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What I Wore Announces Squirk 2.0

Jessica Quirk, I guess she’s still blogging or something, has finally admitted that she is pregnant again after everyone on GOMIBLOG knew for like 2 months.

… I’m pregnant! I thought I’d do some big post to announce but I haven’t really had a bump until this morning! It’s kind of weird how it works in the early days…The early days were so rough on meMuch more difficult than my pregnancy with Felix…which some of you have probably guessed by my lack of summertime posts!

She says it’s “strange to keep such a big secret for so long” even though pretty much every single person who follows her blog at all has known she was resquirked since oh, May. I’ll never understand why these people who live their entire lives publicly – and leave a detailed trail of their changing shape and fashion choices and attempts to skinny app on the internet – think they are able to contain such secrets. But sure, ok. Big secret.

Anyway, I’m sure we are all looking forward to round two of Messica’s condescending decrees about how to treat a human broodmare and her increased whining about being a mom of two as if she is the first woman to ever have two children under three years old.

  1. Glen Coco

    This is the most boring preggonouncement ever. I'm bored. BORED.

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  2. When your readers have to pretend they didn't know your were pregnant.

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    • joydivider21

      I love this gif so much.

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  3. SnarkyCat

    Wow. You managed to reproduce. So impressive.

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  4. Newt

    She's so boring I can't even snark on her anymore

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  5. Convulsing Diaphragm, Uncontrollable Spasms


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    • Ja'Crispy

      I need to know what this is from. Is that Christopher Walken? I can't stop watching it.

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      • Convulsing Diaphragm, Uncontrollable Spasms

        It is! When he played Max Shrek in Batman Returns!

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  6. Saint Dorothy Mantooth

    "which some of you have probably guessed by my lack of summertime posts!" Uh, no, we're used to you being lazy.

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  7. train wreck of self pity

    At this rate, it would be more impressive if she got a real job than announcing shes pregnant. Again.

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  8. Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

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  9. train wreck of self pity

    She's so lame and boring that hardly anyone on even GOMI cares what she's doing anymore! Barely any comments about this - she's so sadly done as a blogger.

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    • size small caftan

      At this point, she's so afraid of criticism, and she's so lazy, that she has no style whatsoever left. She has somewhat achieved her goal of cutting off criticism before it happens, but in the process she's become a total bore, wearing non-descript clothes in predictably boring ways with same bad (nude shooz!) Rockport sandals and no jewelry. Fortunately, she's so self-righteous that we can still look forward to intermittent Thoughts, political rants, and b***h-fests about pregnancy and motherhood.

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      • Are you sure you're a caftan???

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        • size small caftan

          Trust me, it's a caftan.

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        • size small caftan

          But are you sure I'm a size small?

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          • train wreck of self pity

            If you're not, adjust your monitor!!!

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  10. Princess Xanax

    This b***h! HAH! I stopped hate reading her a while ago but had to poke my head and omg she is still sooooo borrrrinnggggg!


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