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The Freckled Fox Has Already Remarried

Emily Meyers, of Freckled Fox fame, has finally announced her weeks old remarriage. Roughly 90 days after putting her “sweetheart” in the ground, she has decided she is “ready to move forward”.

…I’m ready to share some news that I’ve been keeping to myself for the last little while. I’m ready to introduce you to Richard…When I became engaged to Martin, Richard and I parted ways as friends. We didn’t reconnect until very recently, and things started moving fast between us. We had grown so close all those years ago, and were very much able pick up where we’d left off.

Her late husband’s family seems less than thrilled about the whole thing, with family members who attempt to comment on her instagram allegedly being deleted and blocked. One finally took to facebook to make their side heard in a now deleted post.


Opponents of the rapid remarriage are calling it “gross”, “shady af”, “disrespectful”, and “Just. Nuts.”

  1. Vainglorious Poop Weasel

    Awful but honestly... Grief makes you an insane person. Your brain just stops working in any sort of rational manner... Which is why you should wait at least a year until making any sort of big decisions! Poor, crazy lady.

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    • Near Naked Nether Region

      Yes grief does make you do strange things, but she has children for christ's sake. Let them grieve.

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      • Vainglorious Poop Weasel

        Well, my reply to this earlier got eaten but: I don't mean strange. I mean literally when you go through grief like that your brain stops working when it comes to "is this a rational idea". Yes, I feel sorry for her children, but that doesn't stop me from feeling sorry for her too.

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    • Office Worker

      Yeah, I think grief maybe played a part in this, but she could also have been dating this guy before her husband died, who knows?

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    • Dr. Mindy Lahiri

      Grief totally makes you do stupid stuff.

      But damn, those poor kids. She doesn't have the luxury of temporary loss of common sense. She needs to keep her shit together for them.

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    • oh, you

      Opportunism makes you do lots of weird stuff as well. Why do I get the feeling Richard was "the one who got away", and when Martin was cold(ish), she pounced?

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    • minnieis4

      How does s widow recover from the death of the love of their life in weeks and then remarry so soon? I am a widow and I still don't want a new husband and father to my children after a few years. Something doesn't feel right. Maybe she is unconsciously replaceing him as her husband and father to her children?

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      • Maia

        The answer is simple: He wasn't the love of her life.

        I know a lot of religious women who claim to be sooooo in love to keep up a good front, but are actually miserable. Sadly common. Not saying she was miserable with Marty, but she totally could have settled for him, or just jumped at the chance to get married.

        But yeah, this is nuts.

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    • clever name here

      I do agree that grief has major effects on a persons mind, decisions and rationale.
      However, there is enough secrecy to her actions that make me hesitate to chalk it up to just grief. She KNEW it was a poor, disrespectful and rash decision. Her actions tell you she has/had her mental faculties in tact enough to know to keep what she was up to secret. When people keep their actions secret they know their actions are questionable. I mean, she was a guest on a podcast and omitted even eluding to the fact she had found new love in her life and she was already married when it was recorded!
      Temporarily insane people don't realize their actions are insane and her actions show that she does realize what she is doing.

      *I will add I don't think that keeping her actions hidden from PUBLIC are as telling as that she allegedly kept them secret from family, specifically Martin's family. That alone tells you she knew what she was doing and the effect it would have.

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    • DaringConsort

      I completely agree with this comment, especially in after listening to her being featured on a recent podcast (I am about 20 mins in right now - link: - she is explaining his death and the decline of his health and she sounds completely emotionless. Almost like she is telling someone else's story and not her own. Also she keeps mentioning multiple times that she has put off her grief due to needing to take care of her children and being so busy with them - that is NOT the solution. You have to face the grief head on, otherwise you can make bad decisions..such as this one.

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    • OhCaitlin

      I never really followed this blogger and the whole story behind her until her husband died. But I am listening to a podcast she did recently, and it's really clear that she is compartmentalizing everything, my (armchair) guess is to protect herself from what is surely overwhelming grief and anxiety.

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    • Freak_nasty

      Yup my uncle died suddenly and my aunt married her old college boyfriend within a month or two. It was NOT good or healthy. Everyone could see she was in denial and trying to avoid the grieving process. Five years later and they are still together, but she is in a deep depression and still talk to my uncle's urn like he's still there.

      I don't find anything snark worthy about this lady's situation, only sad. The evil bullying of her is part of why I don't come to this site much anymore.

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      • Bolivian Army Wedding Singer

        Freak_nasty, I'm giving you a this for giving a different insight to this situation. Maybe, she's in denial of what's happened to her. I don't know. I can only hope that this decision, which appears to be hasty to public, would not have much adverse reaction to the children.

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  2. Top Hat Fancy

    Young Mormon women tend to marry quickly after a death of a spouse

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    • Hold In Your Fupa Shorts

      Actually, because of the way polygamy is still intertwined with temple sealings, it can be really hard for Mormon widows to get remarried. A lot of Mormon men won't touch another man's widow with a ten foot pole because why do you want to be married for time only to a woman who is already some other man's celestial prize.

      It's even weirder when you throw kids into the mix. If a widow remarries and has kids with her second husband, those kids are "sealed" to her dead first husband, whom they have never met. The whole thing is weird AF. Thanks, Joseph Smith!

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      • Kris

        Is she sealed in the temple to the new husband. Then her late husband loses his kids in the afterlife. Nice..

        What else is a woman with five small kids to do?

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        • Hold In Your Fupa Shorts

          Since she married again so quickly, I doubt she got sealed to him. You CAN request a sealing cancellation to your first husband if you are a remarrying widow, but the process takes a while. This is because a woman can't be sealed to two men until EVERYBODY involved is dead, but a man can be sealed to two wives without having to jump through any particular hoops.

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          • Kris

            Lds marry quickly for the first time. How long to wait between marriages?

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        • Wilumsb

          No she is not sealed to the second husband. And no Martin doesn't lose them

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  3. Near Naked Nether Region

    Holy shit she posted pictures of the funeral? I'm actually speechless.

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    • Not applying for the Sewing Bee

      and she had a photographer taking pictures of her kids at their father's funeral? WTAF?

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      • Itsmesucka

        There were 2 photographers.

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        • chicken fried beetface

          I live in the Mormon belt and I see a lot of Mormons hire professional photographers for funerals. Only Mormons. It's the strangest concept to me. If I lost a child/spouse/parent/loved one, hiring a professional photographer would be the LAST thing on my mind. A funeral is private and sacred and not something I would want a photo album of, imo.

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      • Ginfilf

        Forget the remarrying - she actually commissioned a stylish photo shoot of her family grieving at their departed husband/father's funeral! What the actual f**k is wrong with this person?!

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    • Wee Hatted Couch Barnacle

      Yes, yes, and yes to this x10. I was unaware of her husband's death but photographs professionally shot at a funeral floored me. I always feels sorry for public figures who aren't allowed to grieve privately at funerals but this is so beyond my comprehension as to how it is okay. The carefully curated image never comes down once, not even in what is or should be the worst day of your life. I don't get some people one bit. I just don't.

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      • witty screenname

        I've been hired to shoot viewings, funerals, and graveside ceremonies. It's a teeny tiny part of my business, and it's not something I'd do for a family funeral myself, but for the families who hire me, the photos seem to be really important to their grieving process.

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        • Cotton Gusset

          But the tight dress and high heels leaning over the coffin?!

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      • Self-Awareness is Overrated

        This deluded fool thinks she's Jacqueline Kennedy.

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        • God promised you the baby would come out the vag

          How many times can I "this!" this comment. I was trying to think of who she was channeling and you nailed it. Except I doubt Jacqueline Kennedy would post such a great ass and coffin shot.

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    • Kirsten Larson

      The weirdest thing IMO was calling the post "Daddy's Special Day." I know Mormons are pretty cheery in the face of death but...whut????

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      • Salad Spinner of Fuck

        Yeah, no. We're not THAT cheery. Espeacially when it's someone so young.

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    • Apologetically Feministy

      YES!!! I was thinking that I was the only one shocked that a professional photographer was hired to take pictures of the burial ceremony.

      I don’t know how things are in USA, but here in Brazil, that would be considered cold as f***, tacky and simply not done. Especially if the person would then post those pictures on a blog ONE WEEK after her spouse’s death.

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  4. giant fleshy toddler

    I've never heard of her until this post and I don't want to tell people how to deal with losing a loved one but seeing her post pictures of him being put in an ambulance made me uncomfortable and I understand taking photos at a funeral, but to basically have a photoshoot and posting them all on a public blog? Gross.

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  5. Zosew

    Holy s***. He married her and she has 5 kids. All I can say is, I guess he's in love. Also, I guess she probably had to get married again asap because she has, you know, 5 KIDS!

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    • LickedRandisCake

      She made almost 90K on the fundraiser page after he died so, the rush probably wasn't for financial reasons.

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      • Another Day

        According to people who've followed her more closely than I have, she made over $175K from several various fundraisers. And according to the people who say they're Martin's family*, the family's been providing for her as well, the house is paid for, and there are no medical bills. All five kids are eligible for survivors' benefits from Social Security, in addition to any life insurance he may have had.

        *I don't have any reason to doubt that they're Martin's family, and in fact I believe they are. But you know. b***hy Berry Picker and so forth.

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      • LickedRandisCake

        Not that I care all that much about being Noped but....not sure why. The You Caring page, which is the only one I knew about, is showing over $87K. Now, what a person actually gets after the site takes fees or whatever, I don't know.

        So, I don't think her move to get married was a financial one. It's not like she needed a sugar daddy. That's not a disparaging statement in any way.

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        • BRS

          is 90K really that much with five kids to take care of??

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          • Billsburg

            No, not for the long term. But...if the house & medical bills have been paid and if he had life insurance, it would be enough to get her through the grieving process without financial worries. The kids will get (at least) $1,000 each until they are 18 so it's not like they're going to be homeless tomorrow.

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  6. Billsburg

    Well, That NitWit (Jenma Cob, feminist, weed taking photographer) is going to have to up her game if she wants to out nitwit this chick for any GOMI awards this year. FF seems to have "most jaw dropping post of the year" award wrapped up.

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    • Brick N Motor

      Glad I'm not the only one whose thinking this! I've been hooked on the FF thread so much that Jenma's behavior seems tame in comparison. I fully expect Jenna to pull some outrageous antics this weekend and next week to get back on the radar thanks to FF stealing her attention thunder.

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  7. nutsandberries

    She must have attended Hungry Runner Girl's school of "how to lock up a man fast!"

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  8. Wee Hatted Couch Barnacle

    I admire Martin's family for not allowing this to go unchecked. They don't expect her to throw herself on a funeral pyre but how about a period of mourning, getting the children the love and support they need, instead of throwing yourself into LOVE LOVE LOVE with a soulmate. Didn't you just bury a soulmate? Doesn't he get a little bit of time to be mourned. Of course, the first husband's family will now to completely cut out of the children's lives because she will not allow anything but sunshine and daisies surrounding her decision. She is disgraceful.

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    • lis

      Those kids have just lost their dad and their grandparents. I'd like to hope she takes whatever they dish out in the way of criticism on the chin and ensures the kids maintain a relationship with their grandparents but she probably won't. 8 WEEKS!!!!

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  9. Roadkill on Batshit Lane

    Sorry, but this is really disgusting to me. She must be deleting negative comments, since they all say how happy and joyful everyone is for her. Um ... These kids' dad died. It's gross that she moved a new guy in a couple weeks later. What does that teach the children about relationships and about loss and grief?

    Then again I don't get having FIVE kids by the time you are 25 years old, so, maybe I just don't get her, full stop.

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    • Posing sexily with Stilton

      I've seen a lot of the comments that have then been deleted. She also did a podcast with Marvelous Moms Club detailing the whole journey from Martin's diagnosis to passing and the presenter wrote on her IG that FF didn't want to talk about her new husband at that time but she will in the future. He was there with her apparently while she was talking though these heartbreaking details and getting teary. So so weird.

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  10. i love chili dogs

    Uh and she used a SPONSORED POST to thank people for their support during Martin's illness. Hey mt husband died, buy these chocolates!

    Stay classy, girl.

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  11. Billsburg

    Isn't it fascinating how many of her fans seem to think this is the greatest thing ever? It's like people who are going to vote for a certain presidential candidate regardless of the way that person has acted, said and done for the past 18 months. Apparently more people than I would have guessed have gone completely crackers.

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    • I aint yo mama

      Yea, sipping the KOOL Aid! I wont buying what she's selling nor sip what she's serving!

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  12. Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

    I guess it makes sense if she's one of those people who doesn't like ever being alone to find someone else very quickly after the death of their spouse. I mean, I don't know that I would necessarily advertise a new relationship so soon if I were one of those people, it does seem a little tacky, but it's not totally unheard of. I mostly feel sad for her if that's the case. There's a lot to be said for taking time to be by yourself and reflect figure out how you want to move forward.
    Ultimately though, whatever. Raising 5 kids alone is daunting, can't really fault her for finding someone to help out ASAP.

    THIS! (52)  NOPE! (27)

    • Disgusted

      Would you marry someone so you could help raise their kids? Not picking on you, but I've seen this iterated as a reason for the marriage but it makes no sense to me.

      It's not a reason to marry. It's a reason to get a nanny or au pair or have relatives move in. Not commit to a relationship for life.

      THIS! (40)  NOPE! (5)

      • Tiatrack

        It's why my parents got married - 38 years ago! My dad had been a widower for 2 years, and he met and married my mom within 6 weeks.

        THIS! (11)  NOPE! (2)

        • SnarkaliciousPork

          Tiatrack, my great-grandmother did the same thing. Her 1st husband was tragically killed in a car accident when my grandmother was only 6 years old. She met a man and was married within 6 months. That marriage lasted 65 years, only ending when my great-grandmother passed away.

          THIS! (6)  NOPE! (1)

      • Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

        Would I? I don't know. Maybe. It's a more permanent alternative to a nanny. Plus nannies are expensive. People have gotten married for worse reasons.

        THIS! (6)  NOPE! (0)

        • God promised you the baby would come out the vag

          Divorce is expensive. Why anyone would be so casual about a marriage, which in the USA is a legal, financial contract, is beyond me. What was she doing with the kids while he was sick? Keep doing that. Don't legally bind yourself to someone else, at least not when you have five innocent kids.

          THIS! (6)  NOPE! (2)

          • Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

            I agree with you, I'm not arguing. I'm just guessing as to why she would enter into a contract with another person so soon after her husband's death and I really don't have any answer for that. Another reason for marrying and not just living together may be because of the religious aspect? Maybe her family would throw a hissy? Again, I have no idea.
            They seem to be upset about it either way.
            This all blows for the children.

            THIS! (3)  NOPE! (0)

  13. Covered in Dog Hair

    A close male relative of mine got remarried within months of his wife dying tragically and way too young after a prolonged illness, many, many years ago (before my time). There were 4 teenage children involved, and I know for a fact that screwed up all of them for years, and some of them forever (this was decades ago).

    Not a good thing to do, to put it mildly.

    THIS! (88)  NOPE! (8)

    • BassGuitar

      How long was this guy sick? Not long.

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    • It Happened to Me

      My first's boyfriend father met someone and remarried a few months after his mother died, when he was 10. The second marriage didn't last long, but my boyfriend's lingering resentments towards his father did. He wound up not realizing how much anger and hurt he'd held back until he was an adult and went into therapy.

      Any major life decision at a time like this is generally inadvisable -- your life's already been changed and, the first few months of grieving a loss, you're not thinking like you would before the loss. Right after my mother died, I decided in the midst of my grief that my boyfriend should move in with me, and that wound up being a bad call on my part. Right before she died, I was beginning to have doubts about staying.

      So yes, what you said: Not a good thing to do.

      Also if I were in a similar situation, I'd wish that a friend would ask me, "Hey, are you okay? Do you need to talk to someone? Are you feeling isolated by your loss? Because this seems like a really huge decision to make at this time in your life. We care about you and don't want you to be lonely, but we also want you to do what's best for you and take care of yourself. What could we do to help?" Not say they're soooo happy for me. :(

      THIS! (51)  NOPE! (4)

    • PeanutBrittle

      I try not to judge people for the way they grieve but I've lived this, and it makes me so, so sad for those babies. My dad met and remarried within 6 months of my mom's death. My brothers and I are all still dealing with issues from it, almost 30 years later. My father is now on wife number four, so obviously he is still dealing issues too.

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