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Pippit Dies With A Whimper


Pippit, the ‘social media app’ developed by Mr. Love Taza, his wife, and Oh Joy!, has quietly died. An email sent out to users announced they have ‘discontinued support for the app’.

When we first came together in 2012 to brainstorm ways to bridge the worlds of blogging and social media, we laid the foundation of a new app, Pippit.
Our vision for Pippit has always been to create a beautiful social media platform that highlighted strong blog content with tools for discovering and sharing helpful information as a new framework for social commerce.  We shared the prototype of that vision last summer. With your wonderful support, Pippit was ranked as the #1 paid lifestyle app and #2 App of all paid apps.
Because of our other work, family life and commitments, we have not been able to maintain Pippit and its community at the level that we envisioned. While we have seen great success with the app in many areas, the tech world is new territory for our team and we want to be able to dedicate the appropriate time, energy, and resources needed to carry Pippit to the next level, which we cannot do at this time.
We have discontinued support for the app, but we thank you for your time, energy, suggestions, feedback, and the wonderful support that has come in many forms as we poured ourselves into this new endeavor!
We look forward to seeing you again soon in the online world.
With much gratitude,
Josh Davis, Naomi Davis, and Joy Cho
Co-founders, Pippit
The pippit twitter account has been inactive since November 30, and little to no mention of it has been made by any of the founders for several months. There is no word on whether the app will return.


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Hey Natalie Jean Can Make Witty Holocaust Jokes

Hey Natalie Jean, totally almost Jewish, bids you Gut Shabbos with a timely and hilarious Anne Frank post to her instagram. Live from her hashtagged European tour we present a totally ok joke to make on a Saturday of all days.


You have to hand it to her – she really knows how to close out Pesach, am I right?


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Mommy Blogger Gets 20 To Life


Lacey Spears, the mommy blogger accused of poisoning her 5 year old son with salt, has been convicted and sentenced to 20 years to life. Westchester County assistant district attorney Doreen Lloyd says Spears administered the final doses of salt into her son’s feeding tube while he was in hospital, and according to he suffered hours of “explosive bouts of diarrhea” when his body “tried to expel the poison”.

The BBC reports that Spears “administered salt into her son Garnett’s feeding tube from infancy while writing a blog about his illness”. Supreme Court Justice Robert Neary said Spears suffers from Munchausen by proxy syndrome and sentenced her to 20 years to life rather than the max 25 years, reducing the sentence due to her mental illness.


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Prissy Melissa Will Educate You While Driving

Prissy Melissa, weight loss instablogger, has a message so important it had to be filmed while driving. And what was this message? Everything in moderation, and also she eats all the snack packs.

i’m just joking in this video, but seriously though…. everyone’s body is different. i can’t tell you how many times a day i have people tell me that i need to eat in moderation and not cut out any one type of food…if i were to eat 100 calorie snack packs not only what i eat every snack pack in the box but would proceed to finish all the snacks in the cabinet…

Is this really a rant that could not have waited until she was at home? Or really anywhere besides behind the wheel of a moving vehicle? WHY DO BLOGGERS KEEP DOING THIS?


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The Wiegands Have A Design Show Now Because Sure

Weekands with tha Weegaaaanzz

Weekands with tha Weegaaaanzz

Chris Wiegand, who brought us the amazing experience known as “American Blogger“, and his wife Casey, a blogger of course, are now starring in “Weekends With The Wiegands” on The Design Network.

There’s never a dull moment in the Wiegand household! Chris Wiegand, a filmmaker, and wife Casey, creator of the wildly popular Wiegands blog, have recently moved into a new house in Dallas where they’re eager to jump in and make it feel like home. Chris’s expert carpenter skills and wife Casey’s unique, artsy style are put to the test as they begin renovations.

Apparently these renovations include “a made-from-scratch chicken coop” so…yeah. Totally new stuff nobody else is doing. How do all these bloggers keep getting renovation shows? Didn’t we already go through this same thing with Jen Hatmaker?


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Love Taza Is Sorry Your Kid Is Dead, But Thankfully She Still Has Her Kids

Naomi, of the Love Taza blog, had a sad, but pretty wonderful, but kind of sad, but really it was great, but also sad, but it made her appreciate her family even more kind of Easter.

my heart already felt a bit heavy from the day. we’d heard news that sweet friends of ours had lost their little one that morning, and i just couldn’t wrap my head around it. my heart felt so broken. i watched eleanor quietly as she brushed her teeth.  she leaned outside the doorway of the bathroom and looked over at me, giving me the biggest thumbs up, as she brushed. and it made me teary eyed…i have these guys. my family. and simple gestures like a thumbs up from my little girl after a long day means something to me. it’s a great reminder of how family makes sense.

Sorry your kid is dead, but what a Happy Easter for me because mine are alive!  Oh hey is it ok if I use your dead kid story for my blog underneath my description of how much I love Easter candy? I’m so blessed!


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We Wore What Will Sell You #gypsy #bindis

We Wore What, the blogger who totally doesn’t photoshop, has a “new startup“. She is now selling cheap bindis, apparently marketed towards white folks going to festivals.

we appropriated what

we appropriated what

Yes folks, now you too can participate in traditional “gypsy” culture by wearing a “bindi”. Wait. What?


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‘Design Mom’ – A Liveblogged Book Review

My copy of “Design Mom: How To Live With Kids: A Room-By-Room Guide” by Gabrielle Stanley Blair finally arrived last night. In spite of its lumbering title I am prepared to provide you hams with a real-time reading review. I have bellini fixin’s and a whole day to kill, so let’s get this party started!

On to the TL;DR…


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Social Media Marketing World Musical Act Proves Everyone Is Talented At Anything They Do

In a performance worthy of the Grammys the folks at Social Media Marketing World sang the moving song “We Are Social”. The stirring performance is being hailed as the new “Give A Kidney” and we fully expect a full length musical to be written around this amazing song. If you want to feel like you’re being held by a choir of angels for 7 thundering minutes of musical bliss, do yourself a favor and watch this video.


So brave. This is just more proof that constant praise no matter what results in magnificently talented humans. Only positive feedback ever for everyone!


April 1

Internet Enters New Era Of Kindness Thanks To Bloggers

The Internets Hug Council announced today that meanies on the intarwebs have been completely eradicated thanks to the work of super so brave bloggers.

“We are so thrilled that the internet is now restricted to nice people saying nice things,” said Careof Tynole. “People telling other people their content is not good is something that should have ended years ago!”

Susan Sponzorad says that for “far too long, people have been made to feel bad by the objective critiques of others” and claims the “new law will make it possible for people to produce endless mediocrity without fear of honest opinions opening their eyes to their lack of talent or skill”.

She then smiled and shouted “Oh glorious day!” before changing her blog’s default font to Comic Sans.


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Pink Peonies Had A Baby Shower And It Probably Cost More Than Your Wedding

Rachel Parcell, of the money tree Parcells, finally posted the details of her baby shower. It’s about as low key and tasteful as you’d expect from someone who thinks the ideal office space involves animal print rugs and pink high heels. Wearing her usual light touch of makeup and practical shoes, Rachel swept into the intimate gathering and began posing for the hired photographer.

The shower had about 9 gorillion acres of flower arrangements (pink and white peonies and roses of course), custom invitations, and a three course catered meal with a ‘gourmet’ bakery providing the requisite macarons.

Kim Kardashamormon held this baby bump blowout at her palatial Middlanowhere, UT estate, filling the grand ballroom with rented tables, chairs, and linens.  After putting away the gold, frankincense, and myrrh presented to her by her shower guests she tried to find something to do with all the flowers, settling on Bathroom and Purse Bouquets as the answer.


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Programming Note: GOMI Liveblogged Blogger Book Reviews

Happy Monday, hams! I’m trying to figure out why the internet turns into a pit of boring every single year around the beginning of April and I have to assume it’s just spring fever. So in order to combat this intarwebs slump, and because we all had a such fun last time, I have decided to do Liveblogged Blogger Book Reviews as a semi-regular feature.

I just put in an order to Amazon for the following:

- Homemakers: A Domestic Handbook for the Digital Generation by Brit Morin
- Design Mom: How to Live with Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide by Gabrielle Stanley Blair
- Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home by Emily Schuman
- Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy by Joy Cho

I’ve saved the next Young House Love book and the second Ramshackle Glam book to order as their release date approaches. It would obviously be delightful if I could get blogger books early all the time, but eh no big deal. I have no problem buying them and then mailing them on to one of you hams when I’m done.

Design Mom liveblogged book review will happen Wednesday afternoon! Are there any other blogger books I should add to my list?



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Natalie Jean Wants You To Know Her Book Is Not Her Fault Unless You Like It And In That Case She Is Super Proud Of It

‘Hey Natalie Jean’, the book by Natalie Jean,  seems to be disappointing about 50% of the planet. As usual Natalie will blame someone else for why it’s not anything like what she promised it would be.

Abrams requested a traditional coffee table blog-to-book kind of deal; a lot of photos, all lifestyle advice–such is the market (for a while they wanted recipes? disaster!)–and that really scared me…There was a bit of a song + dance that had to go on in order to keep a lot of the essays that made it in the final manuscript–Abrams wanted a ham sandwich, light on the infertility. I was prepared to write a Reuben.

Natalie then tries to cover her butt with the publishing world by adding “as far as ham sandwiches go, I happen to think my ham sandwich is probably the best one you can get”. She also claims that she wanted to write a bunch of meaningful essays because she is “far, far less comfortable positioning myself as some kind of advice-giver on aaaaanything” despite the fact that she has heavily branded herself as “the authority on creating a beautiful, hip, dreamy life”.

Evidently this is part of her the meaty stuff will be in my NEXT book campaign, because she keeps mentioning something about ‘next time’ it will be more essays. Whatever.