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Love Life Lace Earning Her Next Vacation

Today while the rest of the adult world worked, Tatiana of that love lies lace website did this:

Spent my morning playing in the sand. It was even more amazing than it sounds.

I’m going to assume (hope) she was doing this in her volunteer Inappropriate Hugger capacity at a daycare.  But we ARE talking about an allegedly grown woman who wears shoes like this:

Yep, those are sequined bow shoes. Worn with pink pants, a pink purse, and pink lipstick. I’m really starting to think this chick thinks she is 7 years old. Yes, this is how she spends entire days, one or two blog posts and playing with kids. I’m not saying it’s bad, at least she is doing some volunteering since she clearly refuses to work. But maybe she could do it while not acting like she is mentally trapped in 2nd grade.



Jessica Quirk Declares Her Post Full Of “Awesome”

Jessica Quirk, tall, joins the ranks of the awesome. Today’s awesome outfit post is awesome. How do we know this? Messica tells us so!

There are so many awesome things going on in this post, I’m not sure where to start!  First off – there’s the St. James sweater that was sent to me by the lovely folks at Tails and the Unexpected.  I first got in touch with them after I posting my Breton stripe fashion facts and I’m so pumped to be wearing the real deal, made in French BINIC sweater.  Last time I wore a St. James top, I felt like I was conjuring Jackie O and this time I feel like this sweater could be passed down through generations… from your French grandpa – to you – to your little French bebes. It just feels like it has history…But the true star of the look is my brand new DIY’d tumblr bag!

Is she serious with this bag?

She might as well have used iron on letters to spell out “YOOHOOOO! TUMMMMBLR! Remember me? I’m your little blog star! I made this, so be sure to all reblog the ish out of me, because I need new followers!”

Anyway, I fail to see the “so many awesome things” in this post. It’s her usual combo of target and c/o crap, with a 3rd grade craft project thrown in. Not impressed. Try again!



Jessica Quirk Officially Gives Up



Jordan Reid On A Much Needed Vacation

Julia Allison isn’t the only person who is overworked from her vague yet apparently lucrative job. Jordorable is currently off in the Cayman Islands with her husband. I have no idea why, or how they were able to afford such a thing, but they left this morning to forget their exhausting upper class white couple cares and get sunburned and drunk.

Hopefully they remembered to lock their door this time.



Just A Reminder: Julia Allison Is A Writer

Julia Allison, not even sure what she does anymore, is off on some sponsored trip to Sweden. Somehow she still manages to tweet vaguely worded attempts at sounding intelligent on her twitter feed, despite her hectic schedule.

If only the rest of us could figure out what on earth she is trying to say here.



Sarah Lacy Cannot Shut Up About Being Pregnant

Sarah Lacy, pregnant, is obviously no longer a size 4. Yesterday she tweeted this pitiful complaint:

i don’t understand how pregnant women tie their shoes. someone please fill me in on the secret. 20 hours ago

I thought she was only like 4 months along? She already can’t reach her feet? Is that normal? And I find it funny that miss pioneer spirit of entrepreneurship can’t manage to bend her knee into her lap, or ask her ironically named husband to tie them.



Tumblr Still Correcting These Issues So They Never Happen Again

Tumblr is yet again up and down. On the heels of 24 hours of off and on error messages, the service experienced yet another clustercluck of wtf.

It seems last night posts were not appearing, then appearing, then disappearing. Tumblr explained the issue via twitter, the usual way of getting information out reliably:

A lagging database pool is causing recent posts to show up intermittently. We’re working quickly to restore performance.
16 hours ago

So…once again they are having database issues. And if the errors some people are still having are any indication, they are now over capacity – again. Don’t worry – they promise to fix it “shortly”!  As soon as David Karp is done playing with toys:

I’m sure they will soon take to the tumblr staff blog and promise to change, don’t leave, they love you baby, they’re sorry! In the meantime, it must be kind of frustrating for anyone who thought to use tumblr as their only platform for their business.