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This Christmas, Glennon Wants You To Give The Gift Of Glennon

Glennon, busy being in love, has a way for your holiday to be “low in stress and high in meaning”. Just follow her amazing holiday gift guide!

Glennon suggests gifts like the Brian Andreas Love Warrior Collection – a selection of $35 glorified LiveStrong bracelets that keep Glennon’s woo spew within wrist’s reach. Or maybe give a book – a book like Love Warrior! If coffee mugs are what you need, head over to the Momastery Zazzle store and drop $18 to make a custom mug with some quote from your kid that’s probably hi-lurrr-ious to you and maybe one other person. Or you could give someone a Love Warrior tote bag or a Love Warrior t-shirt, because nothing says “this made me think of you” like wearable advertising for a book about a crappy marriage. And if none of that blows your skirt up you can just give the gift of a hashtaggable experience.

Give the gift of CourageWorks! It has NEVER been more important for we brave ones to write our own endings to our personal and collective stories. This course that Brené and I taught together has been taken and loved by so many because the time is NOW to become the heroes of our own stories.

Did you guys know Glennon and Naynay are superbeefs who teach classes and stuff? Now you know. And now you or a loved one can “experience the healing we felt” – with a discount code and everything!

So this holiday season remember that the greatest gift you can give yourself and others is the gift of more Glennon. Unless your name is Abby, in which case you’re probably getting some Indigo Girls cds.

  1. Wait...What?

    OMG after reading these three stories, I need a shower. SO gross.

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    • Dame Helen Chichester

      What, she gave a 20% off code for the course! Jesus. This is why she doesn't care what her monkeys think anymore. You guys are all take, take, take.

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  2. Little Broom On The Prairie

    What, no life size cardboard cut-out of Glennon with a Love Warrior head in her lap? I want one for my entry way. Did they sell out already? And her calendar: "12 Brave Months of Glennon's Fortune Cookie Sayings"? Those are gone, too? Damn.

    Well, Merry Brutiful Christmas, everyone. Guess I'm stuck sending GFG weevil flour to people I don't like.

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    • Well I looked for an hour and I guess they are sold out of the stuffed Glennon dolls that say "hashtag so brave!" when you squeeze her lap. Sigh.

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    • Pooja

      I want one for every room in my house and one for my office and one to take with me on the metro in case i need a dose of awesomeness while travelling. Oh, and one for the office toilet too, you can never have too much awesomeness.

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  3. Bitchy Waves

    ..."we brave ones.."
    I have never cringed so hard. Ever.

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  4. Severus Snark

    I'm still saving up for a Glennon Practice Lap.

    Soul work and shit, you guys.

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  5. #basic

    She is the ultimate parody of the self help genre. I don't know how anybody reads her bullshit without laughing or vomiting.

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  6. Brutilda

    I just searched Brene's website. Glennon's name appears in one (1) blog post that reviews three books.

    Somebody's namedropping......

    (Thank god. I love Brene)

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  7. Salad Spinner of Fuck

    #brave #lesbianforheadpats

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  8. Farting Absolutely

    God her speshul snowflake preciousness makes me gag. What drivel. Please just stop, Glennon.

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  9. Jay Bee

    I have a few friends who repost her shitty quotes on the gram, and while I don't think they'd quite be at the level of Laphead, I'm sure they're making Mommy Melton proud and buying up tons of this shit as gifts. If I see any of this drivel under my tree it'll be used as some brutiful kindling. #firewarrior

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    "It has NEVER been more important for we brave ones to write our own endings to our personal and collective stories."

    I dig that people are now referring to themselves as brave rather than relying on fawning fangirls to do it for them. The very word has lost all meaning for me at this point. And why is it so important that we write our own ending to our personal stories? What does that even mean? It reads like she's in a cult that has predicted the second coming or rapture or something and so we all need to shore up our legacies before life ends.

    I'm going to go and try to be the hero of someone else's story.

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    • Out For a Walk Bitch

      'Try to be the hero of someone else's story'?

      Beware, dear Loving, This is how Huswolves are made.

      (J/k, but couldn't resist....)

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  11. Apeeling Attire

    Anyone else remember what she was like way back? I remember the first time she had to do something promotional for Carry On, Warrior, her sister actually did it. Her sister got online and said something like, "G hates being promotional but we have to do this so I'm doing it for her" or something like that. At the time, it turned me off; it seemed forced childish - like G was hiding in a closet while her sister did The Big Hard Thing. But holy shit, compare that from a few years ago to this monstrosity of self-promotion, and just woah. This woman has turned a shameless corner in a big way. Not sure which I prefer - the self-conscious "eek I just hate talking about myself!" narrative or the "Shop Momastery™ This Christmas!" narrative. Both seem equally fake and disgusting.

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  12. Rihannas Bong

    Brene Brown endorses this narcissistic nutbag? I thought I admired her. :(

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