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tumblr Already Down, No Up, No Down Again This Morning

While Rich Tong busily sends off b***hy responses to users questioning his fashion week blogger choices, tumblr has already served up enough errors this morning to prompt people to complain to me (because obviously I have total control over tumblr’s servers).

Way to start off the week, guys!



NYFW Jumpstarts Jessica Quirk’s Effort Level

After being taken down about 2099999 pegs by a bunch of teenage girls at Fashion Week, Jessica Quirk learned absolutely nothing:

Today I was really craving a comfort day – just a jeans and sweatshirt kind of outfit. And as you can see, I’m continuing my obsession with all things striped.  What can I say? I just love stripes. I also love pairing them with long, dark navy wide leg jeans (so nautical!)  The hot pink scarf was something I spied from across the street on my last trip to NYC and for only $5, I thought it would be a fun pop of color for at least one outfit. I’ve been wearing it behind the scenes (in all those unphotographed outfits) ever since.

Wow, sweatshirt and jeans! Really tearing it up in a bold new direction, aren’t we?  Messica, this is the outfit you put on AFTER you photograph your daily outfit. It’s becoming more and more obvious that “SQUEE I just wanted to feel COZY” is code for “too lazy to do my ‘job’! kiss my ass, readers!” All winter long it has been lazy ass sweater and pants after lazy ass sweatshirt and jeans after lazy ass sweater and pants. Just because you put a scarf on it doesn’t make it ‘style’. It makes it ‘ugh I don’t wanna go to class today’. If you don’t want to put in the effort anymore, fine, go down to MediTemps and get yourself a receptionist job. But ffs, pick up the ball or get off the playground already.

And finally, an aside for those of you who don’t live in New York – don’t be impressed with her shopping skills. Those scarf/hat/mittens/sunglasses tables are on every damn corner everywhere on the island, and the scarves are ALWAYS 5 dollars. That’s why every woman in New York has about 50 of them. Usually in different colours, not just a bunch of hot pink ones. (Seriously what is that, her 4th hot pink scarf?)



And Now For A Little Humpday LOL

Special thanks to that Love Life Lace chick for giving me an image for our Humpday Open Post!

Start your open post commenting engines.



Gawker Thinks You Should Switch To “Blog View”

As people continue to complain to Nick Denton about the Gawker media properties redesign, His Gawker Lordship pretty much rolls his eyes and tell his readers to figure it out:

Look, Nick. I know you know EVERYTHING EVER about running a website, but when people are still b***hing over a week later about your shitty, barely functional site, maybe instead of telling them to go back to the old view of it you should just implement THAT view of it? (I can’t even figure out what the hell “blog view” is, since there is nothing that clearly shows me how to switch to such a view, but I’m not a regular Gawker reader so maybe I’m missing something here.)

I know I ain’t no big shot new media ezeckative and all, but it just seems like you are so invested in this “cutting edge” design shit that you are forgetting why people come to Gawker media sites – namely, to read the amazing and insightful content produced by your respected and thorough journalists with excellent spelling.

Oh right. Carry on, then.



Fashion World Mourns As That Chick, Uh What’s Her Name, She’s Married, Departs NYC

After a triumphant week of fashion and putting clothes on every day, Jessica Quirk has rolled up her hucky sack and gone back to her home in Bloominonion or wherever. After the omg most breathlessly exciting week of her life (after her wedding of course!) where she had a chance to meet influential people like Rich Tong and some 17 year old blogger from Arkansas, Messica only has one thing on her mind:

All I can think of is I GET TO SEE @QUIRK TODAY!!!about 3 hours ago via web

I need a nap and a home cooked snack . And a game of Scrabble. And a Gizmo.about 1 hour ago via Twitter for Windows Phone

Yes Rich Tong’s little tumblr fashion princess just wants some scrabble and her husband. FASHION, people. You wouldn’t understand.



Jessica Quirk Brings Her Scarving Skills To Fashion Week

Jessica Schroeder Quirk, scarving expert, is showing Lincoln Center how true scarfness is achieved with this simple outfit. This season’s latest shade of Sad Salmon perfectly blends with black. But of course let’s not forget the one must have accessory for every woman:

Keep on being fashion, catladies!



David Karp Would Like To Remind You That He Is Having Sex, With A Real Live Girl

David Karp, super important celebrity, took his little tax deduction Rachel to the Standard for his Valentine’s day. How do we know this? Because Karp posted sexy pics of his sexy sex hipster accessory:

No Rachel, you TOTALLY won’t regret these pics being all over tumblr if you two break up. By the way, nice Louboutins. I thought you were going to college, but I guess students these days can afford 3,000 dollar shoes. Otherwise I hope you sent those venture capital companies a nice thank you note for giving your boyfriend all that money to spend with you!