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Tiffany Can Post Whatever She Wants

Tiffany Wilcox, her daughter is popular, is tired of her instagram followers demanding ever more pictures of her popular daughter.


Saying she “didn’t “put” my daughter in the limelight” and claiming she “didn’t ask for any of this, it just happened”, Tiffany – whose feed is about 95% pictures of her chubby baby girl – ended by commenting that she was “simply stating let me post pictures of my daughter on my own terms and stop hounding me”.

  1. Purple21

    Looks like she's deleted the "Please stop commenting" post but hasn't set her account to private or removed any photos of the baby. Maybe she thought sponsors wouldn't like her asking people not to comment? They'd prefer seeing foreign men demanding more pictures of "my baby"??

    Seriously, how expensive are baby clothes anyway? Do you really need to sell your kid to the Dark Web just to keep her dressed?

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  2. Lily

    That baby is unhealthily obese. Seriously. She looks as if she has something like Cushing disease. And the kind of picture that mother posts? SERIOUSLY? I agree with previous posters: It does look like some kind of fetish child corn.
    Isn't this some kind of child abuse?

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    • MyPotatoAncestors

      I have no idea if it's healthy or not, but that is easily the biggest baby I have ever seen. Honestly I don't get the obsession with "Kins."

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    • Purple21

      Maybe this is her appeal on the Dark Web? People can set up a Go Fund Me to help cure this tragically gorgeous sick baby with Cushing disease or an endocrine disorder or type 2 diabetes.
      Great way to diversify your market Kinsley. The baby headband racket won't last forever.

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  3. MyPotatoAncestors

    I'm horrified by her. The way she pimps out that poor kid--especially the naked baby photos--and then the whole creepy comments, she's out of control and downright dangerous. It just makes me so furious that this kid and countless others will grow up and learn that they were a "fat meme" and other wonderful (and horrible) things that people said about them on the internet. If that doesn't f**k ya up and land you in therapy I don't know what will.

    Are the "sponsors" really worth it? Free tacky faux-Chanel baby clothes and a tiny commission? If you really want to work, get a freaking job. Stop pimping your kid out all over the internet. Such trash. Sorry I can't properly communicate my rage for Z-List "Insta-Celebrities" like Tiffany and her kid.

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  4. cackling stump

    The baby even has her own IG someone linked to in the comments. Based on the misspelling of the baby's name on that page (Kisley) I wonder if Tiffany even knows about it or if some creeper made their own IG to post pics of someone else's baby?

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    • ijustcannot

      There are a LOT of additional fan accounts featuring pics of just her baby, if you just click on the hashtag "kinsleyraina". So creepy.

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  5. oxyshred14

    Did she delete her account? I can't find her on there anymore.

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    • Purple21

      Still there... I don't have an IG account but I can just Google "Instagram Tiffany Raina" and her account comes up

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  6. Elisha


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  7. Twodognight

    Her insta is like a p**ophiles dream come true. All the baby butt, baby bath, naked baby photos. Are the parents that stupid or are they marketing their baby for p**ophiles. It almost appears to me it is on purpose. Nobody can be that stupid. They need to just add a #p**o tag and be done with it.

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  8. Ladycoder Tantrums

    This one makes me feel so icky. On one hand, it feels like we're scootching into victim-blaming (if only you hadn't done this, then...) but on the other hand, she's NOT a victim and she's getting exactly what she LITERALLY asked for, Internet fame for her and her pudgy baby. If she really cared about her privacy at this point, she'd shut it all down...but she won't, because once you've basked in the glow of that kind of attention, it's hard to back away from it.

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    • Disinterested Observer

      The father is participating in it, too. He also posts a lot of pictures of Kinsley, both regular ones and questionable ones. He has reposted the original naked shot a number of times, and was thrilled when it was reposted with a caption by Ludacris. He said something about how his ham (yes, he did call her that) is legitimately Internet famous, and seems to think that's a good thing.

      Is it really victim-blaming? What is she a victim of at this point? And what if some day something happens to that child because of this? No matter what happens, should she be absolved of the fact that she has indeed intentionally and aggressively put her child out there? People need to take responsibility for their actions.

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      • selfie abuse

        The only victim here is the baby. :(

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      • sundae

        The now deleted image above feels a little like a cry for help, like she realised she was in over her head, but since deleting and posting 4 NEW PICTURES, I no longer feel like she is a victim, but the poor baby is.

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  9. Backpedaling bitchiness

    The number of non-English comments alone is enough to freak me out- she has NO idea what they're saying! And there's this- She needs to shut that down- that child is being exploited.

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    • Purple21

      I love how someone commented - "Can I ask, do you breastfeed or use formula?"

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  10. Heather Chandler

    LOL this b***h "blocked me" but needed to come comment on my Instagram about how she'll pray for me. Maybe she needs to pray for the p**ophiles she's attracting to her naked baby. What an absolute idiot c**t.

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  11. Maujer

    Now people are using pictures of her baby as a meme to gym shame themselves.
    See Mattonset.

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