Old Joy’s Old Home Has A New Mamagram Occupant

If you’ve been missing Old Joy‘s Kinfolk castle, don’t despair – it’s now the home of another instaprarie mama.

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-1

Yes just head on over to Erika’s gram and see the circle of instalife for an on-trend house. Later we can talk about whether it’s weird to uproot your life and drop six figures on a house in the pursuit of instagram popularity.

  1. rockinsushiokaaay

    In no particular order:
    SWF FTW!

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  2. Funny But Sad

    I'm not sure if this is hilarious or depressing. Can it be both?

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    • Lily

      I guess so ... At least, it's how I would describe it, too.

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    • A Touch of the Boleyns

      Depressingly hilarious and hilariously depressing.

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  3. hole in the wall

    That is really f***ing sad.

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  4. Little Broom On The Prairie

    I thought Mama Watters might buy it, then burn it down.

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  5. Purple21

    Do the children come with the house?

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    • Leave the Gun Take the Cannoli

      I have no idea or even care who this person is but WHY is that baby up on the counter while the bish takes a picture?? Mommy blogger FTW!

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  6. Purple21

    And a shout out to my fellow Australians - you will just love the little cross stitch sampler with the words "Be Deeply Rooted."

    Note for non-Australians - here in Australia, the word "root" is slang for "f**k"

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    • Sweetie Darling

      My BF uses the phrase "it makes my root hard" to describe things he likes. I hate it. The only time I ever thought it amusing was when his then 7YO son innocently said it to BF's ex-MIL about her spaghetti. Much pearl clutching followed.

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    • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

      I'm in the UK, and I had to suppress a few sniggers when I saw that. It puts me more in mind of 'Housos' than 'Little House on the Prairie'.

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  7. oh, you

    Last pic - why the f*** is a toddler the only person ostensibly keeping that baby from falling headfirst 4 feet to hard flooring? Be a goddamn mother and do not actively place your children in danger when you wh**e them out for digital headpats from strangers.

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  8. Apeeling Attire

    JFC, this new occupant is....intense. Caption on a simple pic of her kid in front of the fireplace:

    eebrubaker My little daughter, you will soon see your first beautiful year come to a close. I would that you be upright in heart and gentle in love. I know not what your world will be a few decades away but I know your perfect and true creator will not bend by one inch. The peace-flowing current deep under me now shall never run dry, and when you are a woman that same current will carry you on, undiminished and full. Lean in to it hard, let it swallow you whole, as I do today.

    Unclench, lady.

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    • Purple21

      Is it just me, or is anyone else freaking out about that current analogy? Why would you tell a 1 year old to lean into the current hard and let it swallow you whole?
      "Jump into the river of love, honey! No need to swim - The perfect creator will keep you afloat!"

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  9. JustJack

    It's amazing how many people are in love with this crappy house in Kettering Ohio. I'd rather live in West Virginia.

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    • Zosew

      I quickly read through the posts and there was one saying that the house needs a lot of work.

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  10. Purple21

    Here's another inspiring caption...

    I am not the first mother to learn of being a mother, and I will not be the last. Others know in greater measure than I, though I know a great deal more than when I started out. I am not unique in these feelings nor the first to pen them, yet they are mine and I feel them profoundly. So, little girl. I love you fiercely and with great reluctance hold you close as we greet the second year of your beautiful life.

    I don't think she knows what reluctance means... or at least I hope she doesn't! She's worrying me a bit.

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    • Zosew

      not to WK for her, but I think she's trying to convey that it can be hard to watch your baby become a toddler. I get it. Sometimes I think about my now 2 year old, "how are you so big? When did that happen?"
      BUT, she's a really poor writer.

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      • Purple21

        Yeah, you said it much better!!

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  11. C

    Why the eff is she taking pics of her child on the toilet. These people have no boundaries.

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