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Ratters Are Ratting Out Nat The Fat Rat

Today in slow news days, Nat The Fat Rat, part of the NYC Mormon Mommyblogger Club, has finally somewhat admitted she did not actually just pull all of last month’s cross stitch brags from her skinny jeans covered behind as she previously implied.

Originally responding to a comment asking “do you just free hand it? or follow some sort of a pattern?”, Nat claimed simply that she “freehanded these, which is actually easier than you’d think when you’re doing counted cross stitch”. Recently a Ratter found strangely similar patterns for sale in an etsy shop, and links to the patterns were posted in the comments of the original post – which finally forced Nat to sort of kind of acknowledge she had outside inspiration:

i didn’t use patterns for these (probably should have!), but i did do a google image search for “cross stitch rain clouds” and “cross stitch reindeer” and sort of winged it from there. a few readers have linked to patterns in the comments so please use those!”

This makes me wonder why she didn’t just link to the original page where she found the google image to begin with, but it’s Friday and I’m too busy to figure out why bloggers don’t give attribution to their swiped ideas anymore.

  1. planet claire connie_escapejar.gif

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    • 173451

      Thank you!!!!!!!

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    • Snarcasm

      How do I get this to work? Ahhh!

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    • Skitch3

      I get the sad kitteh when I try that link. : (

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      • BelindaG

        I always worry about that kitty. I hope he/she's okay.

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        • Saint Dorothy Mantooth

          That kitteh does not look very sad, though. Mostly bored and bummed. It's probably realizing how much it misses its forum fix.

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      • JudgementalSnarker

        Me too.

        If I'm extra b***hy at work today, I'm blaming GOMI.

        I usually have the weekend to get my snark out, but with the forums gone...

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  2. Always Hungry

    *Patiently waiting to be computer savvy enough to navigate the new forums*

    It is sad that I didn't realize how addicted I was to GOMI until I couldn't read the threads for a whole weekend?


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    • PoppingBaubles

      same, basically dying over here. thank god mad men is on now wheeeeee.

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  3. Princess Tazo Twee

    I can't function without the forums. sad but true.

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  4. MSM

    PP, I have to imagine you're super overwhelmed since GOMI seems to be a full time job even when it's NOT switching over to a new server or whatever, and you have all of us out here jonesing for our forum fixes while trying desperately not to sound, just, thanks for all the work you're doing and do always to keep our community together. We love you.

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    • whatshername

      +26! Yup.

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    • AQNR

      Yes! Despite my current need for an FA meeting (forum addicts anonymous) I am cheering through my tears.

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      • Seriously, you are awesome PP.

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        • gingko

          I know! I've been thinking that too. PP, the amount of work you put into this incredible site is truly mind-boggling, and I'm really thankful for it. Your weekend has been totally consumed by mysterious internetty skillz that I can't begin to understand, but would probably break out in hives over if I did. Just the fact that so many people (such as myself) have been going SO CWAZY this weekend over the forums being down, proves that you are doing good and meaningful work. I can't believe anyone would send you angry-mail over doing something so good! ANYWAY, THANK YOU.

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    • Always Hungry

      "...and you have all of us out here jonesing for our forum fixes while trying desperately not to sound demanding..."

      You took the words right out of my mouth! In spite of my whining and complaining, Alice, I really appreciate that you're working to improve the site. I will wait as long as it takes!!

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      • Saint Dorothy Mantooth

        What they said! PP, I really appreciate all the hard work you're doing behind the scenes for us, and hope I don't sound too demanding as I twitch and hit Refresh 26262626 times, waiting to get my forum fix. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it


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  5. Contessa de Franzia

    Has anyone posted this. I just stumbled across it.

    Dame Judi Dench does needlework embroidery during movie shoots. And the embroidery is all swear words.

    "She makes these like needlework embroideries on set in the tedium of filming", says MacFadyen, "but they are all: 'You Are a c**t'. And she gives them as presents. And it's Dame Judi Dench. And she is doing this beautifully, intricate, ornate (work). You kind of see the work materializing as the shoot goes on. Like: 'You Are a f**king Shit.'"


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    • watery highball

      My god, just when I thought it wasn't possible to love her any more.

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  6. cruelsound

    I fail to see why this is a big deal.

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  7. BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am A Robot.

    STITCH THIS: Mormons are liars

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    • itsallgood

      Or maybe, "White People Are Liars" or even just, "New Yorkers Are Liars." I'm sure we could make generalized assumptions about entire groups of people all day!

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      • BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am A Robot.

        I've gone to Michael's and I've got my embroidery loop and I'm stitching: "You're right, I'm wrong. Sowwwwwyyyyy. :("

        Lighten up, itsallgood.

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  8. Skitch3

    Just a heads up in case it helps troubleshoot anything.

    When I clicked on the Mommybloggers forum, it brought me to a random article from 2011. And when I clicked on the KERF sub-forum, it did the same thing - brought me to a random article about KERF from 2011.

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  9. Affiliate Lynx

    I'm a dumb bunny. I log in and it takes me back to the home page with the option to log in again. Endless loop.

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    • Affiliate Lynx

      Ignore me. I'm a moron.

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