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Scobel Wants To Know If You've Heard About Windows 95

Robert Scoble, tech expert and GOMIBLOG fan, is shocked – SHOCKED do you hear? – by the lack of reporters talking about Second Life.

Funny how the tech journalists are almost totally ignoring @secondlife news read them here: 1:23 PM Feb 23rd via web

First of all SL is basically like the Sims, or Foreverquest, or Habbo Hotel. The shit isn’t new. It’s IRC with avatars. The idea has been floating around since what, 1998? Since the moment people realized they enjoyed anonymous virtual sex online people have been skinning themselves in J-Pop and candy raver pixels and bopping around in online worlds. Maybe I’m just jaded but I don’t see why he is OMG SO EXCITED about this. He’s like…a 50 year old overweight married dude with kids.

Oh. OHHHH. Nevermind.



Today In Things You Totally Aren't Going To Cringe Over In 5 Years

Rachel’s Boyfriend David Karp posted this pic of the stunning lady who graces his hipster life.

Honestly the pic isn’t offensive, Rachel’s attractive, and I guess it could be artistic or something, and the first thing I thought of was “lol it’s White Girl” from that movie with Natasha Lyonne. Which I’m aware says more about me than about this picture.

But…still. Does this need to be on your tumblr? I’m not judging. I’m just…wondering.



Sklarge Probably Just Needs Some New Jeans

I think my new strategy has to be meetings that don’t involve eating/drinks. Jeans gettin’ a little tight. Walks. Walk-meetings. Trend? about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck



You Were Probably Wondering If Sarah Lacy Was Alive

just in case anyone was wondering, i am alive 10:54 AM Feb 20th via web

Wonder no more!



Scoble Thinks He Is Smart

Robert Scoble is attempting to assert his power by not letting GOMIBLOG see his tweets! I can’t believe he did this. How will I ever get my Scoble jokes now!?

What’s that you say? I can still see his tweets even though I am blocked? Then…why bother? I’ll still check it and see wtf stupid ass shit he is saying! Surely the techxpert Scoobie knows it’s about as futile as Darth Vader taking Luke to Burger King for his 30th birthday?

Wait, look who I’m talking about here.



Julia Allison Relaxes After An Exhausting…Afternoon?

Julia Allison, best used by 2006, awoke at (probably) 2pm Saturday for her Day of Pay For Access To The Bald Brayhole and spent a world-wind 3 hours apparently tweeting and taking pics before retiring at…what is that, 5:30 pm?

At the end of the evening at The Four Seasons …

Prom King’s Valentine’s Day

Um…unless you are 75 your evening of the most epic romance bullshit ever should not end at what appears to be late afternoon. But maybe we are wrong and it’s dawn, and this is the post all night Vadgeburning Day sexathon pic taken at 6am. You never know.

But she had had a busy day putting her hooves on surfaces that did not need her feet on them:

Coincidentally it looks like Donk has found her flattering pose of the month: right side with feet pulled to chest.

Then it was back to the wh**e Seasons where Wallet Thing tried to recreate the pivotal “don’t kiss on the lips” scene from Pretty Woman:

Which probably led to really quiet, sort of awkward fumblesex with lots of ‘feelings’ or whatever. Anyway, after all the pelts and tears, it was time for some food. Nothing says sexytimes like the smell of onion and egg oozing from your pores.

At least she is eating, I guess, but does this mean she is now ovo-lacto-pescatarian? Or was that just always implied?

Anyway, good for Prom King for getting some at least. It only cost him 5000 bucks and Julia Allison’s voice for hours on end. I’m happy for him.

PROTIP: Real Dolls can’t talk. I just say.



Gawker Now Officially Editated By That New Guy

After last week’s “holy shit whoa” staff changes, new Denton acquisition Remy Stern began his sentence of servitude to His Dark Lordship today. The reaction so far has been varying degrees of “Oh is that today?” and “Pics of him in a funny hat or nobody cares” so I guess…whatever. Guess everyone’s fine with it and doesn’t really care. No one’s pissed on his chair yet, so that’s probably a good sign.

I wonder if he got GOMIBLOG’s welcome home basket of ham yet!