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Tiffany Will Use Her Baby To Get On The Ellen Show

Tiffany Wilcox, famethirsty, is ready for her close-up, Ms. DeGeneres. She posted a picture of her “fluffy” naked baby two weeks ago and promptly began creaming herself when the image went viral. She’s now taking every opportunity to fame vampire even more attention from her roly poly offspring.

She’s obviously busy making a big show of telling off anyone who thinks her 99th percentile “mini-me” might want to sign up for Weight Watchers, because everyone knows manufacturing drama over a child will shoot you straight into seats next to Ellen and Joy Behar. Why simply delete and block comments about a picture you publicly posted when you can you make it a big ‘people are being mean to my baby’ campaign?

More predictably, Tiffany The Professional Photographer has begun squealing at brands hoping to make her daughter a spokesmodel, and is tagging people like Mario Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Ludacris, and the Ellen Show over and over and over.


Congrats, Kinsley! You can now join the ranks of the Von Derp children as Mommy’s Little Meal Ticket! (Seriously though, can someone explain to me why all these bloggers and instagrammers are obsessed with getting on Ellen?)

  1. Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

    The thirst is strong in this one. She is PARCHED.

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    • Mockingbored

      The second-hand embarrassment is strong. Jesus take the wheel if I'm ever tagging Ellen and all the Kardashians in a picture of my baby. In a picture of anything, really.

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  2. Coffee Toss Tramp Bitch

    Has anyone asked the baby if she would like her naked body pimped out all over the internet?

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    • Suzy Bishop-Shakusky

      Silly you!
      That does not matter if Mama can make money and get free stuff off a nude photo of their child going viral!

      These "mama bears" are mentally ill.

      Didn't a mommy blogger get contacted by the FBI because her child's photo was found in network of child corn?

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      • Coffee Toss Tramp Bitch

        What *was* I thinking, she's not old enough to talk yet, and therefore give consent!

        Silly me, indeed.

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        • Zandra

          If only babies had a caretaker type person who was there to protect them and ensure decisions were made in their best interests... oh wait.

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          • Artistic Ladycoder Engineer of Bravery

            Yeah, it used to be called parents. Now it's called a guardian ad litem.

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      • whateverlolawants

        I think it was Heather Spore that was contacted by the FBI.

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        • We Ate Just Cake Like Peasants

          there's a hamcat whose image was used by p**os pre-internet, and she still gets calls from the FBI when the image shows up. I forget who it is, hope you see this and re-share your story. it's on topic, still, sadly.

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        • Poopa's Orange Knee

          You're right...Heather Spohr was contacted about a picture of her dead daughter found on some creepers computer. I think it was Scotland Yard, though...not the FBI. She also wrote a post about how she wasn't going to stop sharing pictures of her family just because of 'one creeper'.

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      • smauge

        Katie Sheldon, who's blog I can't remember, but is connected to a beautiful mess, had a problem with her kids being the subject of kiddie corn Insta accounts.
        She's still merrily posting them up on Insta, because why should the "haters" win when there's still money to be made and products to come freely?
        It was my first thought when I saw this photo. Internet rule no.1 - don't post nude photos of anyone on the net unless you actually want to get corn made from it.

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        • sundaecake

          I thought of her too. Often there is a lot of 'what if the wrong people get hold of the picture' and it seems to be shrugged off as pearl clutching or hating. I saw some of the comments on Katie's pictures and they made me sick. This poor baby had had many inappropriate comments made about her already.

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  3. Croosets in Trendy Colors

    As cute as I think the picture is, for the love of GOD will people stop posting naked pictures of their children to the Internet? Post a picture of your own butt cheeks if you're that desperate for some nudity on your Instagram.

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  4. bergamot

    Where does this "fluffy" bollocks come from? Chicks are fluffy. Pomeranians are fluffy. Persian cats are fluffy. Rabbits' tails are fluffy. Is her child covered in DOWN?

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    • Busted Coccyx Club

      Most likely it comes from Gabriel Iglesias, a stand up comedian.

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      • Busted Coccyx Club

        Let's try again...


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        • bergamot

          He's not covered in down either.

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        Right?! He's funny, one of my favorites.

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    • Artistic Ladycoder Engineer of Bravery

      It comes from people thinking it's rude to say "fat" but "fluffy", (which means the same thing), is "cute".

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    • Lazy von Asshole

      It comes from Sanda Boynton drawing a chubby kitten saying "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy" many years ago.

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  5. Crowdgrifter

    Easy. Ellen gives people thousands of dollars' worth of stuff and sometimes cash.

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  6. sundaecake

    That baby is freaking adorable, but am I correct that people are sharing and re-captioning it? That would make me so uncomfortable.

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    • Coffee Toss Tramp Bitch

      She's not worried that people are sharing and recaptioning a picture of her naked child, she's only worried about her photographic credit. Says it all, really.

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    • Apologetically Feministy

      The worst is that her baby’s Picture has become a meme, and not a cute one, but one people are using to make fun of fat people, and she doesn’t care.

      She even reposted Ludacris’s post to show how famous she has become without considering that her baby has become a laughing stock.

      Now, what that says about her as a parent?

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      I have to agree, that baby is super cute. The morality questions is if minors who are too young to make their own decisions be models or have their images shared by the parents. But it's ok, nothing bad ever happened to child actors/models/musicians because of their young fame ;)

      Also, some babies are just fat. We had two extremely fat babies much like this one in our playgroup and now at age three they are pretty much a normal weight. Though one of the moms was super concerned (she's a super petite size double zero) and wanted to put her 10 month old on a diet. People are so scared of fat these days, it makes them kind of crazy.

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      • Army of Vaginas

        Yeah, one of mine was fat like this. He wasn't even IN a percentile -- he was just that big. And now he's in junior high, 5'5" and almost 100#. Yep. ALMOST 100#. He went from being so fat he rolled everywhere to being downright skinny. As long as that baby is being fed healthily, she's probably perfectly fine.

        Now all that said ... putting your naked baby picture out there for public consumption gives me the willies.

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  7. Elegant Baby Turtle

    Damn girl.


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  8. Doesnt Play Well With Others

    I couldn't bring myself to watch that video but I'd have to guess that thechild's height to weight ratio would classify her as obese. There's nothing cute about it and especially not being plastered naked all over the Internet. I hope Ellen gives her mother a smack in the face.

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    • fug-a-thon

      I think it's a stretch to call someone under one year of age obese. ffs.

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      • Doesnt Play Well With Others

        You're entitled to your opinion. I'm using obese in clinical terms. There's no way that baby is perfectly healthy.

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        • Rob

          She just had her nine month checkup and is perfectly healthy. Since when are you a licensed pediatrician to make that lame assumption.

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        • Cin

          Nope. Sorry, wrong. Adult-style or even child-style BMI tables are not used for infants under 1 -- growth charts are.
          Babies do not metabolize like older kids and adults -- they are designed to put on fat to fuel the age 1-2 growth spurt. Children often gain little to no weight between age 1 to 2 because of that. It's perfectly healthy and normal.
          Anyone who looks at a fat baby and thinks "obese" is at the very least ignorant.

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        • Ceraminals

          That baby isn't clinically obese. Holy cow people.
          My daughter was the rollyest little baby ever, all healthy brown fat. Many breastfed babies get like that. She slimmed out eventually.

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      • ativan annie

        You can google obesity and infancy to get an overview of the research on the topic. It is considered a potentially serious long-term concern, linked to health problems later in life.

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        • Rob

          Get your facts straight. She was born chubby just like her dad before her. She just had her nine month c b checkup and is perfectly healthy. Since when are you a licensed pediatrician.

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          • maude

            Perfectly healthy until she finds out her mom is pimping out a naked pic of her for the world to use as a fat shaming meme.

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          • Busted Coccyx Club

            Could Rob be... Tiffany's husband?


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          • ativan annie

            I'm not a licensed pediatrician. I'm a reference librarian. And as I said, there is significant research on this topic, as childhood obesity is a huge problem in our country.

            Of course, the real issue here is this child's picture being shared in a way that shows zero respect for her autonomy as a human being.

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          • MeSoHangry

            Why are you so quick to believe the mother (who is tagging the Kardashians/Jenners like they give a shit) that her baby is "perfectly healthy"? I am in no way implying that the little girl isn't, it's far from my area of expertise. However, 99th percentile is enough of an outlier (understatement) that could indicate some sort of problem. Again, I'm not "fat-shaming" a baby, but being that large could very well be a sign of a problem, and IMHO her mother is NOT a reliable source of information.

            None of my business, of course, but if that twit is going to consistently tag Ellen ....

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            • Annoyed Cat

              My 6 year old is considered morbidly obese by that blasted scale. I get phone calls and letters sent about it, and had a screaming fit at his last school who restricted his snacks to sugar free ones.

              He is 4'4 and just under 70 lbs. He has to wear two belts because he is so darned skinny around the waist he looks like he's related to a string bean. If they took their eyes off their chart and LOOKED at the kid, they would realize he is skinnier than my wrist. He's just tall.

              He was a pretty chubby baby, but not chubby enough that when he dug into that massive 1-2 year old growth spurt he came out with an iron deficiency, ribs showing. This despite eating more food in one day than I do all week.

              There's a reason BMI is very subjective in infants and small children. My "obese" son is one of them.

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    • derpends

      There is NO way this babies doctor is okay with her weight. It should be considered abuse.

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      • Bitch Eating Croissants

        Actually many babies get fat like this and then slim down. I wouldn't be surprised if the doctor isn't worried at all, especially if the baby is breastfed. Sometimes people make very fatty breastmilk and their babies reflect that, but the babies slim down between 1 and 2. Really, no one should be putting a baby on a diet unless there is a verified health condition.

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        • oh get over yourself Melanie

          yeah they go through a fat phase and then slim down as they grow taller, then get fat again, then stretch out again. It's called growing lol

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        • AllyOOp

          I've never seen a baby that fat. And it's fat in the way older children are fat, not "baby fat." Add me to the group that are kind of horrified. If a baby was emaciated it would be okay to say so, I don't know why it's so taboo to point out that this baby has clearly been overfed.

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          • "Run like hell" territory

            I agree. Hasn't anyone seen those Maury shows where people have 100 lb two year olds? Babies and toddlers CAN be fat. And that baby has surpassed the threshold from "cute fat baby" to "omg obese baby."

            That extra weight will make it hard for her to learn to crawl, pull up, and walk.

            I get it that it might be the breastmilk, but I'm going to guess she's being fed solids as well. She looks mightily overfed.

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          • Artistic Ladycoder Engineer of Bravery

            I agree, this is more than just cute baby fat. I'd be concerned honestly. Her mother says she's in the 99 percentile for weight but doesn't say what percentile for height and both of them have to be considered when deciding what in the far end "normal & healthy" and what warrants a referral to an endocrinologist.

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            • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

              The first thing that popped into my head, on seeing that pic, was "endocrine disorder". She's a cute baby but, if she really is fed on nothing but milk, then something's not quite right.

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          • Do it Yourself Voodoo Kit

            Oh ffs. Way to not be overly dramatic at all.


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        • derpends

          You must not be a parent. Uhh my still nursing toddler never looked anything like this, nor do her 99 percentile classmates. This baby is off the charts.

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          • Rogelio De La Vega

            Yes, because all babies are the same......


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          • Princess Buttercup

            "You must not be a parent" is right up there with "My life had no meaning before I had a baby" on the list of annoying shit people with children say. And before you say it again, I am a parent.

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          • Blissful ignorance

            Idk, doesn't look right to me but I'm not prepared to make judgements because I'm not that baby's Doctor.

            My hamkitten was underweight for height but had the chubbiest, multi-roll, sharpei-looking legs you've ever seen and was breastfed and super active. Crawled by 5mths, walked around furniture at 6mths, slimmed out around 12mths.

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      • Amaryllis

        Yes, way!

        My niece was exactly like that at the same age. 25th percentile height, 99th weight. She had 5 chins. She's now a perfectly normal toddler.

        Calm the f**k down.

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        • GodsMonroeInvestmentProperty

          Jesus. The baby os fat. Clearly. The fat on her poor baby is the whole premise of this internet campaign. This POS mother wants her baby famous, because her baby is fat. Do we really need to keep harping about HOW fat the baby is?The kid is being set up nicely for a complex about her weight in another ten years. Way to go, mom.

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          • InsecureSportsBraWoman

            i completely agree with you on this. mommy dearest is 1000% aware this isn't average baby chunk and is treating the kid like a novelty sideshow act.

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      • Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

        Loosen your corset, dumb dumb. That baby isn't morbidly obese....

        Jesus Christ... GOMI sure is full of the batshit crazy these days... I hate to wave my cane and talk about the good old days, but this new influx of crazy concern trolls is making this place a swamp of lame.

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        • ativan annie

          So in these legendary days of which you speak, was "Loosen your corset, dumb dumb" considered the height of witty repartee?


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      • Purple21

        Not an expert in baby weight, but I was concerned when I first saw the picture, but then I went onto her IG and saw that the baby is only 9 months old and pulling herself up to stand. If she was 9 months old and too heavy to get herself into a sitting position - ie, too heavy to meet her milestones, then her weight would be an issue. She seems to be surpassing her milestones for her age, so no problem, nobody's concern. I saw a post where the mother said she wasn't going to feed the baby solids until she was a year old so the baby's weight is pretty impressive. The parents don't seem that big.

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  9. Fart in a Mitten

    I'm sure she will just love this when she turns 13. But her future opinion doesn't matter if it means getting a shot at 3 minutes on a daytime tv show.

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  10. Zanthropy

    Now if only someone at Ellen would say something about NOT posting things like this and tagging her.

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    • Matching Adult Sized Care Bear Undies

      No kidding. They could do a real PSA to children everywhere here. Why doesn't Ellen do a segment on that and take a stand??

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      • justwhelmed

        Because Ellen profits by incorporating viral photos/videos into her show. I'm sure fame-hungry momma bears do the show for far less than celebrities...

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  11. MurdererofDreams

    She tagged Ellen in the original post! Maybe she went back and edited it after it went viral but either way, it's gross behavior. Why are people posting pics of their kids naked on the Internet? Isn't that like the top ten things of things to not do as a parent?

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  12. Curator of my Children's Privacy

    It looks like Tiffany has been trying to become internet famous for awhile now. First it was lots of breast feeding pictures, hashtagged to the max of course, then it was a bunch of pictures of her dog and then eleven weeks ago she got a DSLR and decided (like every basic b***h ever) that she was suddenly a photographer and that she should exploit her baby daughter.

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  13. KipDynamite

    Godf**kingdamnit, is anyone NOT an asshole?

    When the photo first went viral, she was all over one of the posts telling people to stfu. I, completely unaware of who she is, told her that her baby is the cutest little chubby monster on the planet (and still stand by it). And now I find out she's another famewh*re. OWRRHRGRGIf**k. Poor adorable, chubs baby.

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