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Jessica Quirk Doesn't Care About You

Messica Schroeder, SO QUIRKY! is like totally ignoring you mean trolls.

Oh, the sorry kinds of things people will do to try and drag you down. Not gonna work trolls!30 minutes ago via web

I’m not going to even start on how she’s basically phoning it in with her What I Wore posts now, since it’s pretty clear she will probably be focusing more and more on That’s Shilly (hey that $2000 bedding isn’t going to pay for itself, ya know). Instead let’s talk about how many times now Messica has declared she DOESN’T CARE about you bullies/meanies/trolls. Anyone got an estimate?



Jordan Reid Is Too Old For This Shit

Jordan Reid Berkow Strauch, shillshacklesham dot bomb, is doing this tonight:


I am a cat, in case you couldn’t tell. A pot-roast-eating, candy-handing-out cat. (My mom enticed us over with the promise of comfort food and trick-or-treaters.)

Ohhhhh…you’re a cat. I thought maybe you were just a Peter Criss fail, or a bunny gone wrong. But no, you’re a totally adorbz wittle kitteh!

Also, you are almost 30. Just saying.



Julia Allison Wears This While Standing Like That

The Quirks aren’t the only scary thing on the internet tonight. In other spooky news, Julia Allison went with “Sexy Browser” for this year’s Halloween sadfail:

My insane Firefox costume from … Not. Subtle.

She also apparently jumped off a building or something. Because she wants attention and nobody is looking at her anymore. Wow just wow, locking my door and turning off my television now, lest Julia Allison climb out of a well and through my tv and make my face look like hers.



The Quirks Launch New Website, God Says "Hey I Was Golfing That Day"

And so it begins. Soon to retire “style blogger” Jessica Schroeder Quirk has just announced “That’s Quirky!“, the blog to read for all your ugly rugs, terrible grammar, and who gives a crap what else.

There is so much to see I don’t even know where to start! Do I begin with “Our Yard” or maybe “Inspiration”??? How about “Our House” which is all about their house?

Anyway, I think this is great. It’s just more proof that Messica is growing less and less interested in jumping around in flapper outfits and getting closer to becoming the obscure mommy blogger she clearly longs to be. She’s already started random twitter campaigns @ing established mommy bloggers, and soon I’m sure we will see tweets like “hey @homedepot we could use some gift cards!”

It’s kind of sad if you think about it too long.



Emily Gould Wants To Teach Gawker Some Ethics

Emily Gould, world’s nicest and most emotionally stable person, has once again decided that because she worked at Gawker – did you guys know she worked at Gawker for about 15 minutes 90 years ago? – where she talked shit about people, she is amply qualified to tell Gawker they have no place talking shit about people:

To whom it may concern

Okay, so what you’re saying is:

1. It’s ok – no, it’s good — to “out” people who privately behave in a way that’s inconsistent with their public personae.

and that

2. Nick Denton gets to decide what the words “private,” “public” and “inconsistent” mean.

Yeah, I don’t know, guys. I don’t think you get paid enough to have to think that.

What’s wrong, Ghoul? Tao Lin not returning your calls? Your Buckingham Nicks Greatest Hits cd get lost during your last trip to Italy? Can’t decide on that next tattoo? Or just feeling particularly hypocritical today?



Obviously Spellcheck Is Not Part Of Jessica's Full Time Job

Midwest Messica Mrs. @Quirk finally gets to see her book!!!!!

Fed Ex just arrived with the hardcopies of the interior of my book design!! IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!! I AM SO THRILLED!!!!about 1 hour ago via web

And today’s post from this professional writer…

The equestrian books and olive pants feel very forest ranger to me, but I like it! I live in the woods right now!

She lives in the woods now. FASHION! BUY HER BOOK!!!!!!



Jessica Schroeder Quirk Thinks You Should Sponsor Her

Midwest Messica, of a town in the Midwest, will not be outdone in the shameless begging department! After her twitter campaign for free Oscar de la Renta resulted in a flurry of de la Renta PR people sending her a crate of freebies (that happened, right? no? oh), Jessica has decided to try again:

Drinking a @starbucks in my latest post and my readers think you should sponsor… what do ya say?1 minute ago via web

Hey sbux, better jump on this Oregon Trail wagon of web success! After all, Messica’s traffic is growing everyday!

Seriously, I am disgusted by this shameless namedropping, hoping the companies will see it and send money. I think the only way to calm down from this rage is with a nice chilled glass of Franzia, a delicious delivery of extra sharp cheddar and cat food from FreshDirect, and some new clothes from You beg bloggers revolt me.