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YouTuber Charged With False Report In Alleged Hate Crime Attack

Calum Mcswiggan, who runs a youtube channel for “LGBT+ Lifestyle”, claimed a few days ago via an instagram post that he was the victim of a brutal, possibly homophobia fueled attack.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 10.08.00 AM

But the police are telling a different story.

…the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement that Mr. McSwiggan had no visible injuries and that it could not substantiate his account. The sheriff’s department said he had been taken into custody after deputies saw him vandalizing a car, and provided a booking photo in which no facial injuries could be seen…[he] was later seen hitting himself with the handle and receiver of a pay phone at the jail and was taken to a hospital…

Mcswiggan claims on his facebook page that he did not lie, he WAS attacked.

I have spent my whole adult life campaigning for LGBT+ equality and did not take this attack lightly. I can not say for 100% that this was because I was gay but I can’t think of any other justification for this random attack…Many people are trying to discredit my story but …[j]ust because there were no visible marks on my face does not mean I was not attacked. Being accused of being a liar and being called a disgrace to the LGBT+ community, a community I’ve dedicated my life to, is more painful than any hate crime could ever be.

He has since been charged with “a misdemeanor count of false report of a criminal offense”.


  1. The alleged attackers claim he's lying.

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    • Dooce Bigelow

      There is so much drama on that post that I feel like the world is just one giant high school.

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      • Just Jane


        Dude. You're 26. So, we're looking at 7 years, tops. Let's not break our arm patting ourselves on the back, yes?

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        • Just Jane

          It sounds like he got in a fight in the parking lot with some guys he was trying to leave with, and so he vandalized the car that belonged to one of them. Police took him into custody for that act. He claims he hit himself with the phone in order to get out of jail.

          Don't know of him. Don't know if he's credible. What I do know, is that West Hollywood police don't target gay people for harassment. If they did, they'd never have time for anything else. I'd go so far as to say that a police presence at or near the Abbey was because of police want to keep an extra eye out for gay clubs in the wake of Orlando. Just speculating.

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  2. Hang on. So in his facebook post he says the injury to the head (6 stitches) was when he was in police custody, so yeah, it makes sense that he didn't have the injury in the mugshot, but his IG post, BEFORE going into custody, CLEARLY in the hospital, CLEARLY hooked up to machines, says he got the 6 stitches (with big tape/gauze combo to boot). question is, how did he get stitches in the hospital (clearly referenced on IG), then get booked with magically no stitches/scrape/bruising/anything, then do a follow up facebook post where the stitches actually were post-booking/mugshot?


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    • Thumper

      He beat himself up with a payphone after he was put in jail. That was why he ended up in the hospital.

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      • But he said he had three teeth broken from the attack, surely that would put you in the hospital first, no? Also, how do you break/damage a tooth with no damage to soft tissues (cheek, lips)? And why the hell did he beat himself up with a payphone? This is a mobius strip of WTFery.

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        • Thumper

          That was what I was wondering- he clearly couldn't have broken his teeth without some sort of swelling, and the cops said he had no visible injuries when they arrested him. What a whack a doo.

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          • Not only that, the mugshot clearly shows no swelling at all of the face. So even if the cops lied, the mugshot can't.

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          • Yankee Bitch

            Also, IANAD, but why would someone have a pulse oximeter on their finger if their injuries are a small cut and some broken teeth? It makes no sense.

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            • Eddie West

              I have no idea if he was ever really in the hospital, but they put the pulse ox on most folks regardless of issue.

              It monitors heart rate and oxygenation, so it gives 2 important vitals all the time and is less of an annoyance than even the BP cuff. Often, if they're super stable and such, the staff don't leave it on and/or don't care if you take it off, but the pulse ox is going on at some point if you get a bed (if it's a hall bed, they don't have dedicated units, so it's less likely it stays with the patient because it's a little cart thing, but if it's a room bed, it's plugged into a unit that's attached to the wall).

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        • WTF*ckery

          He was never attacked, except by himself after being taken into custody because he figured he'd better find a way to spin himself as the victim. Any injuries sustained happened because he hit himself with the payphone receiver, so that totally explains why he has no visible injuries in the mug shots. He never was in the hospital prior to being taken into custody because he was arrested for vandalizing a car, not as a result of a violent attack.

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          • Looks like Krakow, treats you like Catalano

            Ok, I'm genuinely asking because you seem to have knowledge about this: so was he released from prison on his own recognizance then went to the hospital? did he get this photo of himself in the hospital?

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            • oh, you

              I'm with you. If getting out of custody was as easy as hitting yourself with a police phone, everyone would do it. So if he was transferred from police station to hospital, it would be with police there, and no smart phone - that would be in a bag with his personal effects. And considering he allegedly harmed himself at the station, at the very least he'd be cuffed to the bed, and at the most he'd have been in a 72 hour psych hold, as he proved a danger to himself.

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              • My salad kind of looked like a taco, but it was a salad

                I read that he beat himself with a phone receiver because he was denied bathroom rights and phone privileges. He beat himself with the phone so he could get help at the hospital...and to pee I'm guessing as well!

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        • Purple21

          Yes, saying he broke his teeth was a stupid lie. Lilie. Is he going to tell the jury that his teeth miraculously repaired themselves? And someone who has been to the dentist for a filling would look rougher around the mouth than this guy.

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      • Also, hang on, his IG is posted 3 days ago - the 28th of June. The NYT article says he was charged on Wednesday, the 29th.

        And if he was transferred from the police station to the hospital, how did he get a phone to take selfie? He admitted to vandalising a car, that's why he says he was arrested, do they commonly give people in custody their smart phones?

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      • Suzy Bishop-Shakusky

        "He beat himself up with a payphone after he was put in jail."


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    • It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

      That so-called bandage & medical tape look fauxto-shopped, IMO.

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  3. Heather Chandler

    I'm not one to trust The Man, but I'm also not one to trust any person whose occupation is "YouTube star."

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    • coveted username

      He seems like a major douchebag based of this alone. Don't give him any pageviews anyone.

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    • Three dudes named Toby and a dog with a Phish bandana

      He has 60,000 followers. I'd hardly call him a star. It's obvious that he's been trying to go viral for awhile now, though. So thirsty.

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  4. Ladycoder Tantrums

    On a serious note, this guy, and others like him, is the reason that my first reaction to a reported hate crime is skepticism. That's not okay. People like him make it less likely that real victims will be believed.

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    • major lickage occurred

      That's not really fair. Most people don't fabricate hate crimes. There are obvious exceptions (like this dumbass), but they are absolutely not the majority.

      Not trying to attack you, but this is akin to saying that your first response to a woman claiming she was sexually assaulted in skepticism, because a handful of women have fabricated rape allegations.

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  5. Cold Comfort Farm

    Meanwhile, this poor kid WAS attacked. By the TSA. On her way to treatment for a brain tumor.

    I'm sitting here in tears over this, losing my faith in humanity. I have a kid like this who will never be able to advocate fully for herself. I feel like I cannot ever die.

    I care about people getting bullied, but let me tell you that it's different when you are caring for someone with special needs. Not that the world cares about that. It's not a sexy cause. I'll go back to crying into my lunch and being angry at the world.

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    • Seaside Honey Fantasia

      Giving you all the hugs in all the land.

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    • Sucks to your Assmar

      Why would anybody nope this!?

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        Because Jenna

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  6. KipDynamite

    I can't tell who's lying in this case, but the whole "YouTube friends have been with me all along" rubs me the wrong way. Why not mention friends? Or family? Idk. I'm so skeptical of claims made by anyone looking for fame. Especially after major, horrific events have happened.

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    • KipDynamite

      OK, now that I've read a good portion of this mess, I realize he meant his friends are also YouTubers. Nvm. Still shady af.

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  7. hashtagdeep

    Thus, coma.

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  8. Frequent Liar Miles

    Calumny McSwiggan?

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  9. Pluck Me Running

    I think McLiar needs to consider switching to a new dealer.

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  10. Purple21

    Love this comment:

    "Everyone who has commented on this photo saying he's lying and stuff and he did it for attention, you are vile and republics and disgusting and you are all assholes because it makes me sick to see these terrible comments if he faked it why would he be in hospital with wires attached to him."

    Can't wait to insult someone by calling them a "republic".

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  11. pussygalore

    He does have a hickey. That's an injury, right?!

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  12. Miss Piggy

    Scott Jones really was the victim of a hate crime, and is using his experience to work for change. (I have absolutely no affiliation with Scott or his orgnization, I just think he is more worthy of being known than this youtube guy.)

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  13. kitten heels

    Even if these guys DID punch him, (1) being punched is not a hate crime. sometimes you get punches because youre an asshole. (2) you dont destroy someone's car after they punch you. That is a weird response when people who literally just punched you are right there and would clearly punch you again for destroying their car.

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