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It’s Another Boring Post About Dooce Complaining About Why She Left Blogging

Dooce, still talking, is still talking. She was apparently a speaker at some “XOXO” conference. I guess she was there to yammer on yet again about why she left blogging. She is now claiming that despite her amazing sponsored content, she’s basically being forced to retire-except-not because brands now want approval on sponsored post content.

According to Heather, it all started when Banana Republic sponsored a trip for her, her boyfriend, her assistant and his boyfriend – basically like half a dozen people – and the resulting post had something about a “hairy vagina” in it. Well 48 hours later her ad rep called to let Heather know she had screwed the pooch.

Banana Republic was not happy. They were so upset. They demanded I take it down immediately and make it disappear…I said okay, I’ll take it down. But I’m going to tell my readers why. That sent them into complete panic mode.

This prompted Her Importantness to get a call directly from the ad company’s CEO who wanted to know exactly who the heck Heather thought she was – Banana Republic was going to pull their ad revenue and jobs were on the line. Heather’s response apparently was to react like a child who had never before been scolded.

I was stunned but my initial reaction was like, who didn’t tell Banana Republic that they were, would go with this woman? Who…didn’t say, do you know who Dooce is? Do you really want her working on this? Why did that disconnect happen?

That’s right – it’s not on Dooce to act professionally or compromise when her ad company stands to lose millions of dollars. Nope, everyone else should have just known what they were getting into!

Oh, and she didn’t want to exploit her kids. She says “the days leading up to the end of the contract…they wanted it to end”, she got another three part campaign that her kids didn’t want to do, and between uncooperative kids and having to submit posts for approval, Dooce says she was over it.

I realized my child had been written into my contract and that I was exploiting her…So I choose to walk away because I can no longer make a living as a mommy blogger writing a story about everything, every secret revealed…I can’t write about it and make you laugh because your kid does the same thing anymore to make a living.

Now let’s all misinterpret it! Or not. None of you really seem to care anymore but I thought the whole throwing the ad company under the bus thing was kind of lol and had to share.


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Hay Dawgs, Young House Love Have Posted A Postdizzle

Young House Love, still around, has put up a post about what they’ve been up to the past year. Except not really, it was basically just a post telling you to go listen to “The Lively Show”.

The podcast interview is pretty much just an excruciating hour long ear assault of Sherry’s usual manic staccato nonstop blathering. They explain Sherry’s been doing copywriting work and product naming, and John’s been doing contract junk also. They also say they had to walk away basically to get their family life back in order without having to document it all the time. John added that setting blog work hours wouldn’t have worked because their “life was our work” and went on to say they have to keep that overlap to a minimum from now on.

They had to discuss whether omghaters had anything to do with them stopping blogging and from their neverending response the gist seems to be they obsessed way to much over the comments and tried to do every single thing every single person wanted.

They tell us they’ll be doing a book tour, and then they tried to give their fanpoodles some false hope.

I don’t want to make promises about what or how often we’ll post, but our home projects are still rolling along, albeit more slowly these days (there’s more on that in the podcast, btw).

Of course in the podcast they clarify that they’ll “never ever” do YHL “as a job again” but didn’t say they’d never post again. Shurry Beff says looking back she wishes she had been less defensive and not felt the need to over-explain every little thing. She then proceeded to over-explain the conditions under which they would come back to blogging. Seriously it took her 5 minutes of nonstop words to essentially say yet again that they might post if they feel like it but not as a job. (Seriously, the woman didn’t even take a breath, dawgs. Must be all those Zumba classes or something.) She repeats this about ten more times – that she might post again but not as a job. She would be cool putting up a diy post just to share but not as part of a blog job. She wouldn’t mind doing posts once in a while but not for income. She would love to post again but it would just be hey cool casual what upppp but not as a job. WE GET IT, SHURRY BEFF.

Anyway, the podcast doesn’t have any big interesting revealing info. They’ve been doing pretty much what everyone speculated they were doing – contract work and Sherry scratching her skin off wanting to post again – and now they’re back just in time to clit tickle their fanpoodles before their second book release. Which, by the way, is next week, and I’ll be doing a liveblogged review of it next Friday. So we have that to look forward to, which is nice.


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Is The Freckled Fox Fronting A Faux Cancer Fiction?

The Freckled Fox, producer of a yearly baby haha, announced back in April that her husband Martin had “aggressive Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer”. Since that time they apparently spent a few weeks in Mexico getting “alternative” treatments, having a “little operation“, and posting selfies after which the couple returned home where Martin immediately resumed his workouts. He claimed to have “inflamed tumors” at the base of his spine, and his wife hailed him as a “warrior” covered in stitches and  tubes coming out of his chest.

But suspicion began to grow as the patient, allegedly riddled with tumors in “multiple spots on his liver, his brain and other organs”, spent the weeks in Mexico going out for big delicious Mexican dinners, seeing movies, and taking selfies of himself to show off the view from their hotel room. Theories were put forth that he was simply getting vitamin infusions or perhaps had been misdiagnosed, since there appears to be no physical evidence of a traumatizing surgery to remove giant tumors as claimed.

The whole affair came topped with – you guessed it – paypal begging to the tune of $100,000. A few months after that uhhhhwtf request, they announced they had purchased a new home, adding even more fuel to the scam gossip fire.

So what do you think, folks? Do we have a Jess Ainscough or a Belle Gibson here?

UPDATE: Please see this follow up post.


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Dooce Will Bravely Post Soul Sucking Sponsored Content

Dooce, irrelevant, evidently went to the Problogger event and “told the audience how soul destroying it was to do sponsored posts”. She told people who had paid to come and wanted to hear the “Queen of Mommyblogging” talk about how to monetize a blog that the “only way that you can make money in the States is through sponsored content”. She then proceeded to call writing sponsored posts ”a gruelling experience” and declared personal blogging dead.

While at Problogger, where she complained about doing sponsored posts, she bravely confronted the soul sucking task of posting what appears to be a sponsored Target instagram. She then went home where she faced the gruelling experience of writing a sponsored Target post for her dead personal blog.


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Current Gramception Trends For Those Who Enjoy That Sort Of Thing

It’s Friday, and since there aren’t any new blogger books for a couple of weeks I figured we could discuss the increasing homogeneity of Instagram. It’s not a new thing; fashion and lifestyle bloggers have been beating image styling trends to death on the gram for years. The Rstyle Conference and The Kinspiracy are proof of that. So let’s have a little fun with the latest gramception trends and see if we can figure out who is copying who.

On to the TL;DR…