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Shauna Ahern Thinks The Election Was Worse Than 9/11

Shauna Ahern, the poster girl for gluten-free health, has a long history of making things about her. She is the ultimate topper – no matter what you’ve experienced or felt, she experienced or felt something much more dramatic and deep and “story” worthy. Now she’s trying to top the folks who went through 9/11 by declaring this election “worse” than that event.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 7.56.58 AM

Sorry thousands of people who died, sorry families of those who died, sorry those who survived and continue to deal with the aftermath – Shauna’s preferred presidential candidate didn’t win, so she gets to feel worse than you. If that upsets you maybe you can make some lemon muffins.

  1. Gaspode

    She is so embarrassing.

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    • The Missus

      How many times do you think she refreshed that tweet to see how many retweets it got? Because I'm thinking quite a few.

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  2. George is Getting Upset

    Oh I'm totally sure my family member who lost her husband - a firefighter - in 9/11 wouldn't be offended by this shit at all! Shauna is such a f**king c**t. And I don't apologize for using that word because no other comes close to expressing how much I despise her right now.

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    • LaverneandHurling

      I am so sorry for your family's loss.

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      • George is Getting Upset

        Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it.

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  3. Little Broom On The Prairie

    Her comment is so beyond stupid and insensitive, I just can't.

    She is very busy being much activist right now. And when I say activist, I mean her typing, "Thanks. Retweeting this." Oh, and posting that she's reading an activisting book, and you all (IG followers) need to get out there and do something!

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    • You forget she also bought herself a brown baby. So she is really scared for the future. She's more scared than you because she's not just an ally, she's family. She knows the struggle better than you. Let her educate you. Imagine.

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  4. LaverneandHurling

    What's really fascinating is that she's not even being original. A lot of hyperbolic pundits and columnists are declaring the fractured state of our nation to be "worse than the aftermath of 9/11" for the page hits. She's likely parroting something she read (or headline she saw). NOT trying excuse or WK but simply point out that she's pathetic.

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    • I think it's obnoxious because she's a sheltered cow who afaik was a million and thirty miles from the Towers when 9/11 happened. To my knowledge she did not volunteer or participate in rescue or reconstruction afterwards. I know no record of her being part of the memorial planning or groundbreaking. I'm unaware that she had family or friends lost in the events.

      She is in no position to be comparing 9/11 after-feelings to anyf**kingthing. She wasn't there. She wasn't a part of the event or a part of the aftermath. She was sitting her fat ass on "her" island being a snowflake in her little bubble of self-diagnosed poop problems. She needs to take off her safety pin and sit all the f**ks down right now.

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      • Pernicious PDFs

        But she lived there once for two weeks, right? She's totally one of you. What a phony.

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      • LaverneandHurling

        I 1000% agree and was in no way trying to excuse her, just pointing out that in addition to being beyond tone-deaf and insensitive and offensive she's not even expressing an original thought. So we can add 'breathtakingly dumb" to her list of qualities.

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  5. Neha

    I have no idea who this person is, but I don't think the comparison is that crazy. I felt that same sense of fear and hopelessness. I was afraid that I would be harassed by the kids as school just because I was brown. A lot of people have very real reasons to be scared right now, with the hate crimes taking place and potential policy changes that could target them and the national security risks that we could be dealing with. Most of Americans weren't directly impacted by 9/11, but were shook because they no longer felt safe in their own country. It changed America permanently. It's the same thing now.

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    • Gaspode

      Shauna is white. She lives on an island with a 99.9% white population (her purchased baby is probably the second POC there), and has NO RIGHT to compare the Trump win to 9/11, because it doesn't impact her directly, if at all. She is perfectly safe where she lives, and her children are as well. Yes, everyone is scared. For those who are not straight, white, and/or male, things are downright terrifying. BUT, Shauna has nothing to be afraid of. She is not harassed or straight up attacked for being white, or because of her religion, or for what she wears. This is NOT worse than 9/11 for her, not in the slightest. So yeah, she needs to STFU.

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    • Get the iodine

      I think it makes a lot of sense to compare the feelings of the two days, since they were both very "WHAT THE f**k JUST HAPPENED?" feelings. But 9/11 happened, then people were dead. There was no chance to mitigate what was happening. Then we made it worse, invading Iraq, letting Islamophobia creep in, and failing to take care of first responders.

      With this, we're looking down a path that could potentially be very bad, could be more deadly than 9/11. But it isn't yet. People are sad and scared and some are actually injured, but metaphorically, the buildings aren't falling down on us yet. We can still mitigate. We don't have to follow this path to its worst end.

      I am sorry you are scared, though. It is a very uncertain time right now and I hope you have good friends, family, classmates, and teachers around you.

      Keep in mind, too, Shauna is pretty full of shit. Everything that happens to her is the worst, the biggest, the saddest, the biggest. Of course her post-election disappointment is worse than the deaths of thousands of people. She's just trying to show off how woke she believes she is.

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      • Gaspode

        You stated this way better than I did! Thank you :)

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      • LickedRandisCake

        Thank you. This is exactly what I was thinking.

        At this point, Trump hasn't actually done anything and we don't have any idea what he will be able to do or even if he will still do most of the crazy thing he said during his campaign. It already appears as if he is backing off of a great many of those things. Presidents want to do a lot of things that our system of checks and balances doesn't actually allow. Time will tell.

        But, 9/11 actually happened. The loss was immediate and devastating. The grief overwhelming. We didn't anticipate our lives would change drastically, our sense of safety would be changed forever. We knew that it did.

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    • tender vittles

      I'm assuming you are very young Neha. Otherwise, your comment makes little sense. Being afraid of being harassed at school is in no way comparable to the devastation of the actual human lives lost on 9/11.

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      • kittyhow

        I think Neha was in school during 9/11 and she's talking about the fear she felt as a brown-skinned person back then.

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    • heather

      Neha, I'm assuming you grew up 10 miles away and your fire marshall dad was out of reach for three days just like mine--I'm assuming also like me, you know people, friends and neighbors and f**king cousins, who justifiably hated you because your father DID come home. My family got off LUCKY AS HELL and I offer thanks every day for that. This is nothing like 911, and God forgive you for even comparing a stupid election to any sort of massacre.

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    • Dora

      I've lived in NYC for 25 years (so through both and yes, I'm old) and no, no one died as a result of the election (although many people are rightfully afraid). Don't jump on me for saying this -- although, whatever, go ahead -- but the mood in the city on the day after the election WAS strangely reminiscent of the days after 9/11. Just eerily quiet and somber. Regardless, that was a really dumb thing to Tweet.

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    • Neha

      Just to be clear, this is about feelings. This isn't about saying that 9/11 is comparable to this election (although it might be, we just don't know yet what the long-term consequences will be). You can't dictate someone's emotions and tell them this is how they should feel. I personally felt that same sadness and fear and hopelessness on both days. Many, especially those from NY or those who were personally effected by 9/11, can't even compare those emotions. For many people, this was a "stupid election". I'd say those people have a certain amount of privilege, whether it comes from their skin color, wealth, religion, or gender. I don't have any of those privileges so I'm allowed to be terrified and devastated for myself.

      And, to clarify, I was 11 when 9/11 happened. At that age, hearing the horrific stories about the hate crimes that were happening to people who looked like me (including kids in school) was very, very scary and very comparable to how many kids are feeling today.

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      • Get the iodine

        I hear what you're saying. I think for many who had some distance from 9/11 (as I did, living in the western part of the country) the shock and sudden need to redefine what we see as possible in the United States feel similar. But once you're talking to people who were in the thick of 9/11 and were actually losing people, the comparison falls apart.

        In any case, I maintain that Shauna is ten pounds of shit in a five pound sack. And her whipping out that comparison is foolish considering how much time she spends on Twitter sucking up to Lena Dunham, Lin Manuel Miranda, Ashley Ford, and other known actual New Yorkers.

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  6. Get the iodine

    No, y'all. No. You just don't get it. Shauna VOTED. She is a member of Pantsuit Nation! She "just did the only thing I can do, her civic duty." And then, her candidate didn't win! And so she went to THE LIBRARY and borrowed A BOOK on ACTIVISM! And now that she's read that book, she knows that voting is not enough. And I don't know if you knew this or not, but she is the mother of a BLACK SON. AND NOW SHE IS SAD. She is desperately searching for the light. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH SHE IS STRUGGLING?

    But Shauna also told us boldly that she will not move to Canada, even though Canada is desperately in need of part-time grocery-store clerks, line cooks, and irregularly dispersed gluten-free newsletters, she will stay here and fight. For you. For me. For all the black sons and unbelievably poetic six-year-olds. So brave. So strong. I wish you could see the single tear rolling down my cheek right now.

    Oh, Shaun. For a writerly writer, there's a pretty big difference between saying something feels worse than 9/11 RIGHT NOW and feeling like we're now standing at the cusp of something that could possibly play out to be worse than 9/11. But then, Shauna doesn't seem to draw much distinction between surviving cancer and once having a cancer scare, so maybe not.

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    • FLM

      I wish you could see the single tear rolling down my cheek
      tears floating down my cheeks in a languorous stream.

      Fixed that for you.

      She is such an utter tool.

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      • Headpat Junquie

        Jiggling breasts, huh?

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    • boombalatty

      She also doesn't know the difference between a stroke and a TIA, but that hasn't stopped her yet.

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      • Get the iodine

        Well, it's all a matter of perspective, you see. People, would you like to buy her cookbook from this affiliate link? Teeny, tiny TIA, girlfriend is glowing and healthy as a horse. Minor setback, only to teach us to look for the light through the hospital window.

        Oh, your flour didn't get shipped on time? Stroke! Terrible, pernicious, light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel STROKE. God almost called Shauna home, but she came back to us because she knows how much we need her and her yesly wisdom. It was possibly even worse than that time she almost died from eggs? Eggs. Couldn't even find the strength to buck on the bed in a low-cut nightgown.

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  7. Sharon uses paper napkins, but I, Shauna, only use cloth napkins.

    For someone who hates Trump so much, her... flexible relationship with the truth sounds a lot like his:

    Shauna: the flour is going out soon, I have a friend in the state department.

    Trump, today: "The failing @nytimes story is so totally wrong on transition. It is going so smoothly. Also, I have spoken to many foreign leaders."

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  8. amazing husband gorgeous house

    As someone with friends that thankfully made it out of Tower 2 and that has a friend that lost many of the guys from his ladder from the Bronx during rescue operations, I'm speechless.

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  9. Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels


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  10. Not Sponsored by Target

    I am a white mom with a white husband, three white children, and three black children. We live in the Deep South. This election sucked. I worry about all six of my kids, but I am extra worried about my adopted children right now. Especially the two boys.

    That said. It has never dawned on me to compare this to 9/11. For one, thousands of people aren't dead or injured. For two, the president isn't stuck between a rock and a hard place. For three, this election has given us Joe Biden memes.

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    • diveparrot

      Every day I thank the Lord for Joe Biden memes.

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  11. allegedly

    It's a terrifying time, but America is rising up. There aren't huge piles of asbestos laden smoking rubble and thousands of heartbroken family members with funerals to plan. We can fix this! I hope..

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  12. Boofrickinghoo

    I have no idea why I am still constantly amazed at the stupidity of adults. I want to slap her.

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