Youtuber Being Sued For Posting Rants About Her Ex

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Trisha Paytas, the fameballing youtuber who claims her boyfriend cheated or something, spent her post-breakup days sitting on the floor posting tear-filled videos questioning his sexuality.

i have no idea what to believe. i’m not outing him. he told me he wasn’t gay but this girl is saying she saw him hold hands and kiss this guy last night. i don’t know

i’m embarrassed and hurt. how could he do this to me ?

In response to her allegation filled crypocolypse her ex has decided to sue her for slander. Trisha’s response is, basically, that he was asking for it by dating her.

you can’t get something for nothing. you can’t have the cake and eat it too. he wanted to be on youtube and social media with me. that comes with responsibility and also with reputation. you uphold it or you don’t. i was not going to let him ruin mine. the video in questions was me defending something i knew nothing about.

Her 10 minute, expletive filled rant at least has her back in full makeup, so, progress, I suppose. She wonders aloud if this is all a scam, saying “like, did you set this all up for, like, you’d know I’d go crazy, and like, ok I can sue her now?…Honey knows I got money…if that’s what this is all about, you show those true colors.” She goes on to reiterate that this is what you get when you want to date an internet celebrity.

“We were in an online relationship…I got played so I thought why not make a video about this humiliation?”

  1. Vainglorious Poop Weasel

    This shit is gold.

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    • D

      TP is like a car accident. I don't want to look. I should know better. I'm slowing down traffic by rubbernecking, but I can't help it. I haven't watched her videos in a while, but she's...something. Yup, she's something, alright.

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      • joydivider21

        what did she do to her face?

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        • NOPE BUTTON

          she looks like the wayan brothers in that movie "white chicks"

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        • oh, you

          The Tijuana plastic surgery blue plate special, by the looks of it.

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          • Katnip

            Genuine ROFLOL that scared the cats. :-)

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        • i love chili dogs

          What DIDN'T she do to her face?

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  2. Artfully curated baby

    Defending something I know nothing about.

    Umm...okay... what could possibly go wrong?

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      I have no idea what that statement even means. I haven't watched the video so all I know is what was written above. From my viewpoint, she said that a girl is saying that T's ex was holding hands and kissing a guy. T doesn't know if this is true but how could he do this (presumably be at all intimate with a man) to her.

      So she knows nothing about being told by someone that they saw her ex with a guy? Or she knows nothing about publicly youtubing about the speculation?

      I love internet celebrities because I never have any idea who they are (save for Grumpy Cat, obviously)

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  3. Final Penultimate Elegant Baby Turtle

    She's the one who made all of those messy videos when Roger Bart had that super public girlfriend and she didn't notice for like three years, but claimed to be his super fan girlfriend. Like, girl. Everyone else knew about his other girlfriend and she was a nobody. How did you not know?

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  4. Cat Benetar

    This girl......

    I watched some of the linked Youtube videos, made it about 2 minutes before I wanted to kill myself, and I can now conclude she is the worst.

    My favorite is the video literally titled, "Is Sean Van Der Wilt gay?" That's seriously the title of an 11 min vlog where she fake ugly cries, outs her ex, and then says stuff like, "I just KNOW YouTube is going to have a field day with this. But just remember, I AM A HUMAN BEING." b***h, YOU put the information out there. You didn't have to do that. And the fake crying. OMFG. Its like Z level acting.

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    • Cat Benetar

      Ok, so I've fallen down the rabbit hole even more.

      I've come to the new conclusion that this woman is mentally ill and having a very public break down. She needs to step the f**k away from the internet and get some serious help. Where the hell is her family? Why isn't someone getting this girl off YouTube?

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      • BlissfulIgnorance

        Her mom is running around with her, getting botched boob implants and leeching off her internet fame to start her own IG where she wears hot pants and boob tubes. Think Lindsay Lohans mom kind of vibe.

        If she's having a mental breakdown, she's been having it for years. She does the weirdest shit for attention. Buys a black baby doll and says it's her son and she wants more black babies. Posts pics of herself as a preschooler eating ice-creams and bananas and makes lewd remarks. Wears clothing that says things like "cum dumpster"

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  5. CamileR

    Her face scares me.

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    • deranged and extra stupid organism

      That and her nails. Shudder.

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      • Snarls Snarkley

        Amen. I'm amazed that she EVER posted videos of herself without 15 pounds of makeup, let alone multiple times.

        The video titled "This needs to be said" - no. No, it literally doesn't.

        I am clearly too old to understand WTF this Youtuber nonsense is all about. People seriously watch this b***h have a fake meltdown on her kitchen floor for 10+ minutes?

        This shit is bananas.

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  6. Heather Chandler

    I love this trainwreck, but slander is an asshole to prove.

    Good luck, bro.

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    • pooter mctonk

      I wondered if the true lawsuit - if there even is one - is actually for earnings from all the videos he appeared in and Trisha is either just missing the point or just doesn't want to see that. Who knows. I'm sure that Trisha paid him for this faux-lationship in gifts and payments from the start.

      I can't even decide if this is all true or a total sham for views at this point. But the phrase "I'm a chicken nugget" is pure gold.

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      • I'm a monte cristo sandwich

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        • Apeeling Attire

          Right now, I am 3-day-old cold pizza at the back of the fridge. But later tonight, after I trowel on an inch of makeup on my face and curl my weave, I'll be Texas caviar on a Triscuit.

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    • AB

      Yeah this is not a winning case, and I don't even think she meets the elements (unless her state has some crazy rules).

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      • Heather Chandler

        and if they're classified as "public figures" (which makes me gag, but likely) - you have to show malice. I think she's just batshit talking to herself.

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  7. pizzaflavoredsnacks

    Please watch her music video titled, "Showtime." It is GOLD.

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    • creatively creating creations

      You've clearly not seen "Is This Love?" -- so good lol

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      • Nothing like a little Ed Gein fanfic music video to kick off the weekend, I guess.

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      • Purple21

        Wow, what did I just watch?? Ed Gein fanfic is a great explanation - I was thinking Kubrik had filmed a Robin Sparkles video.
        Aww, why can't she find a nice boyfriend?? She cooks breakfast and everything.

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  8. creatively creating creations

    LOVE this woman! She is truly not of this earth.

    I recently watched a video of her just bingeing on ten boxes of shitty crap from Pizza Hut, sucking food debris from the undersides of her acrylic Frito nails as she disfavorbly compared the PH food to the obviously classier and superior Domino's.

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    • Twodognight

      I am amused that she's embarrassed her ex may or not be gay, yet she regularly does shit like you just described with no hint of embarrassment or irony.

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      • creatively creating creations

        I honestly think this whole thing with her ex is a made up storyline. They had a paid fauxmance and this is the planned ending. *theory*

        She's kind of a genius at when it comes to shit like this.

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        • Purple21

          I couldn't watch a whole video, but there's a lot of gold in them. Like her dignified disclaimer that they "were in a public online relationship" to justify her YouTube rant. And her original SnapChat rant was because he didn't return her calls between 5 and 2 when she went to bed. And it was during the Snapchat rant that some guy from the Drama Channel (so appropriate!) contacted her with the incriminating photos.
          Best of all, she said she has a history of these YouTube rants when she gets cheated on... and it's her interpretation that she's too loyal, too forgiving and she can't stop loving a man or speaking to him, so she doesn't understand why they stop speaking to her after she rants about them publicly.
          Umm, maybe sort out the problems privately first?

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  9. Coffee Toss Tramp Bitch

    Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a time where being labelled as gay wasn't actually an insult that you would sue someone over?

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      Wow. People noped this?

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  10. Purple21

    "The video in questions is me defending something I knew nothing about."
    Brilliant line, encapsulating the response to every slander lawsuit ever.

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  11. ExquisiteBits

    Miss Piggy Fame wh*re is just too painful to listen to for more than a nanosecond. She's completely off her rocker and so sadly desperate it makes me feel uncomfortable and then I need to go have vodka.

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  12. Thebossapplesauce

    I can't stand Trisha. Feel like every YouTube vid of hers I have come across she's crying on the floor about something. I could have told her that her BF was gay just by looking at him. Obviously he was with you for money. Who the f**k would actually want to be with a gross, plastic, crybaby, drama queen? Celebrity? LMFAO. No one, no matter who they date deserves to be treated like shit. If you didn't want people to comment or trash talk you why the f**k did you make a video about it?

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  13. our carefully laid plans

    "A chicken nugget doesn't feel social media's impact.."

    And somewhere a chicken nugget cries, misunderstood and alone, as it's pain is made out to be irrelevant.

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    • Purple21

      Hopefully, one day, one chicken nugget will defy all obstacles and set up a YouTube account so we can hear its story.

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    • #notallchickennuggets

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