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Pink Peonies Is Pregnant Again Just Like Everyone Has Been Saying For Three Months

Rachel Parcell, the “jewelry designer” and alleged seven figure a year blogger, has announced her fertility issues seem to be over.

This little baby (who already is kicking up a storm) was a BIG surprise!!! It took me a year (and one round of clomid) to get pregnant with Isla Rose so I never would’ve imagined I would get pregnant with my next baby so quickly!

Saying she “only had one period between Isla and this baby” she goes on to share the details of buying and taking a pregnancy test in Italy. No word on whether she has scheduled baby number two’s first jet ski ride.

  1. LaverneandHurling

    I get the impression that the "fertility struggles" a lot of these bloggers (and if I may stereotype, especially the religious ones) have are based in ignorance surrounding biology and how their bodies work. Because when pressed on what the issues were (and by the way, a year is not an unusual amount of time to be trying) it seems like it comes down to relying on prayer rather than tracking cycles and having sex at the optimal times. I know you want Jesus to take the wheel, but sometimes you gotta grab the sperm by the horns, ladies.

    And thanks for the details on how many periods you had before you let Gary Busey Jr. put another baby in you. f**king gross.

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    • I was under the impression that trying for about a year-18 months before getting pregnant was pretty standard for healthy women in their 20s, but I guess not for these Mormon ladybloggers. It seems like if they don't get pregnant within 30 days of going off the pill then they have infertility problems and it's time to start clomid.

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      • LaverneandHurling

        A year is about the time you may want to talk to a doctor, and that's if you've been tracking each month. If you haven't been tracking, they usually have you do that for a couple of months to get a read on where to go from there, and will test the dude, too, for good measure.

        Doctors have zero problem passing out Clomid like candy. The idiotic thing about going on it if you don't need it is that you're pretty much guaranteed multiples (I know a couple who were "impatient" and she went on Clomid and BOOM twins) which then means you're automatically in the high risk category... Why would you do that to yourself? I guess since Clomid made me want to die, I don't get why anyone would go on it if she didn't absolutely have to, but then again I'm not a Mormon ladyblogger. I don't even own a pair of rockstuds!

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        • Bolivian Army Wedding Singer

          Huh?! They can't just give out Clomid like that! Well getting multiple pregnancies is one thing but haven't they heard about Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome where the ovaries are too worked up that they make enormously abnormal cysts in the ovaries that when the cysts bursts, the fluid floods the pelvic region (sometimes you can see it up to the level where your liver is) which f*(*T&&% hurts and sends the woman to the ER and if it's a severe case, is dangerous.

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          • Bolivian Army Wedding Singer


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          • game over bro

            I think this is not so common to happen with clomid. It's more likely with injectibles, and it's pretty scary like you said.

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          • Ughno

            Plus it increases your risk of ovarian and breast cancer. Women's health, y'all.

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          • LaverneandHurling

            Not saying I agree with it, but my (limited, anecdotal) experiences has proven this to be not so uncommon. My doctor prescribed it and told me it's pretty much the go-to if you've been tracking and trying consistently and still no baby.

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        • I have one pair of twins (one or both of them) in every class period I teach every year for the past three years. I've never seen so many twins! I used to have MAYBE one person who was a twin in ONE of my classes (been teaching 16 years). I assume that Clomid is pretty readily available.

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        • Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

          clomid causes twin pregnancies in about 1 in 10 women who take it.
          I've taken it twice and both times were single pregnancies.
          The reason it's given out "like candy" as you say is because it really does work (in both men AND women) and the side effects are not cancer.
          Only prolonged doses of the drug can increase your risk of cancer (taken longer than 1 year).

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      • Sue (the napkin)

        It's more like 6 months if you're ovulating and timing sex well. Technically 12 months is te definition of infertility, but a quick SA and ultrasound are often given at six months.

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    • potatohead

      YEP. While there are definitely people struggling with fertility, I gotta say I side-eye the hell out of people who are like "we just can't get pregnant!" and haven't even tried tracking/temping yet. Like . .. really?

      (That said, tracking is a PITA and nothing made me feel crazier and less sexy than yelping at my husband "there's a smiley face on this OPK, bone me right now!")

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      • LaverneandHurling

        Oh yeah, I hated it, but at least we did something about it, like an adult. I mean, I still can't get/stay pregnant if my life depended on it but A for effort, yo!

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        • my dog knows your secrets

          You are me. Hugs. (We gave up after 5 years and 6 losses + 1 failed adoption. Of course my sister - pregnant at 16 and 19 - told me I didn't try hard enough.)

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          • Quarter Assed Quilt

            Oof. That super sucks. Huge ham hugs to you guys. :(

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          • Billsburg

            Hugs to both of you...and Dog; your sister sounds like a real delight! :(

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          • AlbionGal

            I'm sorry for your losses. Hugs.

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          • LaverneandHurling

            Oh, I am so, so sorry. We stopped a little over a year ago and it still stings when people ask when we're having a little one (we both love kids).

            I try not to talk shit about other people's relatives, but your sister needs to shut up right quick.

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          • Vagine

            My Sisters! At least trying can be fun!

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          • Cold Comfort Farm

            I have a b***h of a sister too. Sorry. She was HORRIBLE to anyone who dared get pregnant around her, feeling that everyone did it on purpose. I guess b***hes find any excuse to be insufferable and evil to people who love them- just for kicks. Sorry it happened to you too.

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          • omg I'm so sorry you went through all of that

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        • potatohead

          i'm sorry. :( But A for effort, definitely! (Hopefully it sticks soon!)

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      • Sue (the napkin)

        The ostentatiously "relaxed" people are generally the ones who take longer to get pregnant. Like Katie so infertile Bower. Was very condescending towards people who tracked their period or temped or expressed any knowledge about the process, and didn't get pregnant herself until the first month after she learned the basic biological generalisations (ie, start having sex around day 10, have sex every second day, stop ten days before your period is due).

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        • LaverneandHurling

          Or the "relaxed" people are the ones who got pregnant right away or with no problems conceiving. My cousin said this to me in a very well-meaning way, but she got pregnant exactly when she wanted to with her first and had her second a little earlier than planned, so again: no waiting, tracking, etc. Like, thanks for the advice to "RELAX" because I hadn't heard that before!

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    • Basic Bitch Bingo

      When I started trying to get pregnant, I was told to come back in 6 months if we weren't successful.

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      • LaverneandHurling

        I was told 6 months as well, partially because of my age at the time we started (35), partially because my doc didn't want to f**k around.

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        • Albie Quirky

          Yes, but Rachel is in her 20s. Of course it's her body and her medical decisions, but Clomid is so unpleasant IMO I would have waited a bit myself.

          I hope everything works out well and that she has another healthy baby. (I find her blog immensely tiresome, but I'm sure she doesn't need my clicks!)

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          • Mormon doctors probably just throw in a Clomid RX with the Zoloft, Xanax, and Adderal.

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            • kris 34

              Weren't they married like four years before the first baby? I bet they were not preventing at all and then only seriously tried the year before the chlomid round.

              I'm glad she is having another. Maybe they were trying to be low key with her SIL who recently got pregnant after three IVFs.

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              • BT

                Nope... she was likely on the pill or had an arm implant. There are no rules about using birth control, despite what some might think. Mostly, I think she's just a naive spoiled Utah Mormon girl who doesn't understand how it works. And her 'struggle' with infertility is a bit of a slap in the face for those of us who have truly struggled with it. Funny enough, my doctor refused to give me clomid because it could increase my chances of a multiple birth, and I would already be considered high risk, no matter what, because I've had a preterm birth/loss at 25 weeks. And now, after 40, well... some doctors are just rude because now I'm being told I'm 'too old' yet there are plenty of women older than me having perfectly normal pregnancies.

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          • LaverneandHurling

            Oh, totally, but between the attention whoring/headpats they get for the OMGinfertility #struggleisreal #sobrave and also general ignorance and impatience...not shocked at all. I mean, do you, but that shit f**ked me up. And still no babies, and certainly not two under two.

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    • When I read that "Gary Busey, Jr" comment, I had to click on her site to see the husband. After seeing him - yeah. Total Gary Busey, Jr., and totally fug. Gross.

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      • whatevernext

        Good grief! I had to go and look too - he's wearing Jim Carey's teeth :( Eurgh.

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  2. Expecto Patronum

    I just wish she'd posted a picture of that baby bump.

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    • Comment Pending Approval

      Cannon sponsored her pregnancy announcement? Sweet Baby Jesus....

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    • the french fry queen

      Seriously I was like wait there are more pictures? *scroll scroll scroll* oh my God how many pictures are there?

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  3. KAS

    If there was any doubt, this crazy stretched shot from a few days ago erased it:

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    • Right On Top of That Rose

      I laughed so hard at this photo until I finally had to go take a Dramamine and lie down. I feel like I'm looking through some sort of funhouse distortion lens every time I see it.

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    • hymen guarding

      What kind of f**kery is this?

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    • oh, you

      Cripes, she could have quintuplets without trouble in that funhouse mirror of a torso.

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  4. KB

    i HATE when these bloggers jump on the infertility bandwagon. We tried for 2.5 years and did 5 rounds of clomid, stopped clomid, and went back on clomid a year late and it took us another 3 rounds. F her and her "infertility" issues. PS, I'm due in August :)

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    • LaverneandHurling

      I second the "F her" and also: CONGRATULATIONS!

      Please be sure to have the baby announcement sponsored. :)

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    • the french fry queen

      I don't know who is worse with their fertility issues BS her or Taza

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      • Albie Quirky

        I feel like some mommy bloggers emphasize their (fairly quickly resolved) fertility issues to be more relatable to readers who are experiencing fertility issues themselves, but my guess is that it backfires with people whose challenges have been more serious or protracted.

        Also, it makes them especially brave mamas for having struggled against "adversity", so buy things from their sponsors because so brave!

        Best of luck to you, KB! August babies are brilliant and compassionate and funny...ask me how I know! ;)

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    • game over bro

      Her life is so easy that she's inventing hardship.

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  5. Tobias Funke


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  6. controlled slide on my hog

    The last sentence f**king killed me. DYING.

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  7. Ghost Backup Dancers

    On behalf of all my GOMI infertility sisters, I just wanna say STFU Rachel. A whole year?! How about several years and several rounds of IUI and/or IVF? Injecting yourself with all kinds of meds to get and stay pregnant? THAT is fertility problems.

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    • it's actually an apiary

      She never said the word infertility. She said she was surprised it happened so fast, but she never claimed that the was infertile or dealt with infertility.

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      • Ghost Backup Dancers

        My use of "infertility" reflects the name of our group...I did not suggest it was Rachel's word.

        Suggesting that she has "fertility problems" is inaccurate, and that's what I take offense to. After my own actual, diagnosed fertility difficulties, I'd trade an awful lot to have Rachel's sort of "problems" getting pregnant.

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      • BT

        Actually, she *did* hint to it. She said on her blog it took her a year and a round of clomid to get pregnant the first time. To be honest, I doubt she really needed the clomid, but because there are other women in her family who have legit fertility issues, I'm sure she was hounded to ask for it, because... well... just because she can I suppose. You don't take clomid just to take it... by admitting she took clomid, she's basically claiming fertility issues. I mean, that's like saying, "I was drunk," but having people argue she never actually said she was drinking, just that she was drunk. The most logical inference is that she was drinking. But it's *possible" I suppose that she would snort, inhale or... heh... give herself an alcohol enema. Actually, funny story about that. I know a few Mormon kids who *did* give themselves alcohol enemas in order to get drunk... but they they justified it saying that it was okay since they didn't actually *drink* the alcohol. Stupid kids.

        Per her blog:

        " It took me a year (and one round of clomid) to get pregnant with Isla Rose so I never would’ve imagined I would get pregnant with my next baby so quickly!"

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  8. Ladycoder Tantrums

    When your entire worth as a human being is based on your ability to pop out many many spirit babies from Heaven, you'd start worrying after a couple of periods with no pregnancy, too...

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  9. Toothpaste

    As someone who had to use an egg donor in my 20s (that's use, not be) it kills me when these ladies are all "it took us a year! And I had to use omg Clomid! A $15 prescription!"

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    • the french fry queen

      I'm in my early 30s also have to use an egg donor. I feel ya.

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      • LaverneandHurling

        Oof. Hugs to you both. Once all was said and done and we were staring down the barrel of an egg donor, a carrier (high risk of miscarriage), and maybe a sperm donor too...we just shut it down. Hats off to anyone who has the emotional and physical fortitude to handle all of that.

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  10. Curator of my Children's Privacy

    The most surprising part of that "announcement" (can you call it an announcement when everybody already knows?) was that she had it sponsored. I knew she was a sellout, but I didn't think she was that bad. I wonder who will sponsor the birth announcement...Tucks pads?

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  11. Curator of my Children's Privacy

    I call B.S. on her story of how she found out she was pregnant. There's no way she bought a pregnancy test in Florence and then forgot to take it or Drew didn't remind her to take it after he insisted she buy one. b***h totally knew she was pregnant before Italy; she already had a baby bump! However, I do believe the part about her telling Emily first. She's exactly that idiotic and has her priorities out of whack. I think there's something really unhealthy about the Skalla sisters' relationship.

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  12. Dishpit

    Awww. Yay for her. She seems to like being a mom.

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  13. x-designer

    It only took us 3 years of tracking, 2 laparoscopic surgeries for endometriosis removal before they put me on clomid for 3 months so we could get pregnant with baby #1... 22 years ago. The doctors then proceeded to tell us that with all the troubles we had to get baby #1, baby #2 would not show up for a very long time and 'to start practicing now'. I was pregnant 9 weeks later after baby #1!! Ooops!

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    • Krister

      It took us 2.5 years of temping/charting only to discover I don't ovulate, have progesterone issues, and my hubby had minimal swimmers who don't like to swim apparently. 4 IUI's later (including 2 that were canceled because they didn't have enough sperm to work with) we moved on to IVF with ICSI because his sperm didn't swim... we did 4 rounds resulting in single baby, followed by identical twins where we lost one, then fraternal twins. We were told not by our RE that we had a better chance of winning the lottery than we did at naturally conceiving and even if we did I'd have to be on progesterone to keep from miscarrying.

      Well long story short is I have a 5th child now (she's 3 months old) that came along when my twin boys were 2. And this was after a post partum infection nearly killed me and left my uterus and fallopian tubes full of scar tissue. So these types of stories do happen.

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