DaddyOFive Will Take Down His Videos

Mike Martin, the DaddyOFive youtube ‘celebrity family’ dad, has taken down his videos claiming he is “trying to save my family”.

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DaddyOFive Will Verbally Abuse Children For Pageviews

Mike Martin and his wife have a youtube channel and are apparently ‘youtube famous‘ for ‘pranking’ their kids. Except in their world, ‘pranking’ means doing mean things – then screaming obscenities and threatening punishments.

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Mommy Blogging

dooce Was Tagged In A Life Event

Heather B. Armstrong, don’t call it a comeback she’s been here for years, recently posted about how she still can’t listen to certain songs after her last boyfriend. Looks like she might be over that now.

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Food Blogging

Gluten-Free Girl Makes Easter Weird For Everyone

Shauna Ahern, did you know she won a James Beard award, posted some ‘…wat?’ inducing social media comments about Easter.

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Lifestyle Blogging

Mr. Freckled Fox Continues To Have Tact

Richard Carmack, the replacement husband who brought greasy manbuns and bullets into the already tragic enough life of Freckled Fox, showed a supportive and sensitive face yesterday.

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Instagram Lifestyle Blogging

Something Navy’s Baby Has Already Begun Her Instagram Hustle

Arielle Charmas, her hair is full of secrets, is already setting up her daughter for instagram fame.

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Lifestyle Blogging Slow News Day

Cupcakes And Cashmere Will Elevate Office Drama

Emily, the shrug inducing girlboss behind Cupcakes and Cashmere, apparently lost an employee last week.

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