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“Time Warp Wife” Wants You Women To Stop Tempting Men

Darlene, the “Time Warp Wife”, is tired of the modern world being the modern world, full of displays of flesh that constantly tempt every man. I mean her friend Lisa’s poor son can’t even go shopping:

Temptation can be found anywhere.

Even in Target.

Target? Yeah, I know. That’s what I thought too. Until one day we popped in to pick up some flip-flops for the summer and I remarked how he kept bumping into things.

What is your problem, Son??

“I’m just looking down, Mom,” And with a nod, he indicated the ads placed strategically above us. Billboards for the lingerie department. Yikes. I’d not seen them.

Disgusting, isn’t it? A retail store that sells bras and panties having displays right out in the store? She is even appalled at the women attending a Christian family camp because most of the women “were dressed for a hot summer day”:

I noticed a pretty girl nearby and wondered if she realized how difficult she was making it for a guy…She might have dressed differently. For his sake. For the sake of all the men out there who want to walk in purity.

Her commenters seem to agree that it’s the job of women to make sure men don’t have sinful mind sex with some woman who decides not to sweat through the summer heat, saying “It is also important, and rarely taught, that you are at risk as well by the way you dress”. Because obviously if you show any skin you are basically inviting a man to eyesex you.

I don’t care about anyone’s religious beliefs telling them how to dress, but I think it’s pretty offensive that the reason given here is less about Biblical text or tradition and more about men being perceived as lust filled animals who can’t be held responsible for their own thoughts or behaviors. Men are such simple, penis controlled creatures that it’s up to us women to make sure they can control their raging urges – because they can in no way be counted on to see a girl in a pair of shorts and not wonder how she is in the sack.

It’s just insulting to both sexes to imply that if a man has a sexual thought about a woman it’s because some woman left him no choice. Frankly I find this attitude to be one step away from “look at how she dressed, she was asking for it”.

  1. Miss.Lemon

    It's The Sheraton in Chicago it has a GREAT reputation nothing that a few unknown bloggers say could hurt it lol. They are not the type of customers they get or want anyway.

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  2. Miss.Lemon

    Opps sorry wrong post :p

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  3. LaLaLou

    FWIW this issue is getting a LOT of playtime in Christian blogging circles right now (mostly I think bc of that stupid swimsuit video that went viral and the backlash against it) with Rachel Held Evans coming out very strongly against this bullshit: and this blog post about a young woman's experience going viral: Which is to say, yes, its a problem that stuff like this is still propagated in the Christian subculture but I just wanted to say that there is an active movement to prevent it and get people to realize that this sort of modesty rhetoric is absolutely unacceptable. Also, although I know she has a thread on here, I think Delightfully Tacky had a great post (well, I consider it great as a female, feminist, pro-gay rights Christian, so...) on Zach Hoag's blog here:

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  4. Leave the Gun Take the Cannoli

    AND, this idiot is besmirching the name of my beloved Target.

    Not cool.

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  5. Doodles

    I am surrounded by this EVERY DAY. How many emails can I get about "Inappropriate tank tops" when it is 100 degrees outside? Too f**king many.

    It is disgusting and yes, these people really believe that a 12-year-old girl should be BLAMED for anything that a teenage boy might think about. It is disgusting. When I stood up to this group of people about their behaviors-- they pretty much tried to exorcise the demons out of me right there.

    I'm so angry that I can't even find something clever to say.

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  6. Kiran

    This whole piece is incredibly sad. Those poor men with all the pretty ladies around showing an arm, which makes them think of sex, which makes them angry because they are not having any and oh. What the heck? Let's just blame Target and pretty young girls dressing their age. Thanks to this person who has just explained very clearly what goes through the simplistic minds of people who say, "It was her fault."


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  7. Cakes

    BRB dying of rage induced vomiting

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    • SpirituallyBondedWithDaveBautistasBunghole


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  8. BitchSnarkLive

    So to be clear, my husband is running around with a raging boner all the time because it's currently 103 degrees outside and some mindless women are tempting him by not covering themselves in piles of fabric? And I should both excuse his behavior and condone my friends and siblings for wearing a swim suit to the pool because he cannot be expected to contain himself under such circumstance?

    f**king bullshit.

    If your husband, son, brother, cousin, who ever, cannot keep his dick in his pants around someone's arm skin, they should be taken to speak with a professional. Further, I would like to implore every male of our species to renounce shorts and tshirts and cover themselves lest I decide to leg hump someone in the streets because sometimes I like to act like a dude.

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  9. Tuco Salamanca

    As a male, Christian, liberal, feminist, pro gay rights, has a daughter etc guy, it pisses me off to no end that these morons are usurping the conversation about "family values". When one looks at real fundamentals of the Bible, these fundie clowns are about as far from actually beig fundamental as it gets. Though they ARE mental. Seriously. These fundie idiots ARE the kind of guys ill warn my daughter about when she hits dating age.

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    • Tuco Salamanca

      Oh hello typos.

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    • JaffaCakes

      You know its bad when even kingpin Tuco Salamanca thinks you're nuts.

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  10. SpirituallyBondedWithDaveBautistasBunghole

    I am, honestly, physically ill after reading some of these fundie blogs.

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  11. Late Night Bacon

    My fundy family has been sharing this around facebook recently. Thoughts?

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  12. Liar Liar CougarPants on Fire

    A coworker of my mother's proudly announced to their office this week that her 11YO grandson had told his mother that he didn't want to go to the swimming pool this summer. When the mother asked why, he said it was because he didn't want to see all the girls and women in their bikinis. The grandmother actually was proud of this.
    My mother was/is flummoxed.

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  13. MeowHearThis22

    A pastor at my parents' church once said that women shouldn't wear cross-body bags because it brings attention to their chest. Ever since then, I have politely refused to go back to their church when I visit.

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    • Maybe I should just stay inside the house all day because I can't leave my boobs behind me when I leave.

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    • This isn't exactly about modesty, but:

      My husband and I have attended my in-laws' large, renovated church roughly twice since our wedding day. He grew up in the church (which is a Southern Baptist church), but left as a teenager. I grew up in a small, plain, modest Prostestant church in a small town in the Midwest which I also left as a teenager. We went as a favor to his mom to their Baptist church, and the sermon the preacher gave was entirely about a story about a man who had to put his daughter in day care and how she grew up to be a drug-addicted prostitute, "but through Christ, forgave him for abandoning her to someone else's parenting."

      Note that he did not give his daughter up; he put her in DAY CARE. You know, during the day, while he was at work. And picked her up afterward and took her home. The moral was that day care turns children into HIV+ heroin-hopped-up wh*res, but don't worry, if they find Christ they'll forgive you!

      My husband and I are both day care kids. BOTH of u had mothers who worked outside the home, mine my entire life. I expressed shock to my mother-in-law that she could still during that sermon, as she had worked while Jason was a kid and only chose to stay home after his little sister was born. She just shrugged and said usually the preacher wasn't that bad.

      We went the next year for Mother's Day, and the preacher gave a sermon that was essentially about "understanding the plight" of women who must work instead of stay home with their kids, but all good mothers know that really, we all push to be the mother who stays home and who is "totally present" for her kids in a way working mothers never can be. It was ugly in a really subtle way, because it purported to be about the impossibility of "having it all" and that motherhood is a tough thing no matter what you do, but it really became about shaming working women.

      We have never gone back to that church, and my mother-in-law never asked again.

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