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Skinny Meg Will Snapchat Proper Car Safety

Megan, ‘skinny’, loves to document her every breath via Periscope and snapchat. This includes snapchatting her children dancing around unbuckled in what seems to be a moving vehicle.


She is SkinnyMeg31 on snapchat and as of now the snap is still viewable in her story. In several successive snaps the kids are dancing and singing in a vehicle that seems to be moving through what looks like a suburban neighborhood. Meg also appears to be driving the vehicle.

Seriously, why do bloggers keep doing this?

  1. Other Mother

    Car is definitely moving in that second snap. And it looks like she's not wearing her seat belt, either.

    Much smart, that one.

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  2. Ja'Crispy

    Oh she's absolutely driving, the houses are moving in the background. There is just no excuse for this. None. Even her daughter looks nervous about it. What level of narcissism do you have to be at to not only do this, but record it, and then post it??? The problem is when bloggers do stupid stuff they GAIN followers, they don't lose them. The fan gurlz stay loyal and others sign up to see the shit show.

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    • JIF

      Then, my favorite part is when bloggers freak out that there is any kind of drama and backlash. 1) they are so far up their own butts to think that their followers want to see ev-er-y-thing they do, hence the disregard for safety in the name of having something else to feed the crowd. 2) They never seem to remember that THEY THEMSELVES SHARED THE VIDEO of whatever people are up in arms about. This wasn't a video someone hacked in and posted against her will. When you voluntarily share something you can voluntarily take a seat and just accept the crap that you deserve like an adult. Bloggers and the social media addicted are the worst martyrs and most self-proclaimed victims.

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  3. Chalupa Warrior Part Deux

    Yeah I see all her snaps and it was definitely a moving car. Shes the biggest dumbass ever for SO many reasons but this one just really pissed me off. I was SO HAPPY when I saw that squash blown to bits in her microwave. WTF did you THINK would happen with a squash for 12 minutes? (which she snapped previous of it in a bowl with 12 minutes typed out).

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    • size small caftan

      That was so stupid. Cut the squash in half, scoop it out, put it face down on a plate with some water on it, then you can microwave it for 8-10 minutes without it exploding. I can hardly comment about driving and dancing with no one buckled. That makes me so ragey.

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  4. Porney LaRue

    If her children were Snapchat and Periscope, they'd definitely be buckled, cause no way in hell could she live without them...

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    • #TwilightSnarkle

      You win the internet for this comment.

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  5. #selfiesoversafety

    She'll probably do a periscope tonight about how all the #HATERZ are picking on her and her lifestyle, kids, etc and cry/whine about it. But I have NO sympathy for this shit. This is messed up and dangerous. So this is for you, Meg.

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  6. allthesugars

    I wish I could say I'm surprised. But, her kids come last in her it's not a shock at all. I feel sorry for these kids and the way their mom values makeup, surgeries, fake food and working out over them...again and again. All the fangirls think it's cute she forgot to pack lunch, or pick up her daughter for school. It's cute to scope/post about your sick kid and how miserable he makes YOUR life when he's sick.

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    • Chalupa Warrior Part Deux

      Or how she stands on her dry porch and watches her daughter have to run in the rain from the bus stop instead of waiting out there with an umbrella like MOST MOMS I see doing!

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      • KipDynamite

        Oh god. I don't know how you guys keep up with such a vile person. I'm all for hate-reading/following, but can't do it when children are involved.

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      • Top Hat Fancy

        Um, it's rain... It won't melt the kid to run to his bus from his porch. I'm all for snarking but this is a little BEC. I'll be damned if I'm going to stand outside with an umbrella so my speshul snowflake doesn't get a drop of water on him

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        • Bitch Eating Crackers

          But would you get it on video, laugh and call them a dumb ass and then share it with thousands of people?

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  7. BellyDancer

    I said it before and I'll say it again, this is the kind of thing spouses will use to get custody one day when you finally drive them crazy for the last time

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  8. haterader

    Oh, Meg. I already know how she will/would respond--with some drivel about how we're all hand-wringing and she loves her kids, and she was going slow, and there was no traffic, etc.

    But holy shit, Meg--I know you have been on the internet as you seem to live there, did you NOT think that you weren't going to get blowback on that one? Even her devoted fangirls likely did a double-take with that one.

    The little one stumbles and bumps his head and does she stop? No, the older child pulls him and and in the next snap she's hollering for him to dance and his sister is pulling his head towards the camera. "Dance for mommy! It's how we get her love and approval!"

    Why Meg, why? Why could this not wait until you were parked in the driveway? Yes, I'm sure the danger was (relatively) minimal, but dear lord Meg, use some damn common sense. According to a Periscope from last week, they barely let the toddler on the stairs alone, so why would you think he has enough balance to dance in a moving car?

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  9. Massive FUPA

    Oliver, if you read here - MAKE HER STOP. She's going to cause real harm to your kids one day with her narcissism.

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  10. Near Naked Nether Region

    Thank you, Thank you PP for putting this asshole on the front page

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  11. size small caftan

    She had her daughter changing her son's diaper and getting him dressed (today or yesterday?). Cute if it's once, but with her track record she's probably grooming her daughter to take care of it all the time.

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    • allthesugars

      I mean, this is the mom that let him sit in a shit-filled diaper on a full plane. So....

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  12. BossBae

    Oh man this has her quiet on snapchat today

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  13. Rihannas Bong

    Why does she call herself Skinny Meg? [Serious]

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    • allthesugars

      It started as a "follow-along as I lose weight blog". Now, she owns a bowtique (her spelling) and spends her money on surgeries, tanning, horrible clothes, subscription boxes, fake sugar filled food and protein pancakes.

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    • size small caftan

      It's relative. She lost a lot of weight.

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      • Hot Lumpy Mess in a Tutu

        She's a deluded, lumpy, flabby mess with workout and skinny app addiction. Losing 100+ pounds and skin removal surgery still don't make her look like her own selfies.

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    • Best Thigh Gap Ever

      She was PrettyMeg (and her blog used to be called Miss Madison's Charmed Life) but then changed to SkinnyMeg. I think after losing 100 pounds she believed she would be SkinnyPrettyMeg, but still not there so then Botox, boobs, lipo, skin removal surgeries and well crap look at her

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