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Pippit Dies With A Whimper


Pippit, the ‘social media app’ developed by Mr. Love Taza, his wife, and Oh Joy!, has quietly died. An email sent out to users announced they have ‘discontinued support for the app’.

When we first came together in 2012 to brainstorm ways to bridge the worlds of blogging and social media, we laid the foundation of a new app, Pippit.
Our vision for Pippit has always been to create a beautiful social media platform that highlighted strong blog content with tools for discovering and sharing helpful information as a new framework for social commerce.  We shared the prototype of that vision last summer. With your wonderful support, Pippit was ranked as the #1 paid lifestyle app and #2 App of all paid apps.
Because of our other work, family life and commitments, we have not been able to maintain Pippit and its community at the level that we envisioned. While we have seen great success with the app in many areas, the tech world is new territory for our team and we want to be able to dedicate the appropriate time, energy, and resources needed to carry Pippit to the next level, which we cannot do at this time.
We have discontinued support for the app, but we thank you for your time, energy, suggestions, feedback, and the wonderful support that has come in many forms as we poured ourselves into this new endeavor!
We look forward to seeing you again soon in the online world.
With much gratitude,
Josh Davis, Naomi Davis, and Joy Cho
Co-founders, Pippit
The pippit twitter account has been inactive since November 30, and little to no mention of it has been made by any of the founders for several months. There is no word on whether the app will return.

  1. Dame Helen Chichester

    Doesn’t this just mean, “We failed to get anyone to give a shit enough so that we could $ell out to Google?”

    • my muffin top is all that


    • Ruby Jiselle

      I was thinking “We didn’t make enough money to pay people to make it work.”

    • Apeeling Attire

      Then are the rankings they mention B.S.? B/c you’d figure that if they had an app that was ranked that highly, for any sustained period of time, they’d be making a decent chunk of cash…..

      • It wasn’t ranked highly for a sustained period of time, just for one, brief shining moment.

        • A series of tubes

          …they were #1 in lifestyle and #2 overall for 5 hours. Then their decline started. By end of June they were #52 in Lifestyle and #1342 overall. By end of July less than #300 in Lifestyle and dropped out of top 1500 overall. By August 15 no longer in the top 1500 of Lifestyle.

          I know the rankings of a “pay-per-install” campaign when I see one. And this is one.

          “paid installs”
          “incentivised downloads”
          “user acquisition campaign”

          by any other name…it means the rankings were bought.

          Don’t get me wrong, pretty much every app in the app store buys users. I’ve run the campaigns myself. These days you have to spend $$$ just to have an even playing field with the other apps out there.

          Good apps can use the momentum of a paid campaign to springboard them and to start getting enough organic installs to stay in the top rankings. This app didn’t have what it takes to stick.

          Strangest part of my research? The App was only featured once in one country…South Korea.

          • my muffin top is all that

            This is fascinating! Thank you!

            • bi-yotchismyname-o

              I find it almost worse that they include the fact that it was a success in the beginning. So, you had an app that with the right support and work could have been successful, but you were “too busy” to do your job and run your business and too stupid to find someone who could? Wow. You won’t get hired now, you won’t get investors for new projects, and you lost goodwill along the way. Awesome!

          • Life on my Cement Driveway

            I second This/Nope Buttons sentiment. AWESOME. I like people who know stuff about things…and that’s not sarky, that’s a real-life emotion I feel, sort of like angels singing, when people are good at what they do.

  2. my muffin top is all that


  3. Maybe they learned something from this. Maybe they learned “when you start a business, you have to actually RUN THE BUSINESS.

    • Reported Nut Butter Spoons

      Gluten Free Girl, you listening?

    • Apeeling Attire

      I think all bloggers are under the assumption that business people IRL behave like business people in the movies – swiveling away in their corner office and being successful without actually really doing anything. Hence, the bloggers’ total and unmitigated failure to be successful small business owners.

      • crazy cat lady

        My vision of bloggers is just how you described–swiveling away in an Eames lounge chair being really successful without actually doing anything. (I mean, besides recording the thoughts that run through their heads and posting selfies.)

      • bogun

        Coffee-tossing urb pros, right? That’s how irl business people do it.

      • superbeef

        Perhaps Derp saw himself as the Mormon Don Draper (means he spends all time with his family instead of not with his family). Saw himself breezing in and out of his LA office when he felt like it, walked into the random meeting and said some amazing things, left, miracles resulted.

        • superbeef

          Derp Draper, lying on his office couch on the off-day he went in to the office, chain-drinking taboo Sunkists.

  4. People Disagreed With Me So I Changed My Username

    I still don’t understand what the point of the stupid thing was.

    “Our vision for Pippit has always been to create a beautiful social media platform that highlighted strong blog content with tools for discovering and sharing helpful information as a new framework for social commerce”

    That kind of just sounds like “the internet” but I am not techy and I’m not a soblessed Davis so what do I know.

    • I think the idea was basically to create a kind of Facebook For Blogs – where the emphasis would be on bloggers being able to interact with their followers in a more focused way. Instead of bloggers using twitter, instagram, facebook, and seemingly every social media platform under the sun, they could focus it all on Pippit and the reader would have the value of a more presonal interaction with bloggers.

      What happened is that the Davises kinda sorta forgot that in order to push a super interactive new social media platform, you have to… interact.

      • my muffin top is all that

        And get community buy it. And have a flawlessly designed interface.

        • my muffin top is all that

          Ugh buy in. Dumb kindle

        • I don’t think it needed to be absolutely flawless. I’ve seen kind of flawed interfaces that still became huge (instagram is a big example of this for me – there are a few things I don’t like about instagram’s user interface, like the inability to easily include links, but it’s still usable enough that I’ve stuck with it).

          Promotion is also a thing. You can’t just announce and then kind of let it fizzle. You have to SELL. This wasn’t sold. It was just sort of plopped on the ground and then they wandered away.

          • my muffin top is all that

            I think for this app, since it was essentially asking users to add another layer to their existing use case (ie reading blogs via the app rather than in a browser) it really did need to be an exceptional user experience. Instagram does something unique (relatively of course) and users are more likely to put up with tech glitches or a clunky interface. Just my two cents though.

            • That’s a fair point. I think I’d agree with you that it did need to function at a higher level since it wasn’t really a unique experience the way, say Facebook was when it first launched or even instagram – when instagram riginally launched there really weren’t very many apps at all that were doing something even similar to that.

              • my muffin top is all that

                Yep. I just don’t think was designed for anyone but the small subset of big bloggers who would benefit most from it.

      • People Disagreed With Me So I Changed My Username

        Yeah, because Cup totally interacts with her followers on a regular basis.

    • Apeeling Attire

      I worked for an app developer for about 2 years, and I came to learn that this sort of nonsense-speak is a ‘pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’ move on the part of a lot of developers. They don’t want their prospects to know that they’re just 1 or 2 people working out of a home office and creating a basic app that does basic things. So they attempt to dazzle with impressive-sounding language. It drives me nuts.

      • kittyhow

        It’s how a lot of bloggers and “influencers” operate as well (coughCecilycough) with all their “we this” and “we that.”

  5. KAS

    So many LOLs. They really expected they could put this thing out and their golden touch would carry it right to big $$$$. Ding-dongs. Might be time to start dusting off your resume, Derp.

    • scarletbegonia

      Yep, I was wondering if we’d see him derp on back into the workforce.

      • my muffin top is all that

        Taking a break to derp with a failed app that he seems to be the lead on won’t help much when he tries to get back in the workforce.

    • TurkeyVulture

      Your use of “ding-dongs” totally made me lol.

      • People Disagreed With Me So I Changed My Username

        Right? I love when people refer to others as ding-dogs!

        • Expecto Patronum

          It’s my favorite!! I even tell my kids to not act like ding dongs sometimes.

      • elizabeth

        I’d like to add my total support for the use of ding-dongs as an insult. Once someone calls you a ding-dong there’s just nowhere else to go in the argument.

  6. confusing weiner

    lol, “social commerce app”

  7. Pip who

    What was this app supposed to do?

    • boosnack

      Publish blog posts with clickable links to make the bloggers money. It basically served no purpose for the average person, & was only about making blog money. Funny how they didn’t realize how out of touch they are with the average reader…

    • sunyourbuns

      Make the Davises rich.

    • Eulalie Mackenchnie Shinn


      • Father Dougal McGuire

        Irrelevant: this gif always makes me cringe because in real life that would hurt. so. much.

  8. boosnack

    Wondering what excuse josh has now for coasting off the blog income & not getting a real job. Keep it up Derps! I’m sure Grandma & Granddad Davis won’t find the next “entrepreneural idea” though.

    I always found it amazing they launched the app & did exactly zero promotion of it. It’s like they thought all they had to do was say “fan girls look what we did!” & it would make them millionaires. Doesn’t it suck how you have to actually work your ass off for things to be successful?

    • blondeambition

      YES! Besides introducing it and saying they were co-founders/creators they did absolutely nothing with it. Not to mention, Papa Derp only follows two people on instagram (where he has almost 95k followers). How do you expect to start a social media company when you don’t even use it yourself to interact?

  9. Cindy Mackenzie

    “Pippit was ranked as the #1 paid lifestyle app and #2 App of all paid apps.”

    How is this possible?

    • my muffin top is all that

      Because very few people buy apps if they can avoid it and they were probably #1 for a day or two at best. This happens on amazon too.

    • scarletbegonia

      They don’t say who or what was doing the ranking here.

    • Juxtaposition

      I don’t get it either. Are they talking about ALL apps, like games etc? Because I think of game apps like Angry Birds when it came out and was something like $1.99 and was hugely popular and successful. I can’t imagine Pippit, which I have only ever heard people on GOMI talk about, was as successful as some of the game apps out there.

      • unikorn woo

        No, #1 paid lifestyle app

        When was the last time you or 6 billion other humans, paid for a lifestyle app? Especially one that no one ever explained what it was going to do for your lifestyle.

        … yeah

      • Albie Quirky

        Not the second highest paid app ever; what it’s saying is that it was one day or one week (probably one day) when it hit #2.

    • Albie Quirky

      For an hour? Or a day, even? It doesn’t take much, especially if you organize people to buy on the same day.

  10. Sarah Ate Two Tacos But I, Kath, Only Ate One

    Girl, bye.wI6Niz0.gif

  11. lolno

    And not a single f**k was given by the universe.

  12. hinobye

    What a terrible name though

  13. Apeeling Attire

    OMG, not “work, family life, and other commitments” again. Is this like a blogger plague?

    • dragonelly

      Apparently bloggers are the only one with “work, family life, and other commitments” in this world.