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Pioneer Woman Is Selling Stuff At Wal-Mart


Pioneer Woman, shucks y’all, has a new cookware line that went on sale yesterday.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this collection with you, and I am over-the-moon thrilled that Walmart will be launching it. The quality of the pieces is amazing, the prices are fantastic, and every single item is a reflection of the things I love in life.

The collection seems to be a lot of enamelware style stuff, mason jar glasses, and “rustic” wood handled kitchen tools which are all very trendy on The Pinterest Machine. The flatware and dinnerware is not really all that distinctive – I’ve seen similar stuff at Dollar Tree for years – but will probably sell like crazy with her rabid fanbase.

So, not really interesting news. But she’s still a blogger and it’s really slow this week, and since Marlboro Woman seems dead I figured some of you out there might want a chance to discuss ole Ree.

  1. tootoo

    It bugs me when celebrities market something that they would never use themselves. Whatever, that's the name of the game, but it still bugs me.

    Whenever I see a picture of Ree, my first thought is that she has sold her soul. That's probably a bit over the top, though. It's probably just the crazy eyes.

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  2. morethanwords

    I really like a lot of this range! Kinda hoping we get it over here.

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  3. Cecilys Blogging for Basic Bitches

    I tried watching her show once. Ugh. She's so irritatingly faux folksy and her recipes remind me of the cookbook my mom's church would put out to raise funds. There was nothing original or even new with what she was doing except for the excessive amounts of butter she used.

    I grew up in Montana and I spent time on ranches and she was just so unlike the women I saw on those ranches. Her show makes her look like she faffs about in her ugly flowy tops doing nothing other than meal planning.

    Anyway, I don't hate her but I don't get her appeal so I don't watch, read, or purchase her stuff.

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    • Something something user name

      I was at a family gathering today and everyone else was watching this show. For four episodes in a row. I'm of the opinion that there is no way she's really eating the kind of stuff she makes, and there's no way she feeds her children that stuff regularly. She probably went through a pound of butter per episode, there's just no way. Then someone predicted her kids would make a "not my mother's pioneer cooking" show, closing the circle and making Food Network a self-referential singularity.

      Although cheaply made stuff has a funny way of becoming its own sort of style. Depression Glass is so valuable today specifically because glass made during the Great Depression was poorly made and broke often. Her dishes aren't my thing, and her food certainly isn't my thing, but I guess someone likes it.

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  4. 100PercentOrganicTrollTears

    I REALLY hate the evil empire that is Walmart but I seriously need that cookie jar. And a solid red cow creamer thingy. They would be perfect sitting on my carefully curated counter top next to my "stabby man" knife holder and faux-tique cannisters from Tuesday Morning. If you don't live in an area that has a Tuesday Morning I am so sorry.

    Ree doesn't bug me. Her show is kinda hokey and homegirl seriously needs some new adjectives, but the recipes that I have tried were awesome. (Her tequila lime chicken is my favorite.)

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    • No Wally World For Me

      Hang on to your social conscience and resist the urge to support Walfart..just Google the stuff and find the original designer of the pieces.

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  5. selfie abuse

    Honestly, I don't understand the crazy love for this stuff, it's not much different from a lot of kitchenware I've seen at Target and elsewhere?

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  6. sheila

    I'm mad all the basset rescues are buying out the cookie jars.

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  7. wizards only fools

    That Basset Hound cookie jar doh. It looks just like my basset hound, Fred. And some of the glassware is super cute. hnnnggg.

    Idk PW was the first online cooking blog I followed. Every recipe I made was a success and they were relatively inexpensive, which is impressive considering how many costly and untested recipes are out there (looking at you gluten free girl). So I guess I have a soft spot for her. She's kind of like Taylor Swift for me, I want to hate her but she wins me over with an awesome and easy side dish recipe.

    I think in the grand scheme of the BIG blogging world, she is the most tolerable because she can check herself, whether that's is due to her publicist or whatever. Props to her for maintaining at least the illusion of a professional presence. All the bloggers want to be her, but there can only be one HBIC.

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  8. funpopofcolor

    My local Walmart put the stuff out early. It is really cheap crap. From the pictures I saw, I thought many of the pieces looked cute. Up close, though, most of it is truly awful. The dishes with transfer prints in particular are really, really bad (the images are kind of faded/transparent looking). The dutch oven was surprisingly lightweight. There was one mug I kinda liked but at almost $5.00 for made in China? Nope. I'll wait until it's on clearance. I think they tried to do way too much at once and it shows in the quality. Way overpriced for stuff that won't last.

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  9. Hamerpants

    Fer realz- she should teach a blogger class on how to not get sucked into flame wars with people in the comments- it's pretty admirable, especially when you consider the super SUPER personal stuff it seems like some of her haterz dig up...

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    She's the anti-Dooce!

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  11. Fart in a Mitten


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  12. Dora

    Also -- and not jumping to defend, just remembering stuff I read about her way back -- I think she homeschools bc otherwise her kids would be looking at a two-hour commute to the closest school. And doesn't her oldest go to an actual college now? Also also -- and completely off-topic, her recipe for a great big vegetable and noodle/asian-y salad is one of my favorite things ever.

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  13. LaverneandHurling

    Exactly! And she had concerns about the kids socializing so she hooked up with other homeschoolers quickly so they could share resources and ideas. It makes perfect sense and I don't begrudge her calling in help if her goal was to actually educate her kids, not just shelter them.

    Co-sign Dora's comment below about her initial reasoning was that her Kindergartener was sitting on a bus two hours a day and she realized she could teach the kid to read. Which makes total sense.

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  14. Coach Clodhoppers

    Definitely. And though she doesn't do it "all" she still did important stuff like family vacations, driving like 2 damn hours to Tulsa for her kids' sports, going to the rodeo stuff for Ladd, taking her daughter on college visits and going back for her sorority bid day. A lot of times when she had to do work trips,she brought all or some of the family along as well, presumably to both spend time together and expose them to cool stuff. So she didn't do their laundry or hired someone to teach them- she seemed focused on the big stuff.

    GD, you guys are making me stan hard for Ree Drummond today. I don't even think I realized how much I respect her until I came on this page, LOL.

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  15. MurdererofDreams

    I'm not knocking her because she does it 'all' She clearly doesn't. It's just easier to get it all done when you've got the mega bucks to back it up. I respect her a business woman. She has the sense to hire the right people. She stays 'on brand' all the time, which I think is what a lot of the hater sites complained about ("she's not a real person!" which is so ridiculous). I guess I just get irritated when I see people use her as a benchmark of blogging success when she isn't similar to Dooce in that she didn't get her money from her blog. She started on third base. I have no idea if I'm getting my point across.

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  16. I haven't read her stuff in a couple years, but I think part of the problem is she wouldn't really admit to having all those people. Her persona was always one of doing everything herself. It's possibly she's gotten a little more open about that. She has definitely done a great job of developing and monetizing a persona, that takes some talent!

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  17. Roadkill on Batshit Lane

    My only beef with this is that she is entirely disingenuous about it. If you have a housekeeper, just f**king say you have a housekeeper. Not this fake shucky-darn lil' ol' me doin' it all bullshit that Ree puts across. I couldn't agree more that it's smart business to hire out what you can't do; but just admit you have staff and stop lying about it.

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  18. sequential shift refresh

    Dooce, take note!

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  19. Hamerpants

    Her recipes are not rocket science- but some of them are really, really good. She has some pulled pork recipe I made once for a super bowl party and it was great- and she never says Barefoot-Contessa-ish stuff like "use a really GOOD olive oil"

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  20. Stuck in the South

    Yep. It took Bobby Flay just 20 minutes to drive up her driveway. She lives in the middle of nowhere.

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  21. SadPandaShirt: Public Figure

    Ree Drummond at Walmart is a more appropriate fit than Martha Stewart at KMart. Do people who shop at Macy's or Nordstroms even buy "celebrity" inspired cookware?

    Loosely related hijack: I don't buy cookware at Kohl's because it's all Food Network Products and Bobby Flay is overexposed enough without seeing his face all over my frying pan box.

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  22. The 20th Duggar

    I can't group WalMart and Costco together! Maybe Sam's club, but most Costco shoppers wouldn't set foot in a WalMart. WalMart = trashy thrifty. Costco = classy thrifty. Yup, I just invented that.

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  23. crazy addict

    Yep, my first response to this was "well, that's a good fit for her."

    I don't mean that in a mean, snarky way either.

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  24. TINA bring me the axe

    Fer reelz

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  25. pinch of hell to the no

    THIS. I do admit that I like the cast iron grill but there is no f-ing way that I'll buy and use something with a "celebrity" name on it. I'd rather pay the extra $$ and purchase a good quality brand.

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  26. The Aqueduct

    Such grocery store person, no can afford Le Creuset.

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  27. Other than I'm not really an "aspiration crowd" person, that whole "can't afford fancy versions" stuff is totally me. I love crazy colorful and patterns and stuff, but... I can't really afford fiestaware.


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  28. danish

    That will never die, will it? Haha.

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  29. DrMrsTheMonarch

    I have a ton of Le Creuset. I bought it piece by piece at yard sales and thrift stores. It took me about two years of searching, and I never paid more than $10.00 for any one piece. I bought anything I found, including lids with no bases, and eventually sold the excess when I felt "done".

    Yard sales in fancy neighborhoods are the best. Good luck!

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  30. Fiercely Intelligent Cow Living on the Island in your Cupboard

    Yep, I hear you.

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  31. Omnishambles

    From what I understand, Costco treats their workers better, correct?

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  32. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Amen!! Costco is glorious...Walmart uh no.

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  33. pajamacat

    Walmart owns Sam's Club, that's why you get the same trashy thrifty vibe there. We love Costco, and chiming in with others, they DO treat their employees like real people and not cattle.

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  34. The 20th Duggar

    Definitely! Good wages, good insurance, low turnover, plus they have an ever-increasing inventory of Fair Trade products. I am a big fan!

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  35. Israeli Hand Fart Maestro

    Costco is an awesome company. Its employees get decent salaries, GREAT profit sharing bonuses, and good health insurance. The idea is that every employee can do every job, right down to the CEO running a register. My local branch has numerous 25 year-plus employees, dating back to when Costco was Price Club. f**k WALMART!

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  36. squid

    Former retail employee here. Wal-Mart, Target, and Sam's all treat workers like crap, Walgreens is a mixed bag, and Costco is the nirvana of retail work. We all dreamed of a day we could rise to those ranks. Then somehow I ended up in public service. Costco still pays more and treats workers better than the government so it's still a dream for me.

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  37. dayman

    yes, worldssss of difference between wal-mart and Costco. Really just chiming in to verbally THIS! this.

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  38. TINA bring me the axe

    Yeah, my grandparents had a "ranch" on 10 acres in the CA desert (near Mexico). I'd show up every summer all "where's the kitties?!" and grandma: "oh, the coyotes got that litter a few months ago" like NBD.

    And I squeeze my 15 y.o. meowsers closer.

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  39. Ranger Doug

    I think it depends. I grew up on a farm/ranch, and I saw my dad cry twice, one of which was when one of the dogs died. I think he loved animals more than people. I know I do. lol

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  40. Verb Myself Back to Canada

    My biggest problem with "her" recipes is that most of them are stolen, or so basic..."put the hunk of meat in the oven". Um, okay. Here, take my money!

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  41. Maia

    Fiestaware gets awesome sales sometimes! Check Amazon or Macy's...I got dinner plate + bowl + salad plate + mug sets for like $20/each. The serveware can be more expensive, but the everyday use stuff isn't too bad.

    Also, lots of antique shops have it! I love my Fiestaware. /fangirl.

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  42. Cheryl

    If you live anywhere near Newell,WV they are having a tent sale in October. I paid $2.00 for dinner plate. You need to be there early so you can get inside early they go by numbers. I have never seen people buy so much stuff in my life. Cheryl

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  43. RedundantUsernameUsername

  44. tulips grow wherever the fuck you plant them dumbass

    Kohl's often has great sales on Fiestaware.

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  45. Sad sushi

    Yup... Great sales here and there, and even on serving ware occasionally. I got my two huge serving dishes from Macys for $8 each. Special edition pieces, they had them in the stock room for too long, and threw them on the clearance cart. I totally love my Fiesta...

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  46. pajamacat

    We also love Fiestaware. When we got married 10 years ago, most of my very southern family clutched their pearls over the thought of me registering for Fiestaware and not *gasp* china (barf). I find the best deals at Home Goods, Old Time Pottery (they carry "blemished" so you can get plates for $4!) and if you order online through Penney's. I don't find the sales at Macy's to be that great, but they're good at Dillard's.

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  47. Nooooo! Kitties.

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  48. Bedroom Sushi

    Fiestaware is the bomb. I've been using my black/white Fiestaware since 1990, and have never broken a piece of it. I'm sure that pretty much just jinxed me.

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  49. Jan74, Fatopotomus

    I like to think of her as the anti-Cecily. Everything Cecily touches turns to fail. Everything Ree does is a success - even if I personally find her annoying.

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  50. Grocery store person

    No, Walgreens/CVS suck also. If you get your prescriptions filled there, in my opinion you are taking your life in your hands. They treat their employees horribly, despite all of their stupid PR campaigns- at least the people who are below district manager level and/or don't work at corporate. I like the PW woman stuff. I wish it wasn't at WM either; my hope is that she'll branch out a bit like Martha Stewart did and sell at another store or on her website. A lot of her pieces match the vintage stuff I already have.

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