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Tiffany Will Use Her Baby To Get On The Ellen Show

Tiffany Wilcox, famethirsty, is ready for her close-up, Ms. DeGeneres. She posted a picture of her “fluffy” naked baby two weeks ago and promptly began creaming herself when the image went viral. She’s now taking every opportunity to fame vampire even more attention from her roly poly offspring.

She’s obviously busy making a big show of telling off anyone who thinks her 99th percentile “mini-me” might want to sign up for Weight Watchers, because everyone knows manufacturing drama over a child will shoot you straight into seats next to Ellen and Joy Behar. Why simply delete and block comments about a picture you publicly posted when you can you make it a big ‘people are being mean to my baby’ campaign?

More predictably, Tiffany The Professional Photographer has begun squealing at brands hoping to make her daughter a spokesmodel, and is tagging people like Mario Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Ludacris, and the Ellen Show over and over and over.


Congrats, Kinsley! You can now join the ranks of the Von Derp children as Mommy’s Little Meal Ticket! (Seriously though, can someone explain to me why all these bloggers and instagrammers are obsessed with getting on Ellen?)

  1. Mike Flugennock

    Am I the only one here who thinks that kid looks like the fat kid in the Little Rascals? I can't seem to shake it, and it's making that foto vaguely creepy somehow.

    But, maybe it's just me.

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    • Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins



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  2. Ladycoder Tantrums

    She's also pimping out her daughter on Instagram...The famewh*re is strong in this one.

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  3. highfive

    Ugh, this is so creepy. We need some laws to protect kids on social media from their own parents.

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  4. smauge

    My oldest was a fat baby (because I didn't know how often to breastfeed, so I did it at any squeal he made) and is now so slim he might blow away in a stiff breeze.
    His little sister was so skinny as a baby they dubbed her state as "failure to thrive", because clearly they had to come up with a term that made the parent feel as much guilt as possible, even though it's not the parent's fault. She grew fast, and strong, and frankly we nearly considered locking up the fridge. (She is autistic and has some impulse control issues.) She is now approaching puberty and has a gorgeous, slim physique. We no longer have concerns about her weight.

    So in conclusion, babies grow and change and I don't think the weight is a concern here. If you want to bag this woman out, do so because she's lost touch with the reality of what consequences come with selling your child down the river for fame. THAT is a very real concern, and I hope someone makes her parents realise what they are doing before some sicko drains her Insta account to set up a child corn site based on her nude photos. Wake the f**k up, you dead beat parents.

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    • Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

      Smauge, your reason, experience and logic are not wanted here. This baby obviously is on the verge of death by lard and needs internet intervention RIGHT AWAY.


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  5. Nothing here

    No need to fat shame any baby. However the mother of said baby is another category and she deserves all the shaming one can get for a number of dubious choices. It does not require a rocket scientist to decipher the mom's intent.

    I secretly want all mommy blogger's to be exiled to a private island without Internet and social media.

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    • Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

      Agreed. This mom is the epitome of STAGE MOM. Seriously? Ludicris? What's he going to do for your baby? Put her in infant Apple Bottom Hot Pants and get Bangladesh to get her in a Nicki Minaj video? Come on, woman. Get your kid off the internet.

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  6. Poopa's Orange Knee

    Looks like mother-of-the-year is throwing some shade GOMI's way - complete with middle finger emoji.
    ta ha.

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  7. i like warm hugs

    Again with the privacy, right to consent, and concerns around posting nude photos of a child. I can't really get my head around the fact that she's posting naked photos of her little girl on the internet. AND hashtagging them with what appears to be the child's full first AND middle name. I don't follow this blog, but presumably the last name is easy to find. Even if she's somehow NOT worried about perverts or kiddie corn sites knowing her baby's name, fast forward about 16 years. This picture is not going away, and it seems like the kind of thing that mean classmates would be all too delighted to revive and taunt her with. This blogger woman is living under a freaking rock, or too self centered to see any of the issues. Bless her heart, she should google "naked fat baby," because even just using those words in an image search brings up what I'd consider corn (I don't get out much, but wow I didn't expect those pictures with that search!).

    Instead, she's worried about being credited for the photo, and flaming people for being concerned about the weight of her child? That's what's getting her upset? I'd like to see Ellen cover that angle of the story.

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  8. catattack

    I really hope that by the time these exploited Children of Bloggers reach their teen years, END TIMES have arrived - The Road has started, civilization has crumbled and the internet is long gone and erased.

    Naked baby pictures belong only in family photo albums for teens to cringe at during the holidays.

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    • Purple21

      As a child of the 70s, I spent my childhood paraniod about the two coloured photos of me having a bath at 6 weeks old... it was my deepest darkest fear that one of my friends would discover these photos while they were at my house.
      I can't imagine what it must be like for children of today, whose friends can find these photos on full public display in their own homes.

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  9. Pineapple Head

    When people care more about internet fame than the privacy of their own children something is very wrong.

    Were already dealing with issues with teens not getting "the internet is forever" and these parents are like "nah...the internet is forever but its OK as long as we get famous...your body is yours only....unless we go viral"

    they should've hunted down a cat with a funny face.

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  10. MyPotatoAncestors

    This makes me sick for so many reasons. Your child is not a freaking prop! She didn't get a say in this photo and I'm sure when she's 16 she is just going to love that this photo is out there forever on the internets. This woman is an asshole and I have a hard time believing that child is healthy. She posts so many unflattering photos of that child on her Insta.

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