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Blogger Divorces Becoming The Latest Blogging Niche

On the heels of Mr. and Mrs. Dooce Blog announcing their separation comes news of other bloggers who are potentially ending their marriages.

Anissa Mayhew, who evidently came to fame by documenting her health issues, announced yesterday on her blog that she was calling it quits.

The kids know. I wouldn’t think about telling any of you before telling them. They’re hurting, but they also knew that something was wrong. I feel so sorry to them to not be able to provide the home they deserve. I HATE THAT. Especially after what they’ve already been through. But having been through what I have, overcoming the obstacles in my way, embracing my inner happiness….I owe it to myself.

Though the blogger known as MckMama hasn’t specifically said so, readers are assuming the worst based on some odd tweets and blog posts. On January 29th, she posted a vague sentence to her twitter saying “Definitely never thought we’d be researching new places to live right now. Life throws you curveballs, that’s for sure.” On her blog she says she has no internet or computer, and doesn’t “know how or when or if I’m going to blog about this next phase in our lives”.  Still not clarifying what’s going on, she tweeted yesterday that “If I had something to say, I’d say it. But I just don’t.”

Other bloggers have long been blogging about the ends of their marriages. Melissa Summers, author of the “Suburban Bliss” blog, has been documenting her divorce since August. Kate Inglis of “Sweet/Salty” has also blogged about her recent separation.

On an internet where weddings and babies make for popular content – and in some cases, big pageviews – it’s clear that life changes are the fastest way to get readers coming around. Whether for personal catharsis or as a way to keep connected as one builds a new life there is no denying that such posts generate plenty of buzz. Is airing divorce or separation just the next logical step for those who habitually share their entire lives online? And what will the next generation think when they can find the inner thoughts and the details of their parents’ disintegrating marriages somewhere in a cache years from now?

And most importantly of all – who will win the race to the book deal finish line?


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Internet Speculates On Radio Silence Of “That Wife”

Jenna Cole, professor of Mormon oppression, has apparently been missing from the internet since January 25. While twitter is busy asking where she went, the GOMIBLOG Forum  has been discussing her disappearance as well.

GOMIBLOG member Pickle posted a tweet from January 25 telling Jenna “I’m thinking about you right now and praying for you…I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling…I am so so sorry.” Several GOMIBLOG Forum catladies responded with shows of concern, hoping nothing bad had happened to Jenna or her family. Others came up with theories that include That Husband moving to SF without her, death of a relative, and Jenna trying to clean up the internet.

One tweet mentions a “time crunch” perhaps indicating a problem with housing or school.  At any rate, we certainly hope nothing tragic has happened to Bathroom Baby and that Jenna lets everyone know what’s up. Since she spent so much time cultivating an online group of friends that became invested in her life it seems unfair to leave them in the dark. Besides, it’s hard to monetize the hate when you don’t post!


Lifestyle Blogging Gone, Internet Says “Who Dot Com?”

If you’ve been waiting eagerly for Jessica Quirk, of slowly dying ‘personal style blog’ What I Wore, to start transferring her full time blogging over to you may be in for a long wait. The blog that never made a bang has gone out with a whimper and is currently password locked, with no explanation.

The half-assed attempt at ‘lifestyle’ blogging previously featured pictures of the house she wanted to buy (removed when the purchase evidently didn’t happen), photos of her apartment and her dull attempts at ‘decorating’, and images of her new kitten. It also randomly featured things she wished to buy for her future home – usually with text asking publicly what her husband thought of the item.

Many felt she would surely start moving towards making That’s Quirky her main blog as What I Wore continues its depressing slide into tedium, and the site may just be down for a redesign in preparation for such a plan. Or perhaps Messica sees no point in keeping it alive since she only bothers to post once a month. Either way it seems odd that she would shutter it with no mention of why.

We certainly hope she re-opens That’s Quirky because we don’t know how we will live until we know what West Elm and CB2 crap she bought for her white box apartment in Just Outside Bloomtucky!


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OK, OK: The KERF Video That Has You All In Such An Uproar

Look, I don’t give a crap about Kath Younger. I seriously find her boring and not even worth commentary about 99% of the time. But since I received 17 emails demanding I post about this video, here it is: “How To Not Fold Laundry”. I’m not sure why this video has everyone’s panties in such a wad, honestly. I mean, I don’t fold my underwear or sleep stuff either, so I guess you should run me off the internet now.

What I do think is worthy of commentary is the fact that for someone who supposedly works out so much, girl sure is huffing and puffing just putting away laundry. Christ, I have to haul my laundry cart 1/4 mile away, wash it, fold it, walk it home and then drag it up 4 flights of stairs and I don’t sound like a bull staring at a red sheet at the end. Does she have a cold or something?

Anyway, here it is, so knock yourselves out in the comments.


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Style Bloggers To See Fewer “Courtesy Of” Items?

In the wake of Jessica Quirk’s announcement that she will no longer be accepting “c/o” items, GOMIBLOG has received tips that more bloggers may be forced to join in the “NO C/O” movement. Jen Loves Kev had already decided to no longer accept sidebar ads, and now the blog What Would A Nerd Wear has announced she too will be turning down freebies from companies.

Well supposedly we can look forward to similar announcements from more bloggers in the near future. The tipster claims this will be more of a face-saving act on the part of bloggers as companies have decided to not send out as many courtesy items to bloggers in 2012:

A few companies we work with…have informed us that sending items in exchange for a blog mention will not be part of their campaign strategies this year…they are not seeing increased sales compared to the amount of swag they have sent out…

In a nutshell, companies are finally seeing that style blogs don’t have nearly the influence on the buying habits of their readers as they have previously made it sound. This was an inevitable conclusion; no matter how much a reader loves a blogger or the item she’s wearing, if they don’t have the money, they won’t buy anything.

The tipster went on to say that bigger bloggers will “most likely still receive some courtesy items” but the days of “anyone with a style blog” being able to wrangle free goods is over. This could change the whole face of style blogging, making it even more competitive as bloggers try to reach the level necessary to appeal to companies still offering swag.

While some worry it may narrow the playing field to only those with money to drop on clothes on a regular basis, many hope it will force style bloggers to return to a more organic state – real people wearing the real clothes they bought with their own real money. Without a constant stream of free clothes making it easy for anyone and everyone to have a modicum of taste, those with real personal style may emerge victorious in the new blogging landscape.


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Brit Moron Knows How to Fight the Power

On January 18, 2012 numerous websites engaged in blackouts as a protest to the hotly-debated SOPA and PIPA acts, which many believed would give big business way too much power over the internet. Brit Moron, ever the trailblazer, decided to eschew the blackout in favor of a much pithier form of dissent:

To show our solidarity with today’s SOPA & PIPA blackout, we cooked up a#BlackoutSOPA Blackberry Oreo Crumble. How are you taking action?

Yes, creative living juggernaut Brit Moron has BAKED A PIE to show solidarity with the SOPA and PIPA protests. Nothing expresses fear and anger over a substantial increase of big business’s control over our lives quite like blackberries and Oreos. It’s a shame every household doesn’t have a Brit Moron, because that whole Arab Spring kerfuffle would have gone a LOT easier if only more baked goods were involved.

Before I leave to go bake cupcakes with the Occupy Wall Street kids, let me add: Moron is an admitted fan of TechCrunch 2.0 PandoDaily. With this kind of pure intellectual power backing her Sarahcuda’s venture is bound to be a success. What do you think catmen and catladies? What’s your favorite Dessert of Dissent? Does Morin’s endorsement make PandoDaily a must-read for you?


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That Wife Wants You To Stop Being Racist Towards Mormons

Jenna Cole, open minded and accepting, is using twitter to alert her fans to an atrocious new form of racism: hating Magic Mormon Undies.

When her twitter followers pointed out that a religious belief is hardly on par with bigotry against genetics, Jenna attempted to sound intelligent:

@hernewleaf No no, the author wasn’t implying that Mormonism is a race. The idea is that we mock people who wear “backwards” clothing b/c we…associate that kind of thing with other cultures/races who are uneducated and somehow “less than”…This sentence was key for me: rather, mockery of Mormon temple garments as “magic underwear” could possibly be seen to reveal…latent racism that stubbornly persists among white, middle-class Americans against the various races & ethnicities of the world…whom they mentally associate with (silly or superstitious?) religious costumes worn out of ignorance or oppression.

To be fair, Jenna would know all about the “latent racism that stubbornly persists” among middle class white people out in the square states. Then again this is probably just Jenna trying to stir the pot and make money from your eyerolling. That has to be it, right? Nobody can possibly really think “laughing at the top secret magick underpants” = “racism”…right?