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KERF Has Another Announcement

It was barely this side of a year ago that Kath Younger, still blogging, posted that she and her then husband, Matt “Driving While Awesome” Monson, separated.

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Kiki LaRue’s Becka Clark Will Design A Clothing Line

Becka, busy, has evidently taken a break from buying everything with a Gucci label in order to design her own ‘line’. Unfortunately Rebecca the Label is already being side-eyed as not that original.

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Mommy Bloggers Start Downsizing

While the second generation bloggers are raking in six figures (and more) with their lifestyle empires, the first generation bloggers are beginning the process of returning to a normal life after celebrity.

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Mr. Freckled Fox Won’t Let You Forget He Exists

Richard “Gunbun” Carmack, the replacement husband of the Freckled Fox, wants to remind everyone that he’s the husband now.

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Belle Gibson Found Guilty

Belle Gibson, instagram cancer faker, finally got her legal comeuppance for making money off of faking cancer.

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Freckled Fox Shooting Police Report Reveals Shockingly WTF Details

The incident report of the Freckled Fox shooting has emerged, and the story seems to be a bit different than what she’s claiming on social media.

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Brooke Will Not Support Disney’s Gay Agenda

Brooke, The Modest Mom, is boycotting Disney due to their “LGBT agenda”.

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