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Pioneer Woman Is Selling Stuff At Wal-Mart


Pioneer Woman, shucks y’all, has a new cookware line that went on sale yesterday.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this collection with you, and I am over-the-moon thrilled that Walmart will be launching it. The quality of the pieces is amazing, the prices are fantastic, and every single item is a reflection of the things I love in life.

The collection seems to be a lot of enamelware style stuff, mason jar glasses, and “rustic” wood handled kitchen tools which are all very trendy on The Pinterest Machine. The flatware and dinnerware is not really all that distinctive – I’ve seen similar stuff at Dollar Tree for years – but will probably sell like crazy with her rabid fanbase.

So, not really interesting news. But she’s still a blogger and it’s really slow this week, and since Marlboro Woman seems dead I figured some of you out there might want a chance to discuss ole Ree.

  1. I won't lie - I actually like a LOT of her stuff here. The Flea Market stuff is my favorite.

    I just wish it wasn't being carried at Wal-Mart.

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    • boredbeyondbelief

      I have to admit, I like the floral patterns on the plates/bowls. My husband and I are boring and only buy white dishes/servingware so that they'll always match (or at least coordinate), so I think I'm having a reaction to color. :)
      I might have to buy the mixing bowl--it is ridiculously difficult to find good sized ceramic mixing bowls in my neck of the woods (they're all plastic or metal!), and my mom keeps catching me when I try to steal hers. I avoid both Walmart and Pioneer Woman like the freaking plague, though, so it's a bit of a dilemma.

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      • unikorn woo

        Scour ebay and etsy for some beautiful Pfaltzgraff botanicals or Johnson Bros ironstone. I've also found beautiful heavy bowls from Portugal and Italy @Winners (Canadian TJMaxx) :)

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        • rai

          Look at flea markets and antique stores (and ebay) for old Pyrex mixing bowls. I have some that my mom gave me because they're "too 70s" and they're orange and yellow with white daisies on them and I adore them. I use them for everything.

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          • Denim Skirt Money

            My mom has that set! Those sets (and older) are listed for $50+ dollars at markets. The Pioneer bowls are half that price (and insanely cute AND sold out).

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        • burstpipes

          Hijacking to add -- u-woo,I didn't realize you're a Can Ham, too!

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      • boombalatty

        I like the colors of the mixing bowls (would coordinate nicely with my Fiesta collection), but the grooved interiors seem like they would be annoying to actually use while baking.

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        • everyone should wear crop tops

          I like it but I refuse to shop at Walmart. Plus, I don't really need anything like that.

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        • Vodka with Icebergs

          Fiesta Ham here too! I was thinking the same thing. But I wouldn't give PW or Walmart any of my hard earned bacon.

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          • Spare me the details

            This times 1000! I'll pay for quality and made in the USA all day long!

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      • sprinkle coated stethoscope


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      • When I moved overseas, I packed my mixing bowl in my one large suitcase. I feel your pain regarding great mixing bowls. I FEELS IT SO BAD.

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      • Headpat Junquie

        To find a batter bowl with a pouring spout at this price? I think it's fine. I'd buy this stuff over the more expensive stuff at Target. It's all made in China.

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      • Kcarp

        I buy all white as well. I can break any piece and it doesnt matter. Tj Max has a lot of white stuff i love. I pick it up in thrift stores too.

        Im impressed your husband knows the color of your dishware. I guarantee my husband has no clue what color our plates are or what serving ware even is.

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      • Haven

        Like most of what she claims as "hers" it's mostly copies. Those florals are reminiscent of the MacKenzie Childs stuff she has shown on her blog for years. A lot of the other items have been done a million times, from Dollar General to Macy's - nothing groundbreaking there. She's counting on her wannabe fans to snap it all up and no doubt they will.

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        • Ranger Doug

          Here's what really gets me about PW. On her FB page, she always refers to her fans as "friends." And she says stuff like "because it's Monday and I love ya," here's a giveaway. Then she turns around and sells them crap made in China, that's just copies of better stuff. So yeah, I guess that's what you do to your "friends." Rip them off with cheap shit. Also, trot your kids out because who would DARE say anything bad about your kids. And you're not a money grabber? Ok PDubs, get on wit yo' bad self, you old fox, you.

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          • gehugh

            And the products contain lead and cadmium in the glazes, according to the producer. What a lovely way to treat your friends! Has she given away any of her toxic items yet because she loves her faithful flock. Gag me with a Ginzu.

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        • Cold Comfort Farm

          I just bought some of this stuff and it's really nice. It's pretty heavy and well-made. I love it and I'm going to WK for it. The cookie jar is freaking adorable, I like the mason jar sippers a lot more than I thought I would, and it is all really affordable. Do I wish she had sold it through Costco? yes. I have a soft spot for PW. I was actually kicked off a fundie mommy website many years ago for posting a link to her blog. Remember how PW used to have the cowgirl pinup pictures? The mommy group acted like I posted a link to corn. LOL I didn't even see the pinup crap- I honestly just thought the tutorials for recipes were great. As a new wife/mom, they were really helpful to me.

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      • toastedcoco

        Marshalls, Ross, tj maxx all carry good quality kitchenware.

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        • catfoodisgood4u

          Serriously! My local TJMaxx is my go-to for practically anything kitchen related.

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      • Impylicious

        Once a thing is created though, you can't blame it! Don't blame the bowl! It already exists! Just give it a great home! :-)

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      • alpenrose

        I'm with you on the all white dishes and serveware. I did buy a set of footed bowls and different patterned mugs (gasp!) because I'm drawn to the turquoise/red combo for some reason. The bowl holds a lot of fried rice.

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    • mkerin

      I agree -- that Flea Market stuff is pretty cute (that pitcher should get in my house now), but those mason jar mugs/whatever are super fug -- I thought that was over? Is that a thing we are still supposed to be doing? Moonshine glassware? So many questions.

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    • Hater Face

      Agreed. I actually really like Ree. She seems genuine and also her branchings out from her blog seem smart and not a total money grab.

      That being said, I hate Walmart. Maybe some of it will end up at Goodwill. Then I'll buy it.

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      • foxywingchick

        Okay, uh, a genuine what exactly? Not a money grab?

        Finally, do you even go here? If this is my sarcasm fail, I apologize, otherwise so much nope.


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        • Hater Face

          Genuinely confused by your comment. She's never rubbed me the wrong way. I also read through the first page of comments here and no one honestly seems genuinely bugged by her. Not white knighting, I just don't see the issue with her. *Shrug* Good for her is how I feel.

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        • Hater Face

          But yes, it's all a joke.

          Just kidding. I honestly don't care enough about the Pioneer Woman to argue. I don't know that much about her but what I have seen, I do like. That's all I can say.

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        • We're not morally obligated to snark in order to be involved in GOMI. She can "go here" and still not hate the PW. It's... not that big a deal.

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          • Bitch Eating Crackers

            I understand why PW bugs people but she doesn't really bug me too much. She doesn't sell out her kids and so far I've liked all the recipes I've made of hers. I do know though that when someone is already rich and then has had this much success, its sometimes hard to root for them. She's made some smart business choices thats for sure and she seems to love and enjoy her kids which is a lot more than I've seen from some other successful bloggers so I won't hate on her too much

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          • Hater Face

            Thank you! I don't follow any food bloggers but I've come across her blog and her show and like her. So sue me! Actually don't sue me. I'm poor. I could use some of that PW money.

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    • New Generation Eye Massager with Mood Light and Airbags

      I don't know about her stuff, but she's got a couple decent recipes.

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      • Tits and Teeth

        Many of her recipes can be found in any Midwestern church or hospital auxiliary cookbook - I have many in my grandmother and mother's recipe files (I'm a Nebraska girl who has lived all over - am in California now) . The thing is they're not new or original - they're Midwestern standards, which is fine, just be honest about it.

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        • crazy addict

          Not wking (ok, maybe totally wking) but I think she's pretty upfront with things. She says "this is my aunt martha's potluck recipe" or whatever.

          I have a soft place in my heart for Ree because when I first got married and didn't know how to boil water, her recipes helped me not feed my family hamburger helper every night.

          I've moved on, but I can't hate her.

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          • Albie Quirky

            She does now; she didn't at first. If she had been upfront about it earlier, I would be more in favor of it, because "recipes from old-timey community cookbooks" is a great market niche.

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          • catfoodisgood4u

            Dito! Minus the whole marriage thing.

            I taught myself to cook from her site. Sure it was unhealthy, but the pwetty picture step-by-step instructions were very beneficial to someone who had no idea how to cut a garlic.

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        • Palindrome Birthday Baby

          I literally just signed on to agree with this (My fam is Mennonite and Midwestern) - you can find all this stuff in those paper and plastic-bound church cookbooks. Which I guess is no big deal - if you don't have those on hand, and you like that type of food, she's a good resource.

          Also, hey fellow Nebraskan! I used to live in California, too, but now I'm back in the good life state.

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          • Tits and Teeth

            Hey right back atcha!

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            • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

              i am also a Husker girl, Tits and Baby!!

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        • TheCheeseStandsAlone

          Sure but some of us didn't grow up in the midwest. (Truth be told I have a hard time placing exactly where all those "middle states" belong on a map.) So I find her making those "comfort foods" accessible to those of us who never saw these standards. And also agree with other posts... she usually does preface it with this is so-and-so's recipe, or I had his after church one day.

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      • EarlyEarthquake

        I stopped reading her blog because I never felt she was forthcoming about anything (wealth, recipes, background), but her Starbucks dupe maple oat scones are legit delicious.

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  2. ernst

    "Pioneer Woman, shucks y’all,"

    Thanks for starting my morning with actual LOLs!

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    • I Want a Donut So Bad

      At first I read it as "Pioneer Woman, sucks y'all".

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  3. herpderpsnarf

    Girlfriend is so rich. The grocery store people are going to eat this shit up.

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  4. Like Did Bacall

    The comment section on her blog post is getting interesting. Big Wally World debate. It's pandermanium, y'all! This woman isn't having it:

    "Who cares, Wal-Mart is an affordable company. Would you rather it be at Macy's, or Dillard's where you can't afford one item. You may not like Wal-Mart so you have that choice called "freedom" where you can shop. I'm sure Ree choose to make it affordable for all customers. Be positive if you don't like it DON'T buy IT!!!!"

    Freedom! Freedom fries! You don't like these plastic China dishes? Then go back to France, you traitor of the USA!

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    • Semi Ho

      I don't know why people act like everything at Target or Macy's is fair trade. Also Macy's treats its employees poorly (or at least the store where my mother worked did) but the shit costs three times as much so you can't buy dishes there on their wages.
      Costco on the other hand is apparently a beacon of light in a dark world, maybe P Dub should be selling there?

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        Target has solid employee protection/support and community relations programs in place. They actually are quite a bit less evil than Wal-Mart.

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        • SimpleSwampWalrus

          Tell that to the thousands of Target employees in Canada that lost their jobs after Target royally botched their entry into the Canadian market and then bailed leaving people with a pittance in severance pay.

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            You are correct, and I stand corrected. I was speaking only of my knowledge of their US business practice.

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        • TINA bring me the axe

          They are still anti-union. But that's pretty much anyone anymore.

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        • squid

          My husband worked for both. He preferred Walmart because Walmart knew the government was watching them closer so they behaved better. And when they didn't, they'd get sued and we'd get a payout (about $1000 between us but still!) Target and Walmart are both very anti-union and both go out of their way to prevent employees from being full-time. Next time you go to the store, look at the employees and ask if they think they're being treated well or if you just think that because your cart is full. Full disclosure: my entire outfit today is from Target so I'm just as bad.

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          • happygoldfish

            Yep. I had a dear friend who managed a Target and he spent half his time keeping the union people off the property. Seeing that they're going to need to wise up before Amazon destroys them it will be interesting to watch.

            FWIW-- this is the same mentality elsewhere, like at daycares. Keeping payroll down is always the goal.

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        • carnypost

          I beg to disagree. The couple targets in my area are HORRIBLE!! I stopped shopping there a couple years ago. They cannot keep employees for long. Even the summer high school kids can't wait to get OUT.

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    • Chicken Milk

      Oh, lady, if you can't afford "one item" at Macys, then maybe new cookware should not be your top priority.

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      • Ranger Doug

        The vast majority of my wardrobe is from Macys online. Shoot, dresses for under $30, tops under $20, shoes under $50 . . . IMO, I think my wardrobe is better/more fashionable than Ree's $1000 blowsy maternity tops. Hate to admit though, I have those same blue Fossil earrings she always wears (of course, she has the green, too; at least I got mine before I saw she had them) but I got mine on clearance.

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    • morris

      She scrubs her comments to keep the discord just interesting enough. She's dumb like a f**king fox.

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    • morris

      Um, Girlfriend scrubs her comments to just the right amount of controversy that doesn't push her ignoramuses over the edge. Been there, seen it. And, finally, she isn't buying her $800 gypsy shirts at Walmart. Ree puts a gold digger to shame. Gold diggers are more nuanced.

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      • Jan74, Fatopotomus

        It is criminal that such horrible shirts cost that much.

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      • reganomics

        She married into MM's fancy ranch money but her father was a surgeon or something, so...there's that? Rich people tend to marry other rich people, especially in bumf**k OK.

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    • Screaming at ALL The Vaginas (Formerly Ruby Jiselle)

      Why do people think screaming "Be positive!" makes things better? How does "being positive" about shopping at a company that deliberately underpays it's workers and uses slave labour helping anything?

      Maybe if we all Positive hard enough things will be sunshine and rainbows?

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  5. erin

    oh my god the cookie jar.

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    • Tits and Teeth

      My mancat's aunt loves PW and dogs - that cookie jar may be a no-brainer Christmas gift for her - I don't wanna do it but it's so damn easy.

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      • Bacon in Beans at Restaurants

        Too late--it's already out of stock. Over half of the serveware is already sold out.

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  6. Bacon in Beans at Restaurants

    I see that her cast iron enameled dutch ovens come with an additional stainless steel knob. Take note, you f**kwads at Le Creuset. Even PW knows better than to provide only a bakelite knob that can't withstand oven temps greater than 350 degrees.

    Am I pissed that I had to fork out extra $$$ to make my own Le Creuset usable? Why, yes--however did you guess?

    THIS! (105)  NOPE! (3)

    • Andrea

      Le Creuset has been made for generations in France and will last forever. Her stuff, made in China, has yet to prove itself. It could be absolutely toxic poison like everything else they make over there, and/or could just be cheap crap that breaks in months.

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      • Le Fake Creuset

        Actually, a lot of Le Crueset sold in the US is no longer made in France. Check the packaging- it's in tiny print. All the pieces I've seen have been made in Asia.

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        • catatonic with ennui

          Yep. I don't think the Le Creuset sold in France is all made in France either. Globalization at work.

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          • Stuck in the South

            The enamel pots like the Dutch ovens are still made in France. But most of the accessories are made in China.

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  7. charm

    yeah, i wont lie, i would most likely buy most of this. actually, i'm probably going to have a couple of sets of the cowgirl flatware sent to a family members house in the USA and get her to send it in our christmas parcel :)

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  8. Hamerpants

    Not that this has anything to do with her flatware or anything, but I was a PW fan for a little while back in the days of yore when I first started reading blogs-like 6 years ago- and then she started to annoy me so I checked out, but her detractors are some of the few that actually DO come off as Jeloz haterz to me. There is plenty to snark about with PW (and her "aw shucks, little ole me???" routine is ridiculous) but she's always just come off as a totally above-it-all-business-lady to me. At least when I was reading, even when she was annoying, there never seemed to a be sanctimonious or judgy tone, or anything other than, "this is the way my family lives. How does your family live?" I just see her as mildly snark worthy- not worthy of creating entire blogs and delving into court documents...

    THIS! (101)  NOPE! (8)

    • Sparkly Crystal Chandler

      I feel the same way, Hamerpants. Dude, do you know how many pissed off bloggers are going to see us commenting about actually liking this line of cookware? "No Fair!!! I bet Ree paid them to say nice things about her!"

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      • The stupid is strong

        I did not think GOMI folks could ever be bought....we are too jaded and sarcastic. Or maybe that's just me...

        THIS! (3)  NOPE! (2)

    • Caitlin, Supermom

      Well, not sure about her being a totally upstanding business woman. According to her detractors, she's pretty shady about some stuff. I could go either way, but I sure can't stand the affectation.

      THIS! (16)  NOPE! (9)

      • Hamerpants

        I didn't really mean that she was an "upstanding" businesswoman- that's not really the same as being "good at business". I know literally nothing about her business ethics, but she certainly seems to be damn good at it- that blog is professional and she runs it like a professional.

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    • Party Falcon

      I've always attributed a ton of her success to two things: 1) her blog persona is both very very far removed from her real self and yet genuine enough to be aspirational to a certain segment of the population. 2) Her comments are heavily moderated and NOT by her.

      Basically she's created a character to play online (fairly shamelessly if you are savvy enough to care) and then is smart enough to insulate herself from the inevitable criticism.

      Sure, I was shocked as shit when I realized that girlfriend was swimming in horse troughs of money and I felt a little betrayed by what seemed like an unreliable, even dishonest narrative. But honestly, once you know, it's pretty clear that she doesn't really hide her lifestyle. Those boots and pick 'em up trucks are expensive.

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  9. Sparkly Crystal Chandler

    Shit, that batter bowl is whispering sweet nothings in my ear right now.

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    • Hamerpants

      I really enjoy the pressed glass stuff- I am a sucker for colored glass.

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      • Aunt Cornelia, badass

        Ughh the jadeite cake stand that is already sold out is perfect. </3

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        • Hamerpants

          There are TONS of those jadeite cake stands- Martha Stewart for Macys had that in several sizes at one point. Don't despair! It can be yours!

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          • Mary Poppins on METH

            HAHA! THANKS AND WHEW!

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            • LaverneandHurling

              Hit up any antique store and you can find a genuine jadeite cake stand. Guarantee it.

              THIS! (7)  NOPE! (2)

              • Hamerpants

                Actually- if you're looking for the old Fire King jadeite stuff- I don't believe there IS a cake stand- so if you see one, they are probably a more modern thing someone donated- but they are really pretty, so if you like it, it doesn't matter.

                THIS! (6)  NOPE! (0)

              • Aunt Cornelia, badass

                Hamerpants, I can't reply to you, but thanks for the tip. I usually look at the jadeite and colored glass at antique stores but haven't found a cake stand I love yet. And, while I do love the antique stuff, some of these newer ones are a prettier/cleaner color. *hides under chair*

                THIS! (3)  NOPE! (0)

              • Hamerpants

                Aunt Cornelia- no hiding under chairs! I totally buy new stuff if I really love it- but I also love the thrill of the hunt I get with buying the old, genuine stuff- and I get really pissed off when someone tries to trick me into thinking something new is the real McCoy (and tries to get me to pay top dollar). I need another cake stand like I need another hole in my head, but if I had more room those martha stewart ones would be in my dining room right now...

                THIS! (2)  NOPE! (1)

              • Knotty Pine!!!!

                But the real ones are EEEEKspensive!!!

                THIS! (2)  NOPE! (0)

        • A few different glass manufacturers are selling on Amazon (not an affiliate link)

          THIS! (3)  NOPE! (1)

          • LaverneandHurling

            Hamerpants I can't seem to be able to reply to you, but yeah: I've been seeing jadeite cake stands in antique stores because they go FAST, I'm sure. Even if they aren't antiques, a lot of places get away with calling them "collectibles."

            THIS! (1)  NOPE! (0)

            • Hamerpants

              Oh definitely, just don't pay through the nose for one, since you could buy a brand-spankin' new one for not very much...

              I think I'm frequenting the wrong thrift stores if people see these all the time, but I did once saw one at an antique market and they had the nerve to list it for $150, which is ludicrous for something they probably bought at Macy's for $49.95 a month before

              THIS! (3)  NOPE! (0)

              • LaverneandHurling

                There's a whole district near us that's antique stores and stores that have that antique/vintage theme but sell new items as well (and handmade things like quilts and soaps that look vintage but are new) so that's probably where my "you can get this shit ANYWHERE!" mentality comes from! :) And yeah: $150 is f**king robbery. At least these stores I frequent charge a respectable amount. I think it's popular because people come in with a jadeite boner and buy up all the new stuff with the old to have a "set" so they know they'll get their money somewhere!

                THIS! (2)  NOPE! (0)

        • toastedcoco

          Marshalls recently had something similar, in multiple sizes. I don't work there, I swear!

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      • Douche Baguette

        Yeah, I love the sorbet cups — but I live in Australia and we don't eat sorbet. But if I lived in the US and we ate sorbet, I would totally buy them!

        THIS! (0)  NOPE! (1)

        • Bitchin' Betty

          Don't we? How come? I like sorbet. It's nice. Is it a Tony Abbott thing?

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    • TINA bring me the axe

      I'm starting to feel bad because my parents sent me an xmas gift a couple years ago that came in a nice, red ceramic batter bowl. I was like "what the hell, dad? I live in SF! ain't nobody got room for more bowls!" and I gave it to Goodwill.

      I'm sure it is lovingly owned now.

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  10. KERF's Basily Blast

    I wish I could business as well as she does. For all her down home persona she picked up some savvy somewhere. University or just running the ranch with her husband? Who knows!

    THIS! (20)  NOPE! (0)

    • LaverneandHurling

      She's well-educated, her dad was a business man (I believe?), and her husband comes from a family of successful ranchers so I'm sure she's got access to advisors on everything from branding to marketing to money-management, plus her own smarts.

      THIS! (19)  NOPE! (0)

      • realhousewifeofnewengland

        Her dad is an orthopedic surgeon I believe. Hence, country club/golf course living lady turned into accidental country girl.

        THIS! (7)  NOPE! (1)

        • LaverneandHurling

          Ah, I knew he was a professional of some sort and she had a country club upbringing. So, they must know people in various fields who could help their daughter with her little home-based business as she homeschools the kids. ;)

          THIS! (1)  NOPE! (2)


            She homeschools by hiring teachers and paying other homeschoolers to write about what she doesn't do. She'll have a reality show before long and go up in flames like Paula D.

            And the way to learn mad business skillz is to hire the same company who manages the EBAY brand. Love her or hate her, Ree bought her way into blogging. After that, she can take all that golly gee/see, I've got a cross around my neck and laugh all the way to the bank.

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            • catfoodisgood4u

              She doesn't actually homeschool her kids? I

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    • I visited Morocco at Epcot


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    • snek

      I've known a few people who are just really, really good at business and she's got the hallmarks of a natural. Good instincts, good timing, and knows when an opportunity fits the image she's selling. Having a good chunk of working capital to start off with doesn't hurt either.

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    • squid

      I don't really dislike her but I hate that she pretends she's uneducated when she comes from a family of well-educated people and married a multi-generational land-owning, business-owning man. She went to college and debated law school before deciding marriage would get her where she wanted faster than law school. Her choice to make but she minimizes her education for her uneducated audience, kind of like a politician might.

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  11. Fuuuu I hate myself for it but I really like the red plates. I used to like her a lot more than I do now, but my family has LATCHED ON to her, so I bet I will get some of this junk for Christmas.

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  12. Fiercely Intelligent Cow Living on the Island in your Cupboard

    I'm confused why the enamel cookware has reviews from July if it was only released yesterday but whatever, I'm a jealous hater grocery store person.

    Stuff does look nice and if her target audience shops at Wal-Mart, why, that's where she should be selling it.

    THIS! (8)  NOPE! (0)

    • Sparkly Crystal Chandler

      Lots of stores and chain restaurants will have test market early releases at a few locations across the country. My daughter works at Starbucks and they were a test location for the Starbucks Evenings thing a while back. (dinner and booze at Starbucks? Sure, why not)

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      • avantgarden

        Yeah, I live close to a test location Target- it can get confusing when they try to change things up to see how people react, but it is nice to get a first look at stuff.

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    • Just me again

      They're likely fake. Ideally, testers disclose when given free product. But with the launch of a major product line, there's an entire industry of paid fake reviewers. There are also obsessed fans who will look at the item in the store and then review it. Notice how few of the reviews actually talk about cooking/actual performance. You'll see more of that in a week or so.

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  13. unikorn woo

    Gosh golly gee, where would the world be without li'l ol' Ree Dee and Wal*Mart? Toastless!|+contentZone6+|+2015-09-01+|+1+|+LN-ReesToasts

    There aren't enough eyerolls.

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    • Bacon in Beans at Restaurants

      Whoa--toasts are sweeping the nation?!
      Thank god for Ree. No more FOMO. I can be part of the toast trend!

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    • Betrayed Zucchini Trust

      Only 85 years late...

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      • Gluten-Free in my Mind::::formerly Sassenach

        No Waitings No Watchings No Turnings No Burnings may be my new user name.

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        • crazy addict

          So my toaster broke, but I make toast like once every month so I never think to get a new one. However, making toast with the broiler is a royal pain in the ass and now that they mention it is IS annoying to have to worry about watching, turning, and burning.

          If only there were some device to save me from this woe!

          THIS! (2)  NOPE! (1)

    • ham scented candle

      I especially like how she completely avoids suggesting anything new or interesting combinations of ingredients. If somebody asked me to write a bullshit article about toast I'd at least make up something ridiculous like goat's cheese+truffle oil, or honey+saffron. But Ree just went "idk, peanut butter? I DON'T KNOW YOUR LIFE!"

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