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Mommy Wants Vodka May As Well Move Into The Hospital

Aunt Becky, recently released after a “coma”, is back in the hospital for the 453235th time.


That’s right – she’s claiming to have broken her titanium hardware for the second time in three months. It seems she knew something bad was coming, because she was vague posting weirdness last night.


This latest health crisis may put a damper on Becky getting that “dream job” she claimed she would be interviewing for tomorrow. Poor thing. Maybe another one of her friends can start yet another GoFundMe!


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KERF: “Matt And I Are Separating”

Kath Eats Real Food, recent guest of the White House, has confirmed months of speculation.

Matt and I are separating.

Some of you are probably shocked and others have suspected, as he hasn’t been as front and center on the blog as he once was. This wasn’t an overnight decision, but something that has been building, or rather unraveling, for over a year.

Her announcement post goes on to say the separation is “bittersweet and totally mutual”, and that they have simply “started traveling down separate paths”.


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KERF Knows How To Dress For The White House

Kath Younger, old money Southern belle, recently attended a Let’s Move event hosted at the White House. Knowing you should bring your sartorial A-game when meeting the FLOTUS, she chose a timeless look that represented all that is great about this capitalist society we call Murrica.

image credit: grocery store lady

image credit: grocery store lady

KERF rocked what appears to be a vintage Mary Kay sales leader jacket and top from their 2011 line. She paired the gorgeous belted jacket, which accentuated her ballerina waist perfectly, with a dark skirt and simple jewelry. Her hair was worn down in unfussy runner’s waves. All in all a triumphant fashion day for KERF, who continues to dress in a way that makes her look tall and lean.


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Retailer Settles With FTC Over ‘Deceptive’ Instagram Campaign

Lord & Taylor, the retailer who used instagram ‘influencers’ and fashion bloggers to flood your feed with that paisley dress last March, has settled with the FTC over allegations that they “deceived customers by paying for advertisements on fashion blogs” without disclosing that the posts were ads.

The FTC also alleged that Lord & Taylor failed to disclose that it had pre-approved each post, required that the posts include the retailer’s social media handle and hashtag, and that each poster had been given the dress — as well as payment of up to $4,000 — in exchange for their endorsements.

Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection states “Consumers have the right to know when they’re looking at paid advertising.”


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That Wife Will Tell You About Selfhood

Jenna Cole, dedicated full time mom and wife, was deeply inspired by #internationalwomensday. She took to instagram to explain why she’s an amazing feminist.

…this image caught my attention and seems the most relevant to what I’m working through right now as a woman…I completely skipped the decade of life normally dedicated to self-exploration and -definition, and it is crucial for me to make up lost time…I am Jenna, first. And once my needs and dreams are defined and addressed I can start working to assist those around me with theirs.

You go, girl! Lord knows Jenna could use more ‘me time‘ what with the 24/7 work at home mothering she does. When someone pointed out that finding herself need not be exclusive to being a wife, mother, daughter, or sister, she responded that if anyone feels “frustrated or shocked or confused” by her position on the matter, she is “not the one who can help you understand”. She then told people to “not to be so literal about statements regarding the definition of Self and Personhood”.