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Fashion Blogging

Jessica Quirk Closes Down Comments Again

Jessica Quirk, the brain trust behind that What I Wore blog, has yet again shut down her comments. She has turned them off at least once in the past, instituting a “Code of Comments” (basically you’re only allowed to say nice things from now on thanks!) when she turned them back on. Now Messica has once again decided your comments aren’t worth the trouble to moderate:

Yes, Messica and her intern are just too busy with the super successful full time blog to sit around moderating your mean comments. From now on you should contact her through twitter or facebook!  When informed that it’s inconvenient to come to facebook to comment on an outfit, Messica replied “I prefer to put a face to a name with the comments and connect more one on one!” Translation: take that anonymous meanies! Let’s see you comment now, bidges!

Whatever. Frankly I think she’s better off not allowing comments, since it’s not like they added anything to her blog. There wasn’t any actual discussion or interesting interaction, just a series of fawning gurgles from her fangirls and people commenting just so they could include a link back to their own blog.

And to repeat the only thing I have left to say about Messica at this point: why doesn’t she just fold What I Wore into her stupid That’s Quirky! site already and just go full lifestyle blogger, instead of clinging (halfheartedly) to this “fashion blogger” crap? I really don’t understand why she’s dragging this out.


Fashion Blogging

Modcloth Would Like You Ladies To Highlight Your Best Feature

Modcloth is well known for its wonderful product descriptions. It seems they’re still producing creative copy; the product page for the No Bones About It tights features not only nearly visible genitalia, but comes with this almost sarcastic text:

You don’t need X-ray goggles to appreciate the quirky style statement made by these skeleton tights – slip them on alongside bright clothes and accessories, and let your inner fashionista show!

Yes ladies, slip into these tights, throw on some accessories, and let your cradle of life air out in style! Nothing like a little beaver fever to warm up the coming cold weather parties. Pair with a “SUDDENLY, VAGINA” tee and wait for Bill Cunningham to immortalize your bold sartorial choice!


Lifestyle Blogging

Internet Disappointed By That Wife’s Fridge

That Wife’s Jenna Cole is best known as the woman who lets her husband lock up the cheese to help her lose weight. A long cherished dream for hatefans of That Wife came true last week, when they were promised a peek inside the notorious Cheese Locker.

We combed the pics looking for a padlock, a  firebox, a package of Kraft singles fortified with 200 flex cuffs. Alas, though several pics were shared on the “Inside the Fridge” article, no evidence could be found of the cheese safe.

So where is this mysterious place where Jenna’s cheese is locked? The internets demands to know!



Rich White Guy Wants You To Stop Whining About Working So Hard

Michael Arrington, the man responsible for trading a bag of money for TechCrunch, is a rich, white, middle aged man who enjoys tweeting at celebrities, protecting the earth, and fighting “evilness” on the intertubes. He is also an enormous blowhard who likes to tell people to shut up a lot.

The current target for Mike’s ire is all you whiney, unappreciative brats who are complaining about working:

Suddenly everyone’s complaining about how unfair things are in Silicon Valley. How hard everyone has to work so darn hard, and how some people don’t get venture capital or a nice sale to Facebook or Google even though lots of other people are getting those things…If you work at a startup and you think you’re working too hard and sacrificing too much, find a job somewhere else that will cater to your needs.

You plebes should stop whining and remember how VERY VERY IMPORTANT Silicon Valley is, and that your pathetic crybaby butt is lucky to be here!

You might be sad that you work long hours and that sometimes your boss yells at you when tensions run high. But you also know that there is nowhere on earth like Silicon Valley.

He then goes on to contemplate the armageddon that awaits if you sobbing coders don’t nut up and work 20 hour days LIKE A BOSS:

[N]ot too long from now people will be talking about maximum working hours, minimum numbers of engineers assigned to complete a given task. And, shudder, unionization of startup workers.

I really hope that doesn’t happen. If it does, all the really necessary people will just leave and do their thing somewhere else.

Work hard. Cry less. And realize you’re part of history.

Listen to the rich white man, kids: work will set you free! If you just stop whining and do your job you too can one day sell your mediocre drama farm/media property and retire, to spend your days posting screeds against those who still have to work for money. Sometimes at jobs they don’t really love, for long hours, for little ROI.


Mommy Blogging

Bloggers Without Borders Vaguely Blames The Widow

The Widow Donation Scandal that rocked the insular food blogging world continues to be a delicate subject for those involved. After Shauna Ahern of Gluten Free Girl basically put the blame on widow Jennifer Perillo, not much else was heard about the situation. Now BwoB has apparently responded privately to one commenter who had questions:

Dear M,

I am writing to you with regards to the comment you left on our most recent post, “A Fund for Jennie: The Final Update.” I hope you will understand our decision not to publish some comments. Recent developments have indeed been saddening, and we have remained quiet thus far because Bloggers without Borders and its board of directors believe that engaging a public discourse with commenters or even with Jennie herself about recent events would be more hurtful than helpful to all those involved. Our mission has always been to bring community together, not tear it down.

What you should know is this: we would not and could not have embarked on a month-long fundraising campaign without the knowledge and support of the beneficiary. There are e-mails, text messages, Tweets and Facebook updates that not only verify her need at the time but also show that Jennie privately and publicly supported our efforts throughout the campaign. At no time was there a request to modify the language of the post or suspend or cancel our efforts.

When we started this campaign Jennie was a grieving widow with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She still is. We are trying to respect her and her process. While it is our decision not to engage anyone publicly, we do recognize our responsibility to respond to our supporters and other concerned individuals, which we are doing privately.

As for some suggestions to donate the fund or a portion of it to another organization that sincerely helps widows/widowers in dire financial need, it is our understanding that, as a non-profit organization, we are legally bound to transfer any fundraising proceeds to the beneficiary named at the outset of the campaign. However, we are currently consulting with our lawyers regarding any legal alternatives that will satisfy the wishes of any donors who express a desire for such, while remaining within the boundaries of the law.

You should also know that we are working with our board of directors to create clear-cut guidelines and a new protocol, including stricter vetting procedures and establishing reasonable fundraising limits. We are doing our utmost to ensure that situations such as this do not happen in the future, particularly when supporting individual beneficiaries.

Kind regards,
Maggy Keet

In a nutshell it sounds as if BwoB is washing its hands of wrongdoing, since they were just going by what they were told. This seems like an odd way to run a nonprofit. It’s nice that NOW they are putting in vetting procedures but maybe they should have thought of that before opening up their site and begging for funds for a well off widow just because she she was wringing her hands crying “omg I don’t understand personal finance”.

In the end the widow has never apologized for basically misleading people – and she now has almost 80k in the bank to pay for her pretty daughters’ educations and a new apartment full of new furniture. In this economy, we should all be in such tragic circumstances. I hope BwoB’s “board of directors” takes a long hard look at future requests for fundraising and does a little more research than “oh that’s so sad, let’s help”.



Sarah Lacy Left TechCrunch And Nobody Cared

Sarah Lacy, of  “what recession?” fame, apparently follows Paul Carr and Michael Arrington out the door over at TechCrunch. Unsurprisingly, the only people who seem to care are TC commenters.

In her personal contribution to the too long, passive aggressive departure post library formerly known as TechCrunch, Sarah basically says she’s successful and important and doesn’t need all this drama:

I’ve bounced between a lot of jobs in the last few years– writing for BusinessWeek, hosting a show for Yahoo Finance, writing two books, and traveling the world to find great entrepreneurs– but TechCrunch was the first place in my career where I felt like I totally fit. It was a place I felt I could stay for a long time.

And then Mike sold the company. Things went better than I expected for the first year. And then this fall, all hell broke loose. You could produce a Lifetime movie of the week about the behind the scenes drama of the last few months. Publicly, I’ve stayed silent during much of it, but it has been every bit as gut wrenching for me as it’s been for my colleagues.

She goes on and on and sums up by saying she doesn’t “think this is the time or the place to talk about what I’m doing next, but the plan isn’t to be a stay-at-home-mom.” Since she doesn’t even understand why people would complain about losing jobs, it’s probably best that she packs her desk and scoots on to “something I’m really excited to do next” so that someone who actually wants a job can have it.

Sarah assures the 11 people who give a crap “Don’t worry, I’m not going far. More on what I’m doing next in a future post. Watch this space.”  She’ll probably be joining Paultatohead Carr over at his sure to be a hit startup. I can’t wait for the lulz that will come out of that  ego ranch of fail.


Fashion Blogging

Victims Of Grooming Woes Share Horrific Tales Of Hair Drama

Life can be like, way harsh Tai. From imperfect lattes to summoning the strength to shop, the suffering of upper middle class white women never ceases. But thanks to the internet, they can now enjoy the support of a worldwide  “OMG I KNOW RIGHT?” chorus to ease them through their pain. This week a few of these poor souls have bravely come forward with the most painful of (I don’t have any real) problems: their hair.

Julie of Peanut Butter Fingers can’t figure out how to dry her hair:

While Jenna of Eat Live Run battled the tragedy of a trim:

Casey Culture also cried into her personal pan Thanksgiving Pizza about the emotional strain of hair trims:

I know you’re supposed to get regular haircut/trims with long hair, but I subscribe to the philosophy that these frequent trims tend to stop the growth process and cut hair shorter and shorter.  Or at least most haircut experiences have led me to this belief and I leave salons whimpering like an abused puppy.

Luckily Casey found the John Sahag Workshop which “costs a pretty penny, but if my results are any indication, it is worth it” and managed to exit the salon without waterworks.

Let’s all gather together to support these strong women in overcoming their battles!