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Tiffany Can Post Whatever She Wants

Tiffany Wilcox, her daughter is popular, is tired of her instagram followers demanding ever more pictures of her popular daughter.


Saying she “didn’t “put” my daughter in the limelight” and claiming she “didn’t ask for any of this, it just happened”, Tiffany – whose feed is about 95% pictures of her chubby baby girl – ended by commenting that she was “simply stating let me post pictures of my daughter on my own terms and stop hounding me”.

  1. So her followers shouldn't get upset when her feed is filled with products??

    Wait, she didn't ask for this??? Liar, liar pants on fire.

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    • Omnishambles

      "I DO WHAT I WANT!"


      Of course you can post whatever the shit you want on your own social media accounts. Buuuut when you are purposely trying to take the personal (photos of your child) into the commercial (HEY COMPANY $PONSOR ME PLS!), that argument gets ridic.

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      • That twerking jorts commercial continues to be the oddest thing I've seen in a while.

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      • 100 Pie Death March

        Is that Karl from An Idiot Abroad???

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        • napdynamite

          I don't think so. Too much energy for Karl!

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      • Isabeau d Anjou

        I want to look away from that gif. But I can't.

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      • Lumbersexual Narwhal

        Can. Not. Look. Away.

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      • Fine Ham Abounds

        I would be fine with more commercials of men dancing like this.

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      • Toothpaste

        He walks in heels better than I do...

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  2. boombalatty


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    • SoBrave.MuchFeels

      This is perfect.

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    • KitchenAid Mixer

      Oh how I love him.

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    • Leave the Gun Take the Cannoli

      I just love it when my boyfriend shows up in a gif.

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  3. Boofrickinghoo

    Such a stupid twat. I want to slap women like her.

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  4. Smile your soft smile NOT a fake one

    Ah, the age old time line of going viral: posts funny picture, goes public, tags celebrities (ELLEN!), goes viral, posts more, gets sponsors, complains about the exposure, posts another sponsor

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  5. internet parent of the year

    A lot of those comments are downright creepy. Especially the dude who says the first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is look on his phone for new pictures of the baby. What is wrong with these mothers?!

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    • Leftover Facial Bread

      Troubling that she would be more annoyed by nagging than what seems like a flock of p**ophiles creeping on her baby.

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    • Purple21

      And the comments in different languages - maybe she can read all of them, but it is creepy. It definitely sounds like Kinsey's photos are being streamed into another market. Is she really that naive to think that men are getting pushy because they think the baby's cute?

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      • internet parent of the year

        Seriously. And I think a strange man on the internet saying "the baby brings me so much joy" is the last person I would give the benefit of a doubt. I have a public profile (for my business) and occasionally post photos of my kids (FULLY CLOTHED! IMAGINE THAT!) I screen anyone who follows me and block every profile that looks even a little bit shady. This woman is clearly fame hungry and is using that child as bait. Disturbing and sad.

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    • random commenter

      I clicked on a few of the profiles of some of the more odd comments. She needs to delete that whole account asap. They're all spam accounts and obvs fake accounts. Is she really this dumb?

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  6. Takanori Gomi

    Oh yeah, she didn't ask for it. She only posted photoshopped pics of her baby with the entire Kardashian family and the Ellen Show tagged.....

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    • NotACPA

      Wut?! She associated her naked baby with a highly sexualized photo that "broke the Internet?" Where's your personal filter, lady?

      That adorable child deserves better.

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      • so materialistic and unnecessary

        I wish the goblins would take the baby away- right now

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        • Vagine

          I still wish they'd come get me, because I'd just stay with the Goblin King, forever, not long at all.

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          • Ja'Crispy

            You don't think you would feel lost and lonely?

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    • notkept

      This is horrifying.

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    • Curate This, Bitch!

      Does she not get what this is about?! She says it makes her stomach hurt, but does she mean from laughing?! And then she hashtags all those people with this????JFC on a cracker - she is deranged.

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    • Snarknado

      Uh, that can't be a healthy size for a baby...right?

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  7. Optimus Prime Rib

    Stupid question: If your kid's name was coming up with the red line under it, indicating that you spelled it wrong, wouldn't you take the 5 seconds to right-click >> Add to dictionary? It's your kid and pretty much your entire brand.

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  8. Yes my baby is my paycheck

    And.....cue my username for this kid-pimping motherwh*re.

    But for real, in one of those videos it looks like she's feeding her baby butterscotch chips. I'll nope that shit for a year. Her baby doesn't need butterscotch chips.


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  9. Purple21

    Oh God, it's been two whole days since she posted a new photo of her baby. The fans are getting desperate - who knows what's happened to Baby K in the last twp days that we're missing?! So Tiffany has to step out and hold her hand out to the screaming crowd...
    Seriously, wait at little longer than two days before you start pretending people are going crazy with deprivation, yearning for another glimpse of your baby.

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    • sundaecake

      sadly though, there are people saying some pretty f**king weird things.

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      • babbity

        Yep if you look at her IG, this post is full of creepy comments. People are saying we don't care what YOU want to post, we want MORE baby pics right now, people are saying they love Kinsley as if she were their own baby,'s really quite creepy. Of course half the comments are in Turkish (?) so I can't read them.

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  10. emma

    Wow, that's one big baby.

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  11. amy

    that baby is not cute. how is it internet famous?

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    • so materialistic and unnecessary

      because sick people on the internet like pictures of naked babies - people call me out on threads for being extreme and warning danger for children in certain situations, but f**king hell surely reasonable people look at this and realize who is consuming these images.

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      • Vagine

        I've tried to warn people regarding the impact of having your (or your kid's) pics in a p**o image bank, but who cares? It's the p**os who are sickos, and mama has click$ and Like$ to get.

        They can get more likes for their outrage when their photos were stolen and enjoy the ensuing martyrdom. It's all about Mommy.

        I am certain her daughter will be thrilled when she is 34 and still getting calls about it.

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      • amy

        I'm not personally offended by photos of naked babies, but I do get what you're saying.

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  12. catattack

    I have a serious question - is there a thing where people LOVE exceptionally fat babies? Other than her full figure I feel like this baby looks just like every other instagram baby model. And I saw a comment begging to know what she eats - does the commenter also want an exceptionally fat baby?

    I'm not baby body shaming - I AM creepy internet-baby-obsesser shaming.

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    • the one true morty

      "Is there a thing where people ________?"
      Yes, yes there is a thing where people _______.

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  13. hagpipes

    Her husband is such a chivalrous wordsmith!

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    • I say, well I say that's 'rediculous'!

      The f**k, dude. If you want to defend your wife try not to sound like Foghorn Leghorn: Personal Essays.

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      • hagpipes

        I'm cracking up at his "I would f**king dare you to say anything like that to us in person" because all I see is

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        • Porny LaRue

          I can't breathe...I can't breathe...

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          • Curate This, Bitch!

            I think you mean, as Tiffany's commenters say, I can't breath.

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        • ReallyOk

          When you and someone else got beef...

          I'm sorry. I'll see myself out now.

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      • Ladies bring a plate

        Holy shit, I've just had surgery and this made me lol so much I had to hold my belly!

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      • It's me, Stan!

        Foghorn Leghorn LMAO!!

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      • JerseySnore


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      • Mumspringa Glen

        It feels like 'rediculous' is mandatory for rage-filled husbands taking to the internet mattresses to defend their loves.

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        • Cold Comfort Farm

          And now I hear that entire comment in a Foghorn Leghorn voice.


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    • Suzy Bishop-Shakusky

      What a winner.

      The Dad's I know would be flipping out if weird men were asking for photos of their naked child.

      That poor kid.

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    • Purple21

      "She is not an object of affection, she is a child and our daughter." Poor kid.

      Also, Tiffany's "stance" has only lasted two days so far - it sounds like a marketing ploy to increase demand by broadcasting a shortage. If she hadn't mentioned that she wasn't giving in to the "demands" nobody would have known there was a demand.
      I can't decide whether she's trying to show potential sponsors the magic of Kinsley appeal, or if she's really spooked by the creepy demands. Either way, just set the account to private or at least block all those creepy commenters who sound like potential kidnappers or cannibals.

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