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Shani Grimmond Snapchats Herself With Nazi Flag, Freakouts Commence

Shani Grimmond, apparently a beauty vlogger, has angered the planet with a recent snapchat.

On her snapchat, she posted a picture of a gigantic nazi flag hanging in her brother’s apartment and her and her friends dancing around it and laughing. A few moments later, she posted a follow-up snapchat saying ‘not my flag’, indicating that she knew the meaning of it and wanted to distance herself away from it.

Alleged screenshot of Snapchat

Alleged screenshot of Snapchat

There was soon a response posted to her instagram – featuring a pic of Shani sunning her legs by the pool – along with an explanation. She claims she had no clue what the flag actually was.

I am writing to issue a heartfelt and full apology for the images of the flag that appeared yesterday on my Snapchat. Prior to the well-deserved outrage I received via social media in response to the images, I genuinely wasn’t aware of the meaning behind the flag, nor the horror it represents.

She went on to say she no longer has “any association with the person who hung the flag in his apartment” and added “Ps. IT WAS NOT MY BROTHER”.

  1. So... what strange alien location did she grow up in, that she doesn't know what the, um, NAZI FLAG represents?

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    • Pineapples On Fleek

      I was going to say something similar... but not NEARLY as tactful as you put it.

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    • potatohead

      The baffling thing is that her fangirls on IG are like "in Australia we don't learn about WW2! It's an elective but not covered in history class!" Like . . . REALLY? The second of two major world wars in which Australia DEFINITELY played a part (entered the world right after Poland was invaded), in which their country withstood several Naval attacks . . . and they don't learn about it in school? REALLY? I feel like Amy Pohler right now!

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      • It is known

        It's part of the required curriculum, she knows what it is, she just wants to play dumb to try and get out trouble.

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      • Pineapples On Fleek

        I'd ask my Australian relatives if they learned about WWII in school, but I have a feeling they'd be all, "hmm, can't remember... I feel like it's something I've always known about". WWII (and the Holocaust) is the reason that branch of family is *in* Australia. That part of the family was only able to get there (while my grandma was shipped via Kindertransport to England, other family made it to the US, and still other family got to South America).

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        • rhetorical chloroform

          Even if we didn't learn about WWII in school (and that is extremely unlikely given that Australia devoted significant human resources to fighting that war) many parts of Australia have large Jewish populations, many of whom are holocaust survivors. I find it difficult to believe she didn't recognise the flag unless she grew up in a remote community with no media access at all.
          Come on Shani - just admit you f**ked up and move on - Australia already has a terrible reputation for racism given our immigration camps and governmental stance - don't add to that.

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          • hoboken

            There are very few Jews in Australia, but hell yes we learn about the World Wars at school. We read Anne Frank, all of that stuff. She is a lipying liar who lies to claim she doesn't know what a swastika is.

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            • expat_aussie

              I have to echo the comment about the Jewish population in Australia. While there are areas where there are Jewish communities, there are, in fact, more Muslims in Australia than Jews, and Muslims only make up 2% of the population.

              Having said that, I learned about WWII in history class.

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        • Tal

          I'm Australian and we do learn about WW2. But everyone knows about Hitler/Nazism away from school too. She's bullshitting. My 10 year old blind cousin knows about hitter and nazi's and what a Swastika is

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      • Twitter Taint Licking

        I am 38 and Australian and we definitely learnt about WW2 when I was in school. She's full of shite.

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        • Delusions of MILFdom

          My husband is 50, I'm 49, my daughter is 29, my son is 16 and we are all Australian. We ALL learned about WW2, with particular emphasis on the Holocaust. As 'It Is Known' stated, it is part of the required curriculum, it is NOT an elective and is usually taught in Years 8, 9 and 10 of High School.

          Her fangirls are liars and morons.

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          • mimi

            just because you learnt about it in school doesn't mean everyone did... all schools teach different things and whether it's part of the curriculum or not, doesn't mean she would automatically look at the flag and think oh look a nazi flag. i went to school in the same city as shani and graduated the same year as her and yes i learnt about ww2 but it was more focussed on what happened to the jews by reading the boy in the striped pyjamas, diary of ann frank etc. we didn't specifically do anything to do with the nazi flag so for you dumb people to be shaming her saying shes dumb and her followers are liars are morons makes you sound like a moron because times change, and so does school!!!!! the subjects YOU choose depend on what YOU learn! stop being such perfectionists and bloody cut a young girl some slack!

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            • Slanty Ankels

              Even if somehow she skipped the symbolism in books or in history lessons, has she never seen a movie or tv show, or documentary EVER? Or read the news? It's really hard to go unnoticed or avoided your ENTIRE life. its unbelievable that someone could be that unobservant, but if that's what she's claiming then I could accept that she is a person with zero intellectual curiosity about the world around her!

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            • AG

              Nope. To all of this, just nope. Anyone who has lived their life outside of a cave knows what the Nazi flag is and what it represents, and for you to even attempt to state otherwise make you sound tragically ignorant.

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            • disappointingselfie

              Or, how about we agree that, even if she somehow missed out on the "hey guys, Nazis are bad, look at these pictures for context" unit in school, she should still know about this. Any adult from a developed country who didn't grow up in abject poverty should know this stuff. WWII was not exactly a small event, and any reasonably aware person with internet access should know about it.

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            • our carefully laid plans

              Oh please, just pipe down, skippy. If you managed to make it to adulthood in Australia and never saw or understood what the nazi flag was, then you both ought to be ashamed. As it is I call total BS on this claim of ignorance. Not buying this whole innocent mistake poor me routine. It just makes you look condescending that you actually think people are dumb enough to believe someone that is a part of modern social media (and is ostensibly savvy enough to use it to further her career goals) has somehow never seen the most identifiable nazi symbol. Ever. Until she just up and boogied around one at her brother's flat. 'Oh lookie! A random and heretofore ne'er seen banner like object! Let us cavort about it as a group!'

              A five year old could come up with a better story than that.

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            • Jessica B. Fletcher

              How sweet of you to defend her, are you willfully ignorant too?

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            • Wut

              You certainly helped the cause. No one will think her fangirls are vapid twits now. Well done.

              *slow clap*.

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            • Chicken Circus


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            • Please explain how you could look at a red, black and white Nazi flag with a giant swastika and NOT think of Nazis, even if your only exposure was to the friggin' movies. It's... not a subtle flag.

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            • Vivian Snarkbloom

              LEARNT ISN'T A WORD.

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              • ShmingleLingual

                I don't want to side with the Mimi (and as a history teacher in Australia I can definitely say that WWII and the role of the Nazis is absolutely covered in the curriculum and although schools do get to make up their own work programs there is content they each must cover and the new curriculum has a whole year on post WW1 in grade 10) learnt is an acceptable spelling of the past tense of learn or its past participle in Australian English. It's not accepted as an adjective. Goes for many other words too. As a linguist, I wonder if perhaps the -t form was originally a past participle form that extended across to the past tense, but I haven't ever actually researched it (I find this area interesting but not that interesting, basically), but I'm sure some other linguist somewhere has done a paper or two on it.

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              • Cumbermusk

                "Learnt" is an accepted word in Australian English.

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              • Those Weren't Puffins

                Technically it is. It's the accepted British (and I guess Canadian/Australian/etc) spelling. Many words that Americans spell with an -ed for past tense are spelled with a -t for past tense in British English. This was originally for reasons of pronunciation - to use this particular word as an example, "learnt" is the past tense of the verb "learn" and is pronounced as one syllable, while "learned" is an adjective meaning "educated, wise, well-informed" and is pronounced with two syllables. Many words' past tenses spelled this way in BrEn, including "spelt."

                If you follow the general pronunciation rules of English, words ending in "-[C]ed" (where [C] = any consonant) would have that "-[C]ed" as a separate syllable. BrEn uses the "-t" to turn it all into one syllable.

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            • Delusions of Adequacy

              I guess you didn't learn the meaning of words (or how to use contractions properly) in that school of yours either.

              And lol for days at being described as a perfectionist if you consider this woman a complete and utter dumbass for claiming she didn't recognize the Nazi flag.

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            • Delusions of MILFdom

              Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.
              When it is part of the Australian curriculum ALL schools have to teach it, it is compulsory, you idiot. No school in Australia can pick and choose parts of the curriculum as they please.
              You cannot learn about WW2, the Holocaust and the Jews, without seeing any Nazi symbolism, including the Nazi flag and swastikas.
              Your defence of her is pathetic and your blatant lies are just ridiculous.

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            • mind my vagina

              I'm not much older than you. You are just an idiot. Try try again.

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      • Vicarious

        I'm 37 and Australian, and we covered Australian history up to the start of WW1 in year 9, then Asian history - Chinese and Japanese dynasties in year 10.

        I don't recall ever formally studying WW2 or nazis, but I can't imagine how she's avoided learning about Nazi Germany even through movies alone.

        By Christ you would have to be a special type of stupid to not be able to recognise the swastika and how offensive it is.

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        • smauge

          I am so embarrassed they are making out on that Instagram that Aussies are ignorant of Nazi history. I DID study it in high school. I also have been alive on this earth for 44 years. Seriously, there is NO EXCUSE for not knowing what the Nazis did. NONE.
          I hope people on there will stop making out like Australians have no awareness of such an important chapter of history. And I hope people reading gomi don't think we all as stupid and this dumb c*nt.

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        • Blissful ignorance

          Yep, same, 35yrs old, was born and raised in Western Australia. We didn't have 'history' class, only 'social studies' which mainly covered ancient history, geography, politics and economics and I never studied either of the world wars. The only time you could take history as a stand alone subject was by choosing 'ancient history' as an elective in yr 11 or 12.

          BUT; I know what a swastika is!! You don't need formal studies in nazi history to have a goddamnned clue about things.

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          • #dirtystreetpie

            West Aussie and 32. And I agree 100% with you.

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            • Frizzie Bennet

              NT, 31. Learnt about Nazis in Primary School, High School, Life.

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      • Australian parent

        I have three kids younger than 17. All have learnt about the holocaust, at three different state schools, starting from about Grade 5. I'd love to see the report cards of the idiots who say they never learnt about it. I am imagining a whole lot of room for improvement in the behaviour column.

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        • Ruby on Traintracks

          This! I've taught yr5&6 kids about the holocaust as it related to the text being studied. While there is a lot more emphasis on WW1 I just checked the syllabus (damn the b***h for sending me to the board of studies website one hour into my summer holiday!) and its right there in the history content taught in years 9&10:
          "outline and sequence the changing scope and nature of warfare from trenches in World War I to the Holocaust and the use of the atomic bombs to end World War II"

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          • Ruby on Traintracks

            Oh, and while schools have the option of certain modules to teach, the module about 'Australians at War' (WW1 & 2 essentially) is mandatory.

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      • Ruby on Traintracks

        Yes, you learn about it in (compulsory) History class in Australia (and I also remember learning about it in English) & yes, history is also an elective in years 11&12 where WW2 is covered in greater depth. But, even so - have they never watched a movie? Caught sight of a documentary, particularly around ANZAC Day?

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        • Em

          The Nazis and the holocaust were - in her age group - very well covered in our curriculum. Not just in history but in literature, such as survivor memoirs. Anne Frank and Elli, for example. My catholic school covered WW2 comprehensively, went to museums etc. we have a significant Jewish population snd holocaust survivors too - so she's stupid and probably untruthful.

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          • nic

            I'm from the same part of Australia as she is, and the same age, I I know for me it was covered in Years 5 & 6, as well as in 9/10 Social Science, AND as part of a history elective in later high school. Her, and the people commenting on her post, are talking utter crap.

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      • Aisha

        Exactly! I don't know which school she went to but in year 10 they teach you about WW2 and ESPECIALLY about the Nazis. It's a part of the Australian curriculum. In most (probably all) pubic schools, year 10 history is compulsory. EVERYONE smart or with basic knowledge would know what the nazi flag looks like.

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        • Blissful ignorance

          Pubic schools

          Accidental win

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      • hoogle

        That is complete lies and bullshit, we learn a lot about WW2 in Australia perhaps even more than the US on Nazis as Australia was involved in Europe due to our Commonwealth connections long before the US, she is a bogan idiot.

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    • hamnesty international

      Wut? How? Has she NEVER seen Sound of Music!?

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    • hamnesty international

      It's like she has NEVER seen Sound of Music!

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    • Shirley twizzletits

      Nazis are sooooo 1932

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  2. Notarize!

    Oh my.

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  3. argybargy

    JFC. The stoopid, it burns.

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  4. juliasugarbaker

    Lots of people failed very hard if this 18 year old doesn't know what the Nazi flag is. And I'm sure hot dog legs and an Instagram apology make it all better.

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    • We Ate Just Cake Like Peasants

      Well, it IS illegal to teach kids about human reproduction and evolution in Texas and other southern US states. Is she Southern? Maybe they've stopped teaching about WW2, outside of 'Murica, Yay!

      But, come on. I know the stereotype of "Kids these days don't know about anything that happened before the internet" cannot be true. Of course, finding out a young gay man knew nothing of the AIDS crisis really concerned me.

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      • Toothpaste

        It is not illegal to teach evolution in the south or in Texas. Southern states have policies ranging from requiring that evolution be taught, to putting disclaimers on textbooks, to "permitting criticism" of evolution in the classroom (which is a back door way of introducing intelligent design)

        Your post makes you sound like a bigot.

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      • juliasugarbaker

        She's from Australia, so I guess you could say she's southern.

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        • RollsRoyceRevenge

          I hear it's just like Texas.

          And really, if you can't trust George W. Bush, who can you trust?

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          • Cumbermusk

            Australia is nothing like Texas.

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      • Right on Top of That Rose

        It is not illegal to teach evolution in Texas or the South (although they have some pretty embarrassing policies related to the subject of intelligent design in schools) but apparently it is illegal (or at least heavily discouraged) to teach geography wherever you're from.

        You do know that Australia is not in America, right? It's also not in Europe, in case that was your next guess.

        Fighting ignorance with ignorance works 0% of the time. (For cripes sake I hope they at least teach math where you're from.)

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        • Tawdry Hepburn

          I believe she was being sarcastic.

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          • squigglyline

            Sarcasm doesn't go over well when the basis of your jab is factually incorrect. You just sound dumb.

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            • Auntie Mame

              Southern hemisphere. That's the joke.

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      • Those Weren't Puffins

        As a transplanted Texan whose son in recent years and self in far distant years learned about both human reproduction and evolution in Texas, I'd like to say: Oh hogshit. It's neither illegal nor controversial, except in small but vocal segments of a handful of communities.

        Texas has truckloads of issues, and you couldn't pay me enough to live in some parts of the state, but we haven't sunk to THAT level. Jesus.

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  5. KitchenAid Mixer

    I do wonder, now, if there are places in the modern and educated world where they actually honestly do NOT learn about the Nazis and the Holocaust. In all seriousness.

    Also, I don't believe her b/c she said "not my flag" but it did get me thinking about different history curriculum across the world.

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    • justwhelmed

      Exactly. She can't say in one breath, "Lol not mine Sorry!" and the next, "I didn't know!"

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    • Cigarette Barbie

      Australia is not one of those places. Absolutely not.

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    • Human Selfie Stick

      I'm going to guess North Korea and that's about it.

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  6. Dreamscape of Femininity

    Posting a bikini-clad photo while "apologizing" for dancing around a giant swastika seems appropriate.


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    • KitchenAid Mixer

      Hot dog pool legs make ERRYTHING better, doncha know??

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  7. Busted Coccyx Club


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  8. weightofmywords

    She's from Australia, I feel like that should be more clear in the post. Not that it's still not crazy, but I would be more surprised if she was American. EVERYONE knows what that represents.

    What are they teaching in school. Isn't anyone watching Man in the High Castle right now?? ;)

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    • KitchenAid Mixer

      That's on my "to watch" list. Is it good?

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      • weightofmywords

        SO good! I can't wait until the next season.

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    • lokicat

      Just to remind you, Australia fought in WWII against Germany, entered right after the invasion of Poland.

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      • weightofmywords

        Yeah I know, I even googled to double check haha. But we have a huge emphasis on it in our schools and maybe they just don't?? Someone in the comments on her Instagram said she would have had to opt in for certain classes to learn that. Very...strange.

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        • Vandalise the Skull

          There's a massive focus on history in our curriculum in Australia. Additionally, every single year we have ANZAC day commemorations where the TV and radio are full of history about our involvement and the wider war history.

          Please don't think that all Australians are as stupid / ignorant as this moron.

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        • beeinthebonnet

          I'd be very surprised if she didn't know what that flag represented-Australia & New Zealand have ANZAC day to commemorate their war dead, WW2 history is certainly taught in schools (according to my Sydney-based cousin, who has kids at school there), and even if not, there have been enough movies/TV/documentaries/books released since 1945 dealing with the whole sorry story. You'd have to be either dead, stupid or extremely self-absorbed to miss them.

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          • sundaecake

            To be fair, ANZAC day covers a very specific event in WWI. Speaking as an Australian, who did not take elective history, I do believe it is entirely possible she did not 'study' the holocost, but seems very ignorant if she has not learnt about it through other sources.

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            • Vicarious

              Exactly, I didn't take elective history but had compulsory history til year 10 which is longer than most and I never studied WW2.

              Around Anzac Day and Remembance Day there is definitely more of a focus on WW1.

              No excuses for not knowing what a Nazi flag is though - Shani must be dumb as dog shit

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        • Delusions of MILFdom

          In Australia, learning about WW2 (with particular emphasis on the Holocaust), is part of the required curriculum (has been for decades), it is NOT an elective and is usually taught in Years 8, 9 and 10 of High School.

          Her fangirls are liars and morons.

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          • sundaecake

            years 9 and 10 is elective.

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            • Delusions of MILFdom

              Not in Western Australia its not. Its compulsory.

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              • Blissful ignorance

                Nope, went to school in wa from mid eighties to mid nineties and was never taught about ww2. Never took history (in high school it was social studies which I believe is now 'society and environment' and the only history it covered was ancient history) although one year my social studies teacher was ex-army so he made us watch 'gallipoli' around Anzac Day.

                Your school may have made it compulsory but it wasn't compulsory across the state.

                It doesn't excuse being a complete idiot and somehow oblivious to one of the biggest events in recent history and one of the most recognizable symbols. And if they hang a flag like that, I'm sure there were other clues to what shitty people they were, casual racism etc. But the fan girls are not lying if they say they never had a class that taught ww2

                THIS! (4)  NOPE! (5)

    • Flasè Dah

      I think from her "not my flag" disclaimer, she had at least a decent idea that the flag does not represent sunshine and happiness.

      This is just another Katie Bower "I had no idea Amy Winehouse was dead" defence.

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  9. shabutie

    someone's been reading The Londoner! who the eff thinks bikini pics are the appropriate vehicle for weak-ass apologies for Nazi associations? it's ridiculous.

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  10. sittymccoucherson

    What saddens me the most, maybe, is that this is pretty much how I expect and 18 year old to act/react. The immaturity and ignorance of this particular group (I know I'm generalizing...not all teenagers and immature) is becoming staggering. So, not that it makes it right, but not knowing a nazi flag and apologizing via a biking post seems fairly standard nowadays.

    THIS! (16)  NOPE! (49)

    • Amaryllis

      Look, I've officially reached the age of Get Off My Lawn, but I know plenty of kids that age and not one of them would dance in front of a Nazi flag and then claim ignorance of what it is. One of these kids skiid off his roof onto a small pile of snow and was surprised when he broke his leg, and not even he would claim ignorance of WWII.

      THIS! (102)  NOPE! (1)

    • teamconrad

      So no generalizing, but generally...

      THIS! (17)  NOPE! (3)

      • sittymccoucherson

        No. I very clearly states that I knew I was generalizing an entire group. I'm astounded by the selfishness and stupidity of people of this age group. It baffles me that they are "adults" and this is how they act. I'm terrified by it all, and sadly am no longer surprised when a person in the late teens (sometimes early 20s) does something stupid like this.

        THIS! (10)  NOPE! (33)

        • cheesecakeisaverygoodlie

          Yeah, those goddamn young adults and their non-apologies for their stupid mistakes! And there are so many of them that pull this kinda shit, too! That's why GOMI almost primarily features young adult bloggers and hardly has ANY 30-something mommy bloggers on its front page!

          ...Oh, wait.

          THIS! (35)  NOPE! (3)

  11. heatherdubrow

    Is this real life?

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  12. Britt

    Oh my god, just own up to it, you ignorant cow.

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  13. Janet Snarkhole


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