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Fashion Bloggers Revealed To Have Agents

Many of you have long wondered how blogs like Ramshackle Glam manage to get gigs that seem all out of keeping with their reach. As GOMIBLOG has long said, bloggers have agents and management to take care of such things.

And now we finally have proof of our claims. Digital Brand Architects, a “new agency in New York that represents fashion and lifestyle bloggers” has a listing of the blogs they represent on their site – and unsurprisingly most of the successful (or wannabe successful) blogs have joined the company to help further their search for money and fame. Clients include Ramshackle Glam, Gala Darling, From Me To You, and Atlantic Pacific among others.

Evidently they brand themselves in the same category as talent agents, taking 15% of any deals they broker for their clients. This also explains why half the bloggers in the world post about the same promotion or product at the same time.

So that clears up how some bloggers, seemingly nobodies, get themselves invited to events or snag swag and sponsors. Of course, signing with an agency is no guarantee of success, but it certainly enhances your right to feel entitled!



Jessica Quirk Will Not Be Posting Those Outfits

Jessica Quirk, of the midwestern Quirks, attended NYFW a couple of weeks ago. As usual, she failed at packing and failed at taking outfit photos, which many assume is the basis for her website. One would think an outfit blogger would make a point of documenting and sharing what she wore to the biggest outfit party of the year. One would be wrong:

She “didn’t focus on taking outfit photos”, people! That’s not what her site is about! Stop being rude and just tell her she looks tall!



Jordan Reid Baby Countdown

Jordan Reid, pregnant, will soon be not pregnant. It seems this weekend her baby settled into launch position:

“Lightening,” for those of you who don’t know (most of you, I’d imagine, since I’d never heard of this pre-pregnancy), is basically when the baby puts on his diving goggles and gets ready to jump…While it sometimes means that labor is imminent, it can also mean…well, not much. Other than that at some point in the future, I will be giving birth. And we knew that already.

With her due date three weeks away it’s time to start the betting on when little Henry Tunaicecube Reid will be settled into his crib in the house of no locks. I’m going to guess sometime this weekend, but I am not a doctor. Then again, doctors rarely predict it with any accuracy either.

And on another note, Jordan is looking mighty darn cute in this outfit. She finally seems to be getting grown up mama style right.



Julia Allison’s Dad Wants Your Names

Peter Baugher, longtime defender of his daughter, has written an article for the Chicago Tribune agitating for legislation to remove anonymity from the internet:

The ability to attack anonymously encourages anti-social behavior. Neither our laws nor our social norms have kept up…We need a new legislative approach. The absolute immunity enjoyed by online service providers needs to be qualified. At the request of a user, service providers should be required to give anonymous posters a firm choice: agree to reveal who they are (to accept responsibility for their posts in their own names) or their posts will be taken down.

Spoken like a true lawyer. Make it easier for people to sue everyone for defamation anytime they read something about themselves they don’t like. Maybe Mr. Baugher should contact former president Bush for tips on how to legislate invasion of privacy.



Rich Tong Dumps His Teenage Girlfriend

Rich Tong, banging a teenage model, is no longer banging a teenage model. After several days of vague references to something going down, Rich’s girlfriend finally answered a few direct questions:

Spending some last days with Penny. I’m going to miss this dog.

oh no! where is penny going?
Nowhere!! But I am :\

Anonymous: did you and rich break up?

Anonymous: what happened?
Um I guess things just weren’t working out.

Well. I’m sure she isn’t at all regretting all those charming pics her greasy ex posted all over his tumblr. You could draw conclusions that it was possibly about Rich’s eye wandering towards another woman. Regardless, it sounds like something happened and Rich asked her to move out. She continues to put up emo posts that never really just come out and say what happened, so who knows. But Rich is back on OkCupid trawling for his next trophy girlfriend. Get him while he’s single, ladies! Or ya know, wait 6 months for him to tire of his next status girlfriend and grab him then.



Jessica Quirk Finally Leaves NYC

After a brutal week of sitting in a box taking blurry pictures, Messica has finally left NYC in peace again. Despite going around begging people to take her pic for her blog (and letting her cred as some AMEX press rep get her on a couple of “street style” lists) the only non-press pics of her outfits exist on a couple of wannabe “style” blogs.

And as usual for Messica, she didn’t pack properly. Or maybe that was just her excuse to go buy clothes that looked more like what everyone else was wearing. Despite claiming on her first day of fashion week “I love the color and movement of this outfit. A lot of women are in slim cut, black dresses (which look fabulous) but I feel very me in this outfit. Bright is what I do!” within 48 hours she was at J. Crew stocking up on basic black and grey separates. Typical  her – bash what everyone else is wearing, talk about how you dress for you, but if you can’t make YOUR style happen then give in and dress like everyone else. Such a style innovator.

She evidently spent her off hours chasing down people to hang out with since nobody made any plans to meet up for coffee or drinks before she left. You’d think a big style icon like Messica would have had to be turning invites away thanks to a packed social calendar. Or would at least DM, email, or txt people about plans so we wouldn’t have to see her running people down. Why do people feel the need to do everything on twitter? Doesn’t anyone just call anymore?

At last she went back to her midwestern college town and got back to work. First order of business – change her profile image on her tumblr:

Sure. That’s an improvement. Then it was time to yell at people for attention:

Yes it must have been a real anti-climax to come home to Neckbeard Quirk holding a basket of produce and a whiskey sour after a week of being fawned on by at least 4 people. No wonder the poor girl immediately wanted to brag at calivintage about the awesome new gig she was supposedly offered in NYC.

In the end, nothing gets in the way of The Secret – Messica had to wrap up her Dress Picture Bonanza with a post about blah blah…

I had such an incredible trip to NYC this week for Fashion Week. I went with a mission to take the very best photos, upload them as quickly as possible and as I look back through my coverage, I’m so pleased with the results.  Although I’ve been a guest at shows in the past, this week was extra special and I think it’s because I really harnessed my gratitude for the opportunity.

Actually it had more to do with iron clad performance contract AMEX allegedly made you sign after your pathetisad “coverage” of FWNY back in February. Unlike tumblr, supposedly they weren’t taking any chances that you’d pull your usual stunt of getting to NYC and playing grabass and treating it like a paid vacation, instead of doing what you were “invited” there to do. It’s amazing what an actual obligation and Big Money Sponsor can accomplish with a lazy drone like Messica.

She now has no sponsors and her big plans for a Washington DC book party haven’t been mentioned for weeks. We wonder how long that state of affairs will last before she announces she will now be doing more “style commentary” and photography rather than daily outfits?



“Anthroholic” Disappears From Internets

After the internet storm caused by accusations of scamming, “Anthroholic” has started shutting down her online presence.

Her blog is now invite only, her facebook page is shuttered, and her twitter has been closed. We hope this is her way of taking her apology seriously and closing things up until she can get herself together and make things right and not just flouncing to make the problem go away. With more and more information about the extent of her activities rolling in all over the internet, it could very well be the latter, especially in light of her sponsors pulling out and her online friends calling her out.