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What I Wore Doesn’t Creative For You

Jessica Quirk, vacationer, has started a series called “52 Thoughts” which is apparently her way of inserting complaints about her hard, hard life into her “personal style blog”. This week we are treated to Messica’s feels about how hard it is for her to be A Creative in the cruel arena of the public eye. Evidently she read Big Magic on her 90293035th vacation this year and she’s decided she doesn’t care if you like her work anymore.

It’s not my job to please the masses when I get dressed…and it’s also not my job to try to cater to each and every person that reads my blog…It’s also not my job to cater to the people that do like what I’m doing. It’s my job to express myself and to be creative in a way that enriches my life, that enriches my self esteem and ultimately helps me grow in my writing, my art, and as a person.

Saying she feels like “a scared cat trapped in a box while kids throw stones at me” Messica reveals she has been “putting up brick walls because I’m afraid of the feedback”. She concludes by saying she needs to “find satisfaction outside of an online yay or nay”.

  1. Stupid Chicken

    So basically she's flipping a great big bird to those who (WHO, not that, btw) don't like what she does as well as to those who do approve. Whelp, that just about covers everyone. Maybe she should just make her blog private so she can express herself creatively to herself or whatever inside her brick wall cat box.

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  2. game over bro

    She's been scared of the feedback since 2013 or whatever year it was that she shut down comments on her blog (Join the Conversation On Facebook!). Readers got the message loud and clear, then, that she doesn't care what they think, and that she definitely doesn't want to hear it. I wonder how that's working out for her financially. You can't essentially tell all of your clients to eff off who cares what you think and still expect to have clients.

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  3. Convulsing Diaphragm, Uncontrollable Spasms


    She is such an uncreative sack of shit.

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    • Curator

      My first thought was "Messi is creative???"

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      • Convulsing Diaphragm, Uncontrollable Spasms

        If Messy is creative, I'm Michelf**kingangelo.

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    • Covered in Dog Hair

      I'm anxiously awaiting how this creative artistic artist is going to improve her writing. She might start with spellcheck.

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      • Israeli Hand Fart Maestro

        But ... but correct spelling is SO not creative! You must let the letters flow onto the page like a gentle stream and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a hater, amirite? #freespirit #myownway #ujustjelly

        I have to take a shower now. Writing in netspeak makes me feel dirty.

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  4. Glen Coco

    My stock response to Messi is always this:


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  5. ernst

    "It’s not my job to please the masses when I get dressed"
    Isn't that exactly your job? Or am I not understanding the point of your FASHION BLOG?

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    • Convulsing Diaphragm, Uncontrollable Spasms

      No, these finer points get lost on us plebs who have customers, clients, and bosses. Messy's point is that you need to just sit down, shut up, and click her links. THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU!

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  6. Saint Dorothy Mantooth

    I, too, struggle with the critical complaints from strangers online. I tried just not having a fashion blog, but then they chased me down the street shouting about figure flattery. Oh, wait.

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  7. Covered in Dog Hair

    She's such a petulant child.

    Honey, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. No1curr, quit your blog, the earth will continue to spin on its axis.

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    • Seriously, she's been complaining about the commentary stemming from her online presence for half a decade. It's cool if she's reaching a point where she doesn't let it get to her, but this post was just kind of rude and unnecessary. And adding a couple of mollifying sentences about how you do "hear" your readers is kind of moot after essentially telling everyone to go to hell because you just donutcurr anymore.

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        why are your comments maroon? am I seeing things again?

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        • It's not my job to have black comment text for you!

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  8. Colorblocked Moonshiner

    messi doesn't even have to work. the blog basically only serves to fund her shopping and headpat addictions. her blog isn't supporting her family, it's supporting her biweekly jcrew factory binges.

    she can't stick to real work (she lectured one class at IU for what, all of 2 semesters?). she just wants to be able to crow around the Broomcloset coffeeshops calling herself an artist and self-made businesswoman, occasionally scrunching up her sleeves and posing on the patio of her husband's distillery.

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  9. Covered in Dog Hair

    Also, everyone should def follow her example, go to their real jobs today, and tell their bosses that it's not their job to please their bosses or clients.

    Does she know how "jobs" work? Your "clients" are your readers, moron. And yes, it's your job to please them, by and large, or else they can choose not to read your blog and then you lose your income. F*ck right off!

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  10. Fart in a Mitten

    Why bother having a public blog if she doesn't like to feel responsible for her content?

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  11. the french fry queen

    Oh my God then make your blog private or quit! She just likes complaining. And there is nothing creative about her clothing.

    Messi you're basic!

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  12. Holden Attradies

    The comments, especially the one and two stars, on her book are pretty damn amazing.

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  13. hashtag

    she's never going to find the validation she craves outside of the internet... but I doubt she's receiving enough of it ON the internet either. It's pathetic how insecure and entitled she is. If shutting down her comments section and patrolling her social media feeds hasn't stopped the trolls, this won't either... but who even trolls Messi anymore? She's so irrelevant that she rarely gets a front page GOMI post these days. GOMI circa 2011 gave a shit but NO1CURR now Messi!

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    • game over bro

      She must not get enough validation/compliments in her real life, because I can't think of any other reason she's so desperately begging for them all the time on the internet.

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      • hashtag

        Neckbeard probably has to work overtime to smother her in compliments, but doubtful that's enough to make her happy. She needs the adoration of strangers to feel special.

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