down a companion animal. f**k you f**k you f**k you stupid Natalie because now I am reliving that!!!!

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  9. you win or you die


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